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  1. I admire the way he's coping with the situation. Not so sure I would be so restrained. As a matter of fact, I know I wouldn't be. So far we only have 2 cases of people who have contacted the coronavirus here in Michigan, but I expect it will probably increase with quite a few more cases within the next few days. I'm not going to sweat it, but I do feel sorry for Tom, Rita and all the others who have contacted this disease and have had to be quarantined.
  2. I find I like A SUMMER PLACE a lot more than I used to. Looking forward to PARRISH. Love Claudette.
  3. I always heard that Laughton and Clark Gable didn't like each other much when making MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY back in the 30's either. And there's that rumor that he didn't like directing the children in his only directing effort 1955's THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. According to Peter Ustinov, Laughton and Laurence Olivier hated each other when making SPARTACUS. Did every actor dislike working with Laughton? Still a great actor in any case, even if he was near impossible to work with.
  4. Haven't seen 941, 942 or 948. Love 943 and 944. Especially love 945 and 946. I love the irony about 946, whereas Clark Gable played an officer leading a mutiny in 1935's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, in this film RUN SILENT RUN DEEP, he plays an executive officer inspiring a mutiny. Saw 949 once, didn't float my boat. 950 is watchable but not my definition of a classic.
  5. WITNESS is one of my favorites among Harrison Ford's films. (SPOILER ALERT) Although he did sort of spoil the philosophy of the Amish and their reputation for non-violence by getting into it with a guy who wouldn't move his car when they were driving back to the Amish village.
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