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  1. I got an email stating you made a post about the itchy finger (which cracked me up) and now I see it isn’t there so perhaps this is the one you’re referring to or did they delete yet another? Who are these “moderators” anyway? Do they even have any real connection with TPTB? Sorry you didn’t get to see your movie. I tried for a week to watch “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, as it is one I haven’t seen yet but all I kept getting was an error and the choice to either “retry” or “cancel”. Yippee. It was never watchable at least not for me. I bet they would blame it on the Fire Stick even though al
  2. Have you guys tried clearing the data and the cache? Also, oddly enough, I was logged out suddenly yesterday and when I tried to log in it went back to the old way (not the whole log in to multiple apps thing) and when I put in the activation code using my iPhone it wouldn’t work. Comcast auth Page kept reloading. So I grabbed my Kindle Fire 8HD and used that after getting a new activation code and it worked. Seems like I always have to “mess” with this app to watch it. Every couple days it’s messed up again. ??‍♀️ I wish you all the best of luck!!
  3. So sorry to hear what you’re experiencing. I hope it does work out for you. This app bring many of us so much frustration. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Oh my hell! I am glad this worked for YOU, but 2 weeks ago this was NOT WORKING! You’re talking about the most obvious and basic steps that most people already knew and were trying. If you read through the posts (and any other threads regarding this) we had tried every possible scenario with no results. A black screen and/or the circle of death. After much complaining or perhaps they finally saw the messed up situation people were having, they FIXED it. That’s why you are now able to do it so easily. I am happy for you as I am for all of us! Now if they would just fix the Closed Captionin
  5. That’s interesting that it worked for you! I tried that and when I went to the “log in” in the TCM settings it still redirected me to the same new log in for the group of apps screen. As for what Moderater1 said- I appreciate your reply but I think you’re wrong. The other apps that go along with the “group Sign in” were all working JUST FINE. As per usual the only one screwy was the TCM. So I just don’t buy that it was Amazons fault (or Comcast’s & I never give them credit when it isn’t due bcuz they have their own set of issues). I ALWAYS keep my Firestick up to date. I appreciate y
  6. Yes, I wish there was a place where we could go to get these wonderful old movies without commercials! It’s like they know our choices are so limited that they don’t care how sub par their product is. It’s the INLY movie app on any platform I have these issues with and just as one problem gets “solved” another pops up. It’s beyond frustrating!
  7. This worked for me only so far. When I would get to that sign on screen and put in my credentials I would get a screen that said “you are now authorized” then that blank screen. I DID everything you suggest because it is common sense and the steps you take. Didn’t work. Even uninstalled and reinstalled and still same thing. Blank screen forever. Not until I started pressing buttons that were listed at the bottom as options for things to do- next page, previous page, etc—in just random order mashing of buttons did it suddenly flip to the settings screen for the app and now said “Logout” instead
  8. inertia2 said: “Updated as of 01/25/2018. Every time this app gets tweaked something goes wrong. I would go to settings on my fireTV or stick and go to in this order Settings, device and restart. Then you may be able to login. I was able to log-on with my provider and I did get it to work but Closed captioning has been disabled. Even when I try to enable it it reverts back to NO captioning. Other than that it works ok. When I saw the new sign on screen all I thought was uh oh. Based on my experience with this app it s
  9. I FINALLY got it to work by pressing various buttons when the “authorization” screen was up. Can’t tell you which button worked-thought it was the “next page” but when I tried that on my 2nd Firestick it didn’t work. So just pressing random buttons for forward back etc made it suddenly “login”. Now, I keep getting the “circle of death” as well (had to Lol at that one!!) and so I have to keep going into the manage apps area of settings,force stopping and clearing the cache then it works. It’s a real pain in the **** though, to have to keep doing that literally EVERY time I leave the app a
  10. As usual I am now unable to watch the TCM app on my Amazon Firestick. It seems they updated the app on Jan 25 and since then I CANNOT log in. I am taken to an odd looking screen that says at the top “01 select 02 Sign in 03 Watch”. Under that are the choices of my cable provider. I choose mine (Comcast/Xfinity) and then put in all my information and hit log in and I get this screen (sometimes) that tells me I am now authorized and then the screen goes TOTALLY BLANK. Black nothingness. I have 2 Firesticks and it’s on both. ALL my other apps work, including ones I have to sign into Xfinity with
  11. So apparently TCM updated their app for the Amazon Firestick and now no matter what I do I can’t log in. I am SO BEYOND frustrated with the BS surrounding this app. I can’t watch all the other ones so it isn’t the Firestick. Don’t know if it’s Comcast’s fault but also I can watch other things/apps that surely would also be affected if it was their issue. I cleared the data and the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the Firestick and now this WEIRD page comes up like some kind of browser I’ve never seen and looks exactly like the steps I would take to “activate” the app using my phon
  12. Well it seems they FINALLY fixed it! Thank you TCM. I started it on the Xfinity On demand but will be so HAPPY to finish it tonight on the Firestick-using my earbuds. ?
  13. Stephan55 I SO appreciate your reply! And I appreciate that you took the time to look up the movie just for me. Seems that the TCM viewers are indeed a family of sorts. I ageee with you that in the midst of all the issues they have it is at least nice to have what they share with us and I especially do appreciate the uncut commercial free thing! As of this moment-2:20am (EST) DMFM still won’t play on my Firestick. I can watch it on Demand on my Comcast X1 box, but as strange as this sounds I wanted to watch it in my room on the Firestick because I can hook my Bluetooth earbuds up to that and
  14. Please Fix the “Dial M for Murder” movie on the app for the Amazon Firestick!!! I’m going crazy—FIX IT!!!!!!???????

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