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  1. Have a great time! Please let us, that can only be there in spirit, know how it goes. I have a question? Does anyone else in our chapter belong to the imDb? This is the International Movie Database. After you sign up it is very easy to use. This is where I go to rate ALL the movies I watch. There maybe a movie or TV show you like that gets a bumm rating (1-6) or too good of a rating (7-10) or vise verse. Well here is your chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It is not just the movies on TCM but ALL new and old TV & Movies across all divides around the world. It has ALL the info about w
  2. Hi Clark, sorry to say I will be unable to attend "The Great Sinner" with you today. If you do see the movie please let us know how it went. Have a GREAT TIME!
  3. I have not heard of this movie either. My daughter says she watched it in her Film Studies II class. Sounds like a good movie. I will TRY to be there. Either way I will let you know by Friday Having too much fun in the 5ft snow drifts
  4. Hi Clark, I went to the designated TCMisfits theater, Emagine Willow Creek theater. I saw Ellen, but as we waited no one else showed. Possibly the snow kept some of us away. I did not stay for the movie, I was just there to meet some new faces and to see how the FREE tickets work. All in all, it was great to chit chat with Ellen again, and I can't wait to meet you and more of our TCMisfits, at the Emagine Willow Creek theater, in May for the showing of SUNSET BLVD. Have a GREAT weekend!
  5. Again, a BIG GIANT THANK YOU to Ellen!!!! We now get to view our favorite TCM BIG screen movies for FREE!
  6. Which day for The Killing? Fri, Sat, Or Sun? This one I've never seen
  7. I like Twin Cities .... but anyone have anything clever for the "M" ... maybe Mod ... or Mob or Misfits
  8. I like Twin Cities .... but anyone have anything clever for the "M" ... maybe Mod ... or Mob or Misfits
  9. AAAARRRGGG!!!! They ( TCM ) mod took my email address away. Folks I don't do face????, but if it means keeping up with chapter on goings, I WILL! Please let me know the next step you all want to take
  10. email: [...] I too vote Emagine Willow Creek, much nicer than the Regal in Eagan count me in for SUNSET BLVD ... and yes, I will change my vote for Ellen, to be chapter president, but only this go around :)... my original vote for Clark still stands in the future <3
  11. Yes, 3 of us did get together. Missed those who were unable to be there with us. VERTIGO was fantastic on the big screen! The scenery in the film was gorgeous. Kim Novak will always remain beautiful. Does anyone know why, with his filmography, did Jimmy Stewart act for Hitch? My fav of Hitches movies using Jimmy Stewart is ROPE I sure had fun meeting my fellow members and want to do this again. I will say I wont be going next month to GREASE . clarklk, did you express in an earlier post, the TRYLON shows classic movies at other times than TCM?
  12. I should say I will be @ the Emogine Willow Creek Theater today @ 1pm
  13. Sounds Great! I will have on a green fuzzy scarf, a purple flannel shirt, levi jeans and black shoes. If for any reason, I'm unable to make it Sunday at 2pm, I will check in here and let you know... See ya there!
  14. I still plan on being there at the Emagine, Willow Creek Theater. Sunday, March 18 @ the 2 pm showing. I would like to get there about 1 hour early so I can relax and say hello
  15. jessica, i would love to meet and watch VERTIGO at the Emagine Willow creek with you... EWC is only 30 minutes from me. I would have to go on Sunday, 2pm or 7pm
  16. Yes, I was just kidding. But if clarklk would like to be or 1st chapter president, please let my nomination for clarklk be the first,... BTW,.. I was just tooling around here on the TCM boards site. It seems as our lil' group "like" and "reply" to each other more often than other groups \ / YAY US! .... THEN there is the HATE page ... my mouth dropped open. I cannot believe that TCM would let folks be awarded for their own personal hatred. I'm here because I LOVE movies. I was not able to watch a lot of TV or go to movies when I was young. I LOVE old B&Ws and that is primarily
  17. Oh, wouldn't that be nice! If I didn't have to study for class I'd go ...
  18. What a nice V-Day present .... I got my TCM BACKLOT Official Membership KIT <3 <3 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY guys & dolls! <3 <3
  19. We need to see which region we are all from. I am from the South Metro. The Cinama that plays the TCM movie of the month is the Regal in Eagan, Mn
  20. I googled it,... said it is Kerasotes Minneapolis ShowPlace ICON at the West End, St. Louis Park
  21. Enjoy the film clarklk! When I went to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, I stood at the end and told folks what we needed. I will keep trying each month until we get at least one. When I got my gift membership, TCM did not notify me. When I found out I had a membership waiting, I was totally confused how to navigate the site. I practically stumbled upon the 3 of you members, and was elated to find there was a board with film friends. I watch TCM everyday and have since 1996 when I stumbled upon it
  22. Eccentric hahahah;... thats funny! Though my son said that i ask tactfully. I now wonder what the people thought about me. "ehhehm Mr. De Mille ,... I'm ready for my close up...!" I think if we keep at it this way we will get another member.
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