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  1. I'm also interested to know whether he used some magic search algorithm or just happened to know what it was. Impressive either way!
  2. Oh my gosh--THAT'S IT!!!!!! ToastNJam, I can't thank you enough! I have been looking for this movie for years because elements of it have appeared in my worst dreams since I was little. It's amazing the effect a movie can have on our psyches when we're young. Bless you for the answer; I wish you knew how happy this has made me. :-)
  3. Thank you! But no--IIRC there is no supernatural element. The caretaker/handyman murdered them all with an axe, i think. The white curtain blowing in the window is a huge element in it that recurs a few times, and the part that used to send me screaming to my bedroom, slamming the door until I knew that scene was over!
  4. That's not it, but thank you! Cry Wolf looks like a fun watch. I love old noir movies.
  5. I have searched and searched for this online, but to no avail. I saw this movie as a child and it scared the daylights out of me. It was in black & white, and I'm guessing from the '40s or '50s (possibly very early '60s). As best I can remember, a young woman comes back to a house where she witnessed the murder of a family (while she hid under the bed in the attic?). She can't remember what she saw then but freaks out every time she goes upstairs to the attic and sees a white curtain blowing in front of the window. I think she's now engaged to the only remaining son of the family, and at o
  6. I'd have to move forward in time and be young enough to marry Aaron Tveit.
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