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  1. Interesting: https://www.theroot.com/did-black-people-own-slaves-1790895436 Now there can be a remake of Gone with the Wind and employ all the historical facts.
  2. Jean Harlow..in the "Dinner at Eight" apparently un-sit-a-downable dress:
  3. To me..not so noir-ish... Maybe if it had been filmed in black and white. This film reminded me more of a Alfred Hitchcock story... minus the suspense.
  4. He and Deborah Kerr star in "Vacation from Marriage" Very English and very good.
  5. Robert Donat Ronald Coleman George Sanders Ralph Richardson Vanessa Redgrave Claude Rains Margaret Rutherford John Mills Brian Aherne Lynn Redgrave
  6. Perhaps it was a warning that the salami had sinister beginnings.
  7. From your list...I have seen this. It has the feel of a 40s or 50s era film.
  8. After reading the review for this film..I decided not to watch...sounded mundane.. During a commercial break on a show that I was watching..I turned to this movie.. I was hooked..a unique movie...anything but mundane.. Never trust the reviews
  9. I like the Ann Sheridan version better...and...I like most anything with Bette Davis. Who is in the 1929 version?
  10. Do you like the 1947 version..The Unfaithful ..Ann Sheridan
  11. Why has TCM not shown this recently? Or...have I just missed it?
  12. The scene(s) in the hotel room with just Faye and Andrews were draggy.. It's as if the director and screenwriter(s) had them in limbo until they could come up with a path to the ending.
  13. Agree.. The likes of Robert Osborne will not be around here again...
  14. And this guy, Clifton Young ..also with Bogart...in Dark Passage:
  15. These two ladies have some of the greatest looking eyes. Happen to see Joan Blondell and Warren William in Smarty Goofy comedy...just fun watching these incredibly charismatic actors.
  16. I used to think that Raymond Burr's portrayal of Perry Mason was the better of the two.. I have since reconsidered... Warren William appeared to portray PM in the manner of a genius raconteur... Raymond Burr came across as slightly menacing..however...he was intriguing. Below is an interesting link: https://www.robertreeveslaw.com/blog/21-amazing-bizarre-facts-perry-mason/
  17. Warren William is one of my favorites. Who portrayed Perry Mason better: Warren William Raymond Burr
  18. It would be: Man's inhumanity to man* *Robert Burns
  19. The kind of racism the Americans suffered at the hands of the Japanese...WWII https://time.com/3334677/pow-world-war-two-usa-japan/
  20. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that class. Also, I'm curious even though she didn't agree politically with Ronald Reagan; were they cordial with each other? Human nature being what it is, perhaps political opposites, even in the 30s, were antagonistic to each other.... much like today.
  21. Thanks for the info. To me; she was better looking than most leading ladies... She was interesting to watch She played similar roles to Gail Patrick. Both ladies appear to be smart cookies: Gail Patrick: Producer; Perry Mason Claire Dodd: Family overrides movie career. Both understood that when the looks go...so do the movie roles.
  22. Disclaimer: Not a crush Just Wondering: Why was Claire Dodd not a bigger star? I can't recall any movies where she was the leading lady. Am I right about that?
  23. I'm going to include someone who is not new to me.. nevertheless...I would have to say this guy: It's obvious Jean Arthur was wrong in her The Talk of the Town pick.
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