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  1. Just looked for 'Hands Across the Table" not available on my comcast - wanna see now! How does one come across it? Any suggestions? I currently add a person as a to 'record all' then am stuck w/ sorting, deleting. Never found another way to get to a film that I want to see, to screen before opting to purchase. Any suggestions - I do love Lombard films of many I've already seen, just not this one in particular. lmc
  2. THE CONQUEROR? What happened, please expound! Never heard about this... But, again, I don't know tons about Powell, I just like many of his films. lmc
  3. Edward G. Robinson... the large squarish face, the beauty mark, which seemed so French, 16th-17th century - and his early gangster stuff just wasn't my thing for years, years... but I now actually record all of Edward G's stuff, LOVE those gangster pics, too. He's dynamic, not just an early gangster film star. Great performances abounding wherever he may be! Good question - lmc
  4. lmc


    Of course it does, but, it doesn't say anything like "EXTENDED WEEKEND OF CONCERTS" nor does it give the actual NAME OF THE PROGRAMMING SPECIAL. Another one that just jabbing and jumping onto the nasty hateful reply boat... sink away, my friend. Another illiterate in the bunch, great. Hostile, nasty jerks aplenty I see.
  5. lmc


    TY Peeb and, I'm with you on this Hildebrand, for the most part, bugged out weekend on TCM. I did try w/ anything that was available when I was awake and even recorded a few things, but most just didn't appeal to me. I was actually trying to find the one thing that I really wanted to see (Tom Waits) and missed because of having to hit the pharmacy unexpectedly Was hoping to find it but gave up on founding anything on site or getting info because I used to PAY to be backlot member and NOTHING was ever available or happened here, either. Nor did I ever get anything I previously signed up for
  6. lmc


    Again, not so far JUST ONE WEEKEND, it happened during last weekend, too. But, again, I asked the question to clarify that it did happen - since I don't understand how to ref things online, as I clearly asked for some help in doing in that message posted. It's apparent you've yet read? Digested? COMPREHENDED what was clearly stated and what is clearly happening, now TWO weekends in a row. Or, again, a programming and trying to find out names of unadvertised (or, possibly advertised and I missed it on television ads) programming. Yes, I was and am frustrated about this huge lost block o
  7. lmc


    so, that's all you got out of this string of questions about attempting to understand how to find programming, how to find names of blocks of programming that I haven't seen listed on the ads? I think what you have started is called 'flaming' so flit away... Damn me to h*** for making a light, offhanded joke comment about refund and NOTING... "just bringing some levity to the situation". I guess you didn't see that, either. Flame away, my man. Get your uproar going - making everybody fully understand the problem w/ 'white angry men' even on a TCM message board. lmc
  8. lmc


    the sum total of it all, two of 4 replies and, not ONE does anything but follow the man with the guitar in hand in his ID pic...
  9. lmc


    absolutely NOT true for me, just such long repeated blocks of same narrative, same stuff, literally, MUSIC docs (except for the occasional rehash of Beatles HARD DAYS NIGHT). I guess NOT ONE PERSON caught ANYTHING ELSE once the wise crack man responded about 20 cent refund - no answer to actual questions about how to find out about this long, still going, and now repeated (it did happen last weekend, too) stretch of concerts. Nor any constructive information asked for in my posting. And, again, notice the Jazzman is sitting in his pic w/ his GUITAR - so, it's obviously most likely some
  10. TCM. I now pay $10/mo to have your channel. I don't pay for the other channels, for ANY of those other channels that I'm now forced to pay for the "SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT" package that they grouped you into last month in with Comcast. I'm really starting to feel sorta bilked because the programming has now hit this new, all time low. Now, possibly some people really enjoy days of comedy in the line of 3 stooges, break free. Or, like today, PINK PANTHER. I snoozed through a number of those when you beat us to death with them last month during another run.
  11. I'm looking for the title of the film that is one of the various ones used in the TCM Wine Club. While at a carnival or small local fair, there is a woman, tossing confetti in a man's face, but the clip that they use, just shows the woman tossing the confetti into the general direction, head on, into the camera. It was, I believe, black and white, and was shot in the late 1950's-early or mid 1960's range. For some reason, I recall the film being in color, but in the Wine Club ad clip, it is, very distinctively, a B&W clip. I saw the movie a couple of years ago and, at that time,
  12. Looking for members for new Backlot Group in Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio region of the country - once we've received our members we'll select our theater based on group needs - but it will be one of these two theaters. Please join-up, have other things planned and calling out to as many people as we can get to receive those free tickets for members!
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