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  1. Let's take the ZHIVAGO of Lean; wouldn't you like to know about such hitherto unmentioned factoids as how Pasternak managed to survive that Hell that was Stalindom? As Leon Trotsky and countless others could tell you, being famous and eminent in a tyranny is more often than not a sentence to an eventual violent death.
  2. No, I don't expect anyone to say everything that can be said about a movie all in just one brief monologue, but rather to do better than to simply repeat what has already been said a hundred times. In the case of MINES, for example, one monologue can be dedicated to the music. Back in 1950, the only movie music that got wide attention was theme songs; now, in the time of John Williams and his adventure scores, the soundtrack of MINES would be of great interest to film melomanes. Another good monologue subject would be Siriaque of the Tutsi tribe. What else did he do in his life? Maybe he
  3. Worry not, friend; you won't get any scifi about ancient aliens or any Hitlerite personality worship from me.
  4. Didn't the Irish rebels have specific orders to spare Scots and Welsh because they were fellow Celts?
  5. Palmerin's post about Mankiewicz and Muller brought about a quite surprising guest role by Errol Flynn. As you know, EF often played loyal servants of the British Crown, but as his very name indicates, his ancestry was Celtic, which indicates that his true allegiance was rightfully with the Jacobites. Pity he was not at Culloden, for the mere presence of the man who portrayed Robin Hood with such mastery would have assured the Scots a glorious victory. I wonder what were Flynn's thoughts when he filmed that rather inaccurate version of RL Stevenson's THE MASTER OF BALLANTRAE.
  6. He is indeed the star: director Ioan Negulescu=Jean Negulesco of Craiova, Romania. As for Webb, Stanwyck and Wagner, they all had much better vehicles.
  7. Are you not aware of the TCM lineup for today, Sunday 21 January 2018, 21st Century, Third Millennium? That is all the context that is needed today.
  8. ... is beyond any doubt the worst telling of that tragic story!!! What can you say in favor of a ludicrous farce that is so deceitful and downright fallacious that it actually expects the viewer to be gullible enough to believe that the T's passengers--terrified beyond words at the prospect of a sure death in freezing waters--had the patience and presence of mind to stop, control their panic, and sing together a rendition of NEARER, MY GOD, TO THEE that would have done the Mormon Tabernacle Choir proud???!!!
  9. Pity; FD had a fascinating life, as Exeter can attest.
  10. Like I said: he was naïve and trusting, which translates into him being too ready to limit himself to giving to an undemanding public what an undemanding public would settle for. Someone once said that the way to achieve both artistic immortality and the lasting love of the public is to give the public what it wants--AND A LITTLE EXTRA, and always to stick to that pattern: what the public already knows and wants, and a little extra to keep things fresh and interesting for that said public.
  11. An ability to read is no protection against poor judgment, a failing of both famous and obscure. More insulting is to assert that EAP was in only for the money, a slander of which that rag, MAD, has accused such as THE SOUND OF MUSIC and Disney.
  12. Elvis Aron was a child in an adult's body, always naïve and trusting. At least he has the consolation that he is still as popular as when he was alive--a far from ordinary achievement.
  13. Some manager!; like the bandits of SIERRA MADRE, that idiot did not realize that Elvis Aron's talent was pure gold.
  14. You must not be so literal. A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC is not inevitably destined to be a reference to the Sondheim musical.
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