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  1. everyone is the same , the dress is normal like street clothing ,no outlandish hair makeup or jewelry, they were all on the same level.
  2. the difference between the two scenes of Petunia at the bedside and her hanging laundry is one of part drama and worry and fear for her man, and the laundry part is joyful and full of hope that every thing is going to be alright . her treatment of him will be no different if he were a child, in essence ,he is her child as long as there is love between the two of them. since these two loves of life live a life not of poverty and not of wealth, Petunia is now overjoyed that Joe is alive and in love and this brings happiness to her world . Butterfly McQueen had a acting career for 50 years an
  3. Betty IS going to catch her man by whatever mean and she will make him listen to her she will capture him, the music and the songs follow. in sinc.
  4. the first film was Wizard of Oz followed by Meet me in St. Louis, and later when I was older I loved the non musical movie with Robert Walker Sr. The Clock in 1945. Judy Garland always had a rich jazzy sing song voice even when she was speaking it sounds like she is singing, she made you believe and want to root for her so that all her dreams and ambitions came to true.
  5. the fact that he has other women, is really no surprise for she herself is a another woman, the delight in this film is the blanks in the gun, and the looks of total astonishment that she would fake her death to see his reaction , this was in response to his being caught when she lifted her dress to revel her garters and the one she was wearing ,he does not care that she discovers that he see other women carries on.
  6. women are starting to take a stand outside the home. other notable actresses had appeared on screen in trousers as well during this period .Ginger is able to follow Fred's every step tap to tap without missing a beat. Ginger is going to let him know that any relationship will be equal.
  7. Keeler was given it all she had and more in 42nd street an all time fav I can watch over and over , while Powell you can see her training and watch her beauty and elegance.
  8. Marie is clearly out of her element in that saloon , you can hear her voice above all that surrounds her, and yet when wants in her heart to quit but she knows that she must continue as she is not given the response that she had hoped, she spots Sgt. Bruce the interaction for these two is all in the eyes, the eyes tell the story. he grows to understand her , and she her self . that all for both to start a relationship. The pairing of McDonald & Eddy on screen together was pure magic , Hollywood wanted a depiction of ro
  9. pre-code Helds' tone, dress & manner would have been very different more open and out spoken, the depression changed the views, and the image that the studio's ,and the people themselves wanted reflected to escape what was happening outside in the real world.
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