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  1. PS I'll be doing a once a month Classic movie podcast. I have such great guests lined up. If anyone wants to hear from someone or a topic please let me know.. THANKS< Grace
  2. I don't know if I can post the link To Eddie Muller on my podcast. TCM Ok'd him to come on so I'll try it. He was fabulous. Such a great guy. Flirt alert..On my side. Sorry..Fun listen.. Thanks Eddie !! http://www.inyourfacewithdonnieandgrace.com/news/no-donnie-or-danny-either-it-was-just-grace-and-her-not-self-proclaimed-czar-of-noir-crush-eddie-muller-from-tcms-noir-alley-we-talked-about-all-things-noir-and-high-waters-tooflirt-alert Or here and you can download. I need to post to I Tunes. https://inyourfacewithdonnnieandgrace.podbean.com/e/no-donnieor-danny-eit
  3. Excited about Christmas Holiday. I saw a bad copy on you tube. It was a very good movie.
  4. I love Eddie and his picks. I interviewed him this week and what a great guy. I'll be posting it on Monday. He knows all. So fun. Thanks again Eddie!! He wants it to be made clear that he is not the self proclaimed Czar of Noir. Someone else called him that and it stuck. You can hear it in interview.
  5. Without a doubt Alistair Sim was the best Scrooge. You bought into his wretchedness and when he repented his transformation was so great. The light in his eyes, the way he walked, everything. He has little moments of brilliance. The one I love the most is when he goes to his nephews house for Christmas and he is in the hall. He stands tentatively at the door. He looks at the maid and she gives him the nod to go in. His facial expression was so true. He was amazing. He also was quite adorable in Stage Fright. He was basically a comedic actor.
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