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  1. Rats! As a big Deanna Durbin fan, I was very excited when I saw the title of this thread and thought TCM had acquired the rights to her movies and had scheduled a memorial tribute to her. While I approve of encouraging TCM to do a multi-film tribute to Deanna, and believe she deserves one, it was disappointing, to say the least, to learn that this thread was only to urge TCM to get the rights to her films and schedule a tribute. I realize you mean well, but the title of this thread IS misleading.
  2. Love this movie. I haven't seen it for a long time, so I may not like it as much if I saw it again, but I really enjoyed it when I was a kid and saw it again about 7 or 8 years ago and still liked it a lot. Great supporting cast and a compelling, moving story. I thought Jennifer Jones was very effective, and I remember liking her performance, but I'm not sure I'd give her the Oscar for her performance either. Seemed to me her biggest "challenge" was in maintaining an air of quiet serenity in the face of all the accusations and persecution Bernadette had to put up with. Personally, bef
  3. Wow! A thread on one of my all-time favorites, the delightful, talented Deanna Durbin! Gorgeous voice, beautiful face, utterly natural and charming in front of the camera...what's not to like? And whoever said Hollywood quit Durbin is mistaken. I was just reading Joe Pasternak's autobiography a few months ago and in the chapter on Durbin he spends the last couple of pages writing about how he kept trying to persuade her to make another movie. Ends it with the line: "All she has to do is say "I'm ready" and I"ll be there to make a film with Deanna Durbin"...or something like that. I
  4. Who said I'LL BE YOURS was Deanna's 10th picture? I think it was her 18th. Her 10th was IT STARTED WITH EVE, released 6 years earlier in 1941.
  5. I like it a lot, too. The set was a real bargain and well worth the money I spent for it. As for any criticisms I had, I thought it was a nice idea to include an interview with Joe Pasternak's brother, but I wasn't too impressed with the interview itself which I thought was sort of sloppily conducted, and John Pasternak didn't seem to know much about the history Deanna had with his brother. I also wish they had included some of the "extras" they had on the VHS releases, including the "It's a Big Wide Wodnerful World" number cut from FOR THE LOVE OF MARY and some of the "Coming Attract
  6. Did Arthur Freed produce THE WIZARD OF OZ? I thought Mervyn LeRoy did and Freed was given uncredited status as an Associate Producer. I have a bit of a grudge against Mr. Freed because he didn't like Kathryn Grayson much, and she's one of my favorites, but he did produce some fine musicals...and some real dawgs, too. My favorites would include ON THE TOWN, SHOW BOAT, MEET ME IN ST LOUIS, GOOD NEWS, GIGI, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, GIRL CRAZY, EASTER PARADE and SILK STOCKINGS
  7. That's quite a write-up the NYT gave on Deanna! I agree with Mr. Nugent that she was wonderfully appealing and absolutely unique. She's one of my all-time favorite performers. A great star and a great artist. Comments like that must've driven her crazy, though, because she was so eager to play grown-up, sophisticated roles. Anyway, I hope she had a wonderful birthday and knows that she has many, many fans even today who cherish her talent and wish her well!
  8. Any of Deanna Durbin's movies that haven't already been released. Any of Kathryn Grayson's movies that haven't been released Any of Alice Faye's movies that haven't been released. ONE NIGHT OF LOVE (1934) I'd also like to see more of Jane Powell's movies on DVD. I don't really like her characters in her early films, but I enjoy her singing. I'm also a fan of INTERRUPTED MELODY, and would like to see that one get a DVD release. It would be nice to see some of Gloria Jean's movies on DVD other than IF I HAD MY WAY, which was released as part of a Bing Crosby Collection.
  9. Hi Shopperv: Sorry about the problems you've been experiencing viewing that photo. I did have the photo posted successfully in my last post, but it must be protected by the site's owner. (This seems a little odd to me, since the site's owner doesn't own the copyright to it, but, who knows?) Anyway, let's see if this works: http://www.angelfire.com/my/mcansh/ddgallery5.html This link is to the 5th page of THE DEANNA DURBIN GALLERY. It's a site comprised entirely of photos of Deanna Durbin (some on sheet music, vidoes, etc.). The photo I've mentioned is the fourth one from the le
  10. Hi Shropperv: I think the photo you listed from THE DEANNA DURBIN PAGE is from 1980, not 1998. It was a photo Deanna sent to LIFE Magazine for a 1980 edition they were producing on Classic Hollywood stars. Although she declined to be interviewed by the magazine, Deanna sent the photo to dispel longstanding rumors that she was plump/overweight, and she certainly looks thin as a reed in it! In the meantime, I think I've finally figured out how to post that ca. 1983 photo of Deanna I mentioned earlier. Here it is. I hope you (and others) like it:
  11. It was Deanna's left arm, not her right, that was slightly crooked. Most of the material I've seen says that this was due to a broken arm injury she had as a very young child that never healed properly, but some say it was a birth defect. Among the errors Basinger makes in her chapter on Deanna are her statement that Deanna was under contract to MGM in late 1936 (she'd been signed by Universal in June of that year before EVERY SUNDAY was shot), that MGM gave "Edna May Durbin" her stage name of "Deanna" (she didn't get it until after she'd signed with Universal), that the working title of D
  12. Here's a link to the 1983 photo I mentioned in my earlier post: Deanna was 61 years old at the time it was taken. http://www.angelfire.com/my/mcansh/dd130.jpg Sorry, I don't know how to post the photo here, but, as you can see, she is anything but "heavyset."
  13. I've always read that Judy Holliday had a "genius level" IQ. She was a brilliant actress.
  14. I like Basinger's book a lot. (After hearing about the chapter on Deanna Durbin and her comments on other stars I like, I finally managed to locate a copy.) The style is very entertaining and readable and she makes some fascinating comments and comparisons in her discussions of classic stars and how they dealt with "The Star Machine." But, if what I've read about Durbin's career is accurate, Basinger makes several errors in her summary of Deanna's career, such as stating she was under contract to MGM when Every Sunday was filmed, and was under contract to Metro in late 1936. (She'd alread
  15. You're welcome. You can see many other clips of Deanna there, too. Several of her films (MAD ABOUT MUSIC, NICE GIRL? THE AMAZING MRS. HOLLIDAY, CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, etc.) have also been posted, but in 8-10 minute clips to fit Youtube's format. The sound is out of sync on some of these clips, but it's still nice to have the movies posted for viewing.
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