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  1. No, they're not related. Khan is a very common Muslim last name. Salman Khan, SRK, Irrfan, Amir, etc. none of them are related.
  2. Rudolph Valentino - His eyes were always so intense & expressive even in candid photos Conrad Veidt - Another actors whose eyes expressed every emotion. Buster Keaton - Old Stone Face had amazing eyes. Errol Flynn - He always had a mischievous (& slightly dangerous) twinkle in his eyes. You knew he was up to no good but you couldn't help but love him for it. Towards the end of his life that twinkle was gone & there was only sadness.
  3. Carole Lombard Joan Crawford Gloria Swanson
  4. I have so many! The ladies I love....... Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Joan Blondell, Rita Hayworth, Claudette Colbert, Mabel Normand, Barbara Stanwyck, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Ida Lupino, Marie Dressler, Myrna Loy, Lillian Gish, & ZaSu Pitts The men..... William Powell, John Barrymore (before his alcoholism got the best of him), Lionel Barrymore, Rudolph Valentino, Errol Flynn, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Lon Chaney, Sr., James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Conrad Veight, Clark Gable, & Guy Kibbe
  5. Harry James (her husband of over 20 years) was a gambling addict & introduced the bad habit (as well as smoking & drinking which she didn't do until she hooked up with James)to Betty. That's where all of her money went - to pay off debts incurred at the horse races. He was also an alcoholic & was very jealous of her success....their marriage was a dumpster fire.
  6. Errol Flynn & Tyrone Power supposedly smoked 4-5 packs per day.
  7. This is one of my favorite Valentino films. I think it shows that he did have range & had he not died so young, would have proven himself to be more than just a heart-throb. He also had a knack for comedy which you can see in "The Eagle" & in some of his very early work.
  8. A few of my unpopular opinions........ Greta Garbo was way overrated So are Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh, Sophia Loren, Marlene Dietrich, Paulette Goddard, Humphrey Bogart, Grace Kelly, John Wayne, Katherine Hepburn, & Audrey Hepburn Louise Brooks was beautiful & an amazing fashion icon but not a good actress (or writer) Hedy Lamarr was beautiful (my goodness was she a stunner!) but she wasn't a good actress either Same with Lana Turner Charlie Chaplin was a genius but I still would rather watch Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, & Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle any day (they were geniuses too!) Joan Crawford was a better actress than Bette Davis (I still love Bette but I just feel Joan was better) Norma Shearer was a terrible actress & only got the parts she did because of Irving Thalberg I agree with MG about Spencer Tracy I always knew Joan Blondell was underrated but after watching so many of her movies this month, she should have been a much bigger star than she was
  9. Both Buster & Harold Lloyd had incredible bodies. They had to be in shape to do all of the crazy things they did!
  10. Some of my picks..... John Barrymore (before his alcoholism destroyed him) Rudolph Valentino James Cagney Tyrone Power Errol Flynn
  11. Here are a few of my favorites....... The Great Profile Himself - John Barrymore (I know he's already been posted but i absolutely LOVE John Barrymore so I'm posting him again!) Buster Keaton had an amazing profile too.... Rudolf Valentino The beautiful Myrna Loy and Joan Crawford
  12. I loved this movie!! I originally watched it because I love Joan Blondell (and will watch anything with her in it) but I feel it was one of the best roles Tyrone Power ever got to play. Zanuck really didn't want Power to to this picture because he feared it would hurt his matinee idol image and the studio didn't promote it very well. What a shame because it is a great film.
  13. I am so glad someone else feels that Joan Crawford was a horrible dancer! I know that she always talked about how she started out as a dancer before her film career but she was terrible. I think that *she* thought she was a good dancer & that was part of the problem. I also agree about Ruby Keeler - terrible dancer!
  14. Linda Christian is one that comes to mind. Very pretty lady but not very talented, IMO. Annabella - see Linda Christian. Both were married to Tyrone Power but Annabella actually started her acting career before Tyrone Power started his. Lauren Bacall - another beauty but not someone I felt could truly act. She was okay with Bogart but that's it. Sonja Henie - Never should have been allowed to 'act'. Great skater, terrible actress. Simone Simon - I can only tolerate her in Cat People. Terrible actress. Gene Raymond - To me, he was just plain boring. I'll probably think of more later......
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