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  1. Some of the scenes that get me every time: 1. The final scene in "Imitation of Life" when Susan Kohner throws herself on her mother's coffin and says "I'm sorry! I never meant to hurt you" and then when Lana Turner comforts her she say, "Miss Laura, I killed my mother". (I'm actually tearing up as I type this!) 2. The scene in the "Magnificent 7" when the 3 little boys put flowers on Charles Bronson's grave 3. The scenes in The Best Years of Our Lives": Harold Russell's and Fredrick March's homecoming scenes 4. The scene in "Affair to Remember" when Cary Grant realizes that
  2. I would like to see more westerns: 1. Shane 2. Gunfight at the OK Corral 3. Hour of the Gun 4 Warlock And my all-time favorite movie: 5. The Magnificent 7 ( the 1960 original, not the pathetic remake).
  3. Maybe not yet. This is the first step. They are creating a problem where there is none and if they stir up enough of the "woke" crowd, (Oh how I hate that term) full on censorship is not far behind. Look how something as innocent as Dr Seuss's childrens books and a fun toy like Mr. Potato Head have fared from this crowd. it's not funny anymore; the book burnings are coming if these people aren't stopped. I don't know about you, but I am perfectly capable of deciding for myself what I find problematic or offensive. I don't need people who have no clue what life outside of their narrow world d
  4. I find it really hypocritical of the TCM to present these wonderful, classic movies as problematic. They are always blathering about how so many Hollywood actors, screenwriters, directors, etc. had their careers ended or disrupted by the McCarthy hearings but they are doing the exact same thing in trying to "cancel" these movies. The pathetic drivel coming out of Hollywood now is the direct result of the woke culture. Liberals destroy everything they touch. TCM, you really dropped the ball on this one.
  5. The most beautiful dance scene ever, in my opinion, was from "Blood & Sand" when Rita Hayworth and Anthony Quinn danced together near the end of the film. If you haven't seen it, check it out. I don't understand how the WaPo did not include it on their list.
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