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  1. TCM. I now pay $10/mo to have your channel. I don't pay for the other channels, for ANY of those other channels that I'm now forced to pay for the "SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT" package that they grouped you into last month in with Comcast. I'm really starting to feel sorta bilked because the programming has now hit this new, all time low. Now, possibly some people really enjoy days of comedy in the line of 3 stooges, break free. Or, like today, PINK PANTHER. I snoozed through a number of those when you beat us to death with them last month during another run. Now, this absurdist stuff might be to some people's tastes, but when one genre totally dominates for bulks of hours and days, w/o break, and they aren't reliant on the previous one shown (for instance, Godfather I, II, III) why must you play so many of one particular oddball genre or selection of actors that aren't the actor of the month (for instance, 3 stooges for over 24 hours and then another of the same genre for the following days)? Now that I'm actually paying $10/mo for TCM, I'm expecting at least the type of programming we used to get just a couple of months ago, not a slide in programming to cheap free fare that I can just pick up if I want to watch it. And for screwball comedy, can we have a break now that we've had so many days of it in the last 1.5 months - this includes rehashing pink panther. I don't even know what category PP is in, not interested in it, not ever, not now, not before, never. Again, I understand that some people like this sorta thing, but I don't see other runs of other players of genre's like TCM has been hitting the screwball and PP over this past couple months and its really worn thin. Again, this is for me. Why not beat Kirk Douglas to death for 2 days straight? Or Ramon Navorro (if it's possible) - I'd LOVE to see some of his films - if you're going to beat something to death, educate us! Show us something hard to find, something different, unique - these odd, B's of Bette Davis have been cool. How about showing that Tracy Thanksgiving movie you always talk about but then NEVER show on Thanksgiving? I used to watch that EVERY Holiday and have been really wanting to see it uncut. Maybe beat some director to death. So many things to show yet you snatch up on 3 stooges? PP after you went through part of the collect just last month? I have an idea, beat that new host that does the silents to death for 3 days straight like you did screwball - I'd love to hear more from her and Eddie Muller. I can never get enough of Eddie Muller - why not do a full 48 hours of Eddie Muller Noir - just not screwball 3 stooges and PP, please! You own actually OWN so many movies, DIG IN and start SHOWING SOME OF THEM! Thank you so much for lending me your "ear" lmc
  2. I'm looking for the title of the film that is one of the various ones used in the TCM Wine Club. While at a carnival or small local fair, there is a woman, tossing confetti in a man's face, but the clip that they use, just shows the woman tossing the confetti into the general direction, head on, into the camera. It was, I believe, black and white, and was shot in the late 1950's-early or mid 1960's range. For some reason, I recall the film being in color, but in the Wine Club ad clip, it is, very distinctively, a B&W clip. I saw the movie a couple of years ago and, at that time, I really enjoyed it, too - Swearing I'd forever recall the title of the film! Yet here I sit, wracking my brain and researching as thoroughly as I can, to find out the title of the film a year later. It had two, now very big named male co-stars - Newman and DeNiro? Newman and Brando? Newman and Mitchum? Newman's name sticks in my memory as one of the costars, but I could be really off on that. I believe that the finale is filmed in a local fair/carnival, takes place in the USA, with the one man settling down and taking out this girl that he ends up, toward the end of the movie, dating - on while they are at this fair, one of the things that she does, is playfully tosses confetti towards his face (and into the camera) and the other major male star in the film ends up being chased into the fair and shot at the end of the film while the couple is emotionally connecting and walking about the fair at the same time as this other male friend is being chased by police and shot at the end. Before the ending of the film, there is a lot of drinking and general debauchery and restlessness in the younger two male actor's life - they might be roommates or at least the one is continually at the other's house. Also, there is, I believe, a major female star that lives on one of the two younger male's household or is active in the lives of the two younger, now big named stars - a blond? I'm a little bit blurry on the details of this major, possibly slightly older, female actress, but I recall that she was still very beautiful and possibly someone that one of the men has a bit of a thing for. And, as I'm thinking about it, there was, I believe, an older male actor of a somewhat known name - was it the man that played BIG DADDY in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? IF it wasn't him, it was somebody of a similar noteworthiness - not a giant, frequent major character actor, but a man whose name was well known like the man that played BIG DADDY. And he was older than the two young, now major actors. The girl tossing the confetti in the young man's face is different than the other woman I mentioned, too, I believe. She is a supporting actress that rides on the edges of the film until that last bit of the film when she is taken to the fair by the one younger male, now major star. And the confetti tossing is shown in the ad for the Wine Club but, we can't see the man in that short snippet used for the ad. Know the title of this film? I'd really appreciate the help! lmc
  3. Looking for members for new Backlot Group in Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio region of the country - once we've received our members we'll select our theater based on group needs - but it will be one of these two theaters. Please join-up, have other things planned and calling out to as many people as we can get to receive those free tickets for members!
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