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Everything posted by DawnM74

  1. My picks: Marlon Brando (never could stand him except in 'The Godfather') Bette Davis & Joan Crawford (I love them both but they could also overdo it at times) Lana Turner Katherine Hepburn Norma Shearer (liked in silents but couldn't stand her over-the-top acting in talkies) Shelley Winters James Dean
  2. She was so beautiful but when she smiled, it just lit up her whole face.
  3. My picks.... Errol Flynn Clara Bow Carmen Miranda Joan Blondell Judy Garland Rudolph Valentino Tyrone Power William Powell
  4. I love Roscoe Arbuckle! He was so funny & that's what I loved about him. Add in Buster Keaton & Harold Lloyd. They make me laugh & that (to me) is sexy. I also love William Powell. He wasn't drop-dead handsome like Errol Flynn (my dream husband) or Tyrone Power, but he had his own class, grace, & style that made him super sexy, in my opinion anyway.
  5. The only info I could find about the Nita Naldi photo was that it was 'taken shortly before her death' (she died February 17, 1961).
  6. Bette Davis Harold Lloyd Joan Blondell Joan Crawford John Wayne Buster Keaton Orson Welles silent film star Nita Naldi Myrna Loy (with Lauren Bacall) Dorothy Lamour Ginger Rogers Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor Hedy Lamarr Jeanette MacDonald
  7. I just want to add my 2 cents to the conversation.......I love Joan Blondell!!!!!! Thanks!
  8. I loved Ross Alexander too! Part of me thinks he would have had a long, prosperous career had he not committed suicide. But because he was gay, the other part of me thinks he would have been miserable & either drank/drugged himself into an early grave or committed suicide anyway.
  9. Newbie here just throwing her 2 cents in.....I would love to see a TRUE biopic on Errol Flynn (I know there's the one with Kevin Kline as well as that 80's movie but I'd like to see one chronicle his whole life), Tyrone Power, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Mable Norman, Clara Bow, Ramon Novarro, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, & John Gilbert. I'd also like to see new (& more truthful) biopics of John Barrymore, Buster Keaton, & Jean Harlow.
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