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  1. I don't know if Bob has a partner or got married in NY or CA when it became legal, but there is no certainly no wife around!
  2. I think "Yolanda" is scheduled for release soon. I read that somewhere. McDonald/Eddy films apparently need a lot of restoration, but imagine they'll pop up eventually in a set. I'd like to see some of the early Technicolor musicals (Follow Thru, Viennese Nights, Vagabond King) Second some of the Jane Powell films (Girl Most LIkely, Holiday in Mexico, Date with Judy) Love "Thousands Cheer" and suprised it hasn't made it to disc yet.
  3. Ava, a lot of the Holden films you are hyperventilating to see are being shown next month.
  4. I'm a huge William Holden fan, and am actually thrilled at the chance to see some of his lesser known films, not available on video. All of the usual suspects are shown a lot on TCM ("Born Yesterday", "Sunset B", "Stalag" etc) and readily available on home video. Now, if they could just fix the sound on "Father is a Bachelor"
  5. Brando4ever, TCM plays his talkies fairly regularly, especially cameo films like "Hollywood Revue" (1929) where he appears with Jack Benny and "Free and Easy" with Buster Keaton. In both he plays himself. I think "Navy Blues" and "Way Out West" were on within the last few months. I wish they'd play his silent "Speedway" again (which they haven't shown in quite a few years) -- its is really entertaining. Same formula as "Smart Set" but better supporting cast and more fun situations (e.g. Anita Page takes him flying in her stunt plane).
  6. Haines had a very masculine, pleasing voice that was well suited to the talkies. He sort of aged out of his playboy youthful wisecracker image (replaced for much of the 30s by Robert Montgomery). Don't know he if had much range beyond that -- as discussed below, he seems to play the same character and storyline in all of his films that I've seen. And "Smart Set" followed the same formula that MGM seemed to have decreed for his storylines.
  7. Although neither are technically Xmas musicals, I love MEET ME IN ST LOUIS and HOLIDAY INN. I finally saw WHTIE CHRISTMAS recently and was rather disappointed, much preferring the earlier incarnation. While I enjoyed the dancing of Vera Ellen and some of the other numbers, the plot seemed needlessly convoluted -- all that secrecy about the general and misunderstandings -- and that finale was pretty anti-climatic. Are those ballerinas supposed to be amateurish? HOLIDAY INN seems tighter in structure -- with the holidays giving the plot a direction and the musical numbers more memorable.
  8. Come on guys -- shell it out for the DVD's! We need to support classic film releases (esp. Warners) so that they keep coming. (and no I don't work there)
  9. I'd put BRAVEHEART, FOREST GUMP and CHARIOTS OF FIRE at the top of the nearly unwatchable list. GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, OLIVER, and TITANIC on the popular but not worthy of the crown.
  10. Valentino died never having made a talkie so it would be interesting to hear how his voice recorded. I think Novarro is fine in the silents, but doesn't have the "macho" persona to pull off "The Barbarian."
  11. For you newbies, do an archive search if that's possible -- you'll see that just like clockwork, this same complaint comes up every Oscar season --- too many new movies. TCM only has so many movies in their library and has to license others -- to fit the theme of the month they need to show newer stuff. The silents and older stuff return after the month is over. by the way, HE WHO GETS SLAPPED was on not too many months back. watch for it at some point again..
  12. Amen -- I had the same reaction when I saw the posting -- this guy's still at it. Enough already. Those movies are not in Turner's library, and if they're going to go out and spend $$ to license additional titles, they aren't going to be the Osmonds. The "Donny and Marie" show is coming out on DVD, so you can get your fix there. Enough already.
  13. I too would prefer that they show films in their library not available on DVD or VHS, especially the Pre-Codes which are really popular these days. I'd like to see a moratorium on PHILADELPHIA STORY and NORTH BY NORTHWEST -- too frequently shown on TCM and readily available at your local video store.
  14. I don't have a problem with them showing movies that are after all 31 years old, so long as they keep showing the older ones as well. The more recent ones usually fall in with a theme (e.g. in a hypothetical schedule fo African movies, you'd get TRADER HORN ('31) and OUT OF AFRICA ('81), remake double feature (YOU'VE GOT MAIL, SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME) or the Oscar month.
  15. The transfer to digital would explain a lot. I love the channel but get tired of the same old films over and over when they have such a rich library to choose from. Could we please have a moratorium on the following: NORTH BY NORTHWEST, PHILADELPHIA STORY, ON THE TOWN, SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, BRINGING UP BABY. Even newcomers to the network must have caught them by now. And they're all available on video.
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