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  1. Here are a few of my favorites....... The Great Profile Himself - John Barrymore (I know he's already been posted but i absolutely LOVE John Barrymore so I'm posting him again!) Buster Keaton had an amazing profile too.... Rudolf Valentino The beautiful Myrna Loy and Joan Crawford
  2. I loved this movie!! I originally watched it because I love Joan Blondell (and will watch anything with her in it) but I feel it was one of the best roles Tyrone Power ever got to play. Zanuck really didn't want Power to to this picture because he feared it would hurt his matinee idol image and the studio didn't promote it very well. What a shame because it is a great film.
  3. I am so glad someone else feels that Joan Crawford was a horrible dancer! I know that she always talked about how she started out as a dancer before her film career but she was terrible. I think that *she* thought she was a good dancer & that was part of the problem. I also agree about Ruby Keeler - terrible dancer!
  4. Linda Christian is one that comes to mind. Very pretty lady but not very talented, IMO. Annabella - see Linda Christian. Both were married to Tyrone Power but Annabella actually started her acting career before Tyrone Power started his. Lauren Bacall - another beauty but not someone I felt could truly act. She was okay with Bogart but that's it. Sonja Henie - Never should have been allowed to 'act'. Great skater, terrible actress. Simone Simon - I can only tolerate her in Cat People. Terrible actress. Gene Raymond - To me, he was just plain boring. I'll probably think of more later......
  5. DawnM74


    I'm not a fan either but I do love John Gilbert so I'm happy about seeing the films they did together.
  6. I do agree that we did get to see some of his amazing talent. I just wish we could have seen him at his full potential. If he was that amazing when he was drinking, just think how amazing he would have been if he never started drinking at all.
  7. I wish they would. I love Errol Flynn!!!!
  8. I love both because I love John Barrymore & I love Errol Flynn. Both films are enjoyable but to me they are so different from each other than I can't really compare them. Barrymore's is dark, more serious, more melodramatic, & a silent film. JB has to do all of his acting with his face, eyes, mannerisms, etc. Barrymore's voice was amazing but, at that time, we weren't able to hear it just yet. Flynn's is fun, energetic, and in technicolor. EF has dialogue along with his mannerism & his beautiful speaking voice doesn't hurt either. These two actors had so much in common & led such tragic lives. I don't think we really got to see their true talent because their inner demons destroyed them & their careers. We only got a glimpse of what could have been.
  9. Here are my picks. Some of them are just bad performances while others were shamefully bad and are uncomfortable for me to watch. I know the studios often chose these roles so there were many times when the actor/actress had no choice because of the studio system. But I also know that some of these roles were chosen by the stars themselves so they had no one to blame but themselves. I do wonder sometimes if someone did try to say “Maybe this isn’t the right role for you” but a star’s ego just couldn’t handle that. Anyway, here are some of my picks: Humphrey Bogart as a Mexican in "Virginia City"- terrible! I think he was probably just trying to pay the bills at the time since he wasn’t the legend he would become. Maybe I should let him slide on this one…. Errol Flynn as Sebastian (a musician) in "Escape Me Never" - I love Errol but this role was completely wrong for him. I think the studio was trying to punish him for his bad behavior so they stuck him in this awful film. I love Ida Lupino & she was good even in the worst films so I guess it’s not a total loss. Jean Harlow in “Reckless” – Jean Harlow should have never been cast in a musical. Watching her dance (poorly) & sing (even though her voice was dubbed) is just plain wrong. John Wayne as Genghis Khan in “The Conqueror” – I don’t know how or why anyone thought that role was a good idea. This one is the epitome of 'painful to watch' films. Joan Crawford & Jimmy Stewart as ice skaters in “The Ice Follies of 1939” – awful! Speaking of these two great actors, Joan’s role in “Trog” was actually much worse so maybe “Follies” wasn’t so bad after all! And Jimmy Stewart singing “Easy to Love” from 1940's “Born to Dance” is pretty bad too. Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is hard for me to watch. I know times were different back then but it’s still pretty bad. Laurence Olivier in the 1965 British version of “Othello” – In outrageous all-over black makeup. Awful!!! Norma Shearer & Leslie Howard as “Romeo & Juliet” – both were way too old. The costumes were stunning but they were just not believable. I love John Barrymore but he too was too old (although he stole every scene he was in IMO). I liked Norma Shearer better when she was in silent films, To me, she always overacted in her speaking roles. Ramon Novarro & Lupe Velez as Native Americans in “Laughing Boy” – I love Ramon Novarro’s silent film work but not so much his career in talkies. This film was just awful and one of his worst talkies. Their Mexican accents & Lupe’s bad acting make this movie unbearable in my opinion. I always thought Lupe Velez was much better suited to comedies rather than serious roles. There are so many more but I'll stop there......for now. Sorry about all the crazy font changes. I'm at work posting this!😉
  10. My picks: Marlon Brando (never could stand him except in 'The Godfather') Bette Davis & Joan Crawford (I love them both but they could also overdo it at times) Lana Turner Katherine Hepburn Norma Shearer (liked in silents but couldn't stand her over-the-top acting in talkies) Shelley Winters James Dean
  11. She was so beautiful but when she smiled, it just lit up her whole face.
  12. My picks.... Errol Flynn Clara Bow Carmen Miranda Joan Blondell Judy Garland Rudolph Valentino Tyrone Power William Powell
  13. I love Roscoe Arbuckle! He was so funny & that's what I loved about him. Add in Buster Keaton & Harold Lloyd. They make me laugh & that (to me) is sexy. I also love William Powell. He wasn't drop-dead handsome like Errol Flynn (my dream husband) or Tyrone Power, but he had his own class, grace, & style that made him super sexy, in my opinion anyway.
  14. The only info I could find about the Nita Naldi photo was that it was 'taken shortly before her death' (she died February 17, 1961).
  15. Bette Davis Harold Lloyd Joan Blondell Joan Crawford John Wayne Buster Keaton Orson Welles silent film star Nita Naldi Myrna Loy (with Lauren Bacall) Dorothy Lamour Ginger Rogers Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor Hedy Lamarr Jeanette MacDonald
  16. I just want to add my 2 cents to the conversation.......I love Joan Blondell!!!!!! Thanks!
  17. I loved Ross Alexander too! Part of me thinks he would have had a long, prosperous career had he not committed suicide. But because he was gay, the other part of me thinks he would have been miserable & either drank/drugged himself into an early grave or committed suicide anyway.
  18. Newbie here just throwing her 2 cents in.....I would love to see a TRUE biopic on Errol Flynn (I know there's the one with Kevin Kline as well as that 80's movie but I'd like to see one chronicle his whole life), Tyrone Power, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Mable Norman, Clara Bow, Ramon Novarro, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, & John Gilbert. I'd also like to see new (& more truthful) biopics of John Barrymore, Buster Keaton, & Jean Harlow.
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