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  1. The big thing for me, which has been going on for several months with zero improvement, is failure to mirror to the TV. TCM has never addressed this. All the messaging is kept very vague and non-specific.
  2. As of last night, it's working about 75% for me. I had to restart the App a couple of times to watch Cheaper By The Dozen. Definite progress, though!
  3. Amber, my issues have been going on for months, finally deteriorating to almost zero functionality. I know we’re not the only ones, and TCM has heard from plenty of people, yet hasn’t responded in any substantial way. That’s why I am not optimistic... but again, I hope to be proven wrong.
  4. Star Date: 3 January 2018 * After 2 years of no problems whatsoever, suddenly last summer, TCM On Demand movies stopped mirroring to my TV. All I get is audio with a black screen. Oddly, host intros & trailers & such continued to play fine, both audio and video. Live streaming has always been dicey, now even moreso. Live streams play on the TV for about 1 minute then cut out. * At least I could still watch via the TCM App, on both my iPhone and iPad. Until about a week ago. Now the only thing I can watch is live streams & host intros. NONE of the On Demand movies will play on my devices any longer. * Stray observation: I’ve only noticed an update for the TCM App once or twice in all the time I’ve had it, in spite of multiple, major Apple IOS updates - especially in recent months... is TCM unable or unwilling to keep up with the technology? * I strongly suspect Apple and/or Flash are the primary culprits. In which case I may be sh*t out of luck. Because I won’t be forced into buying new devices, if that’s the aim, when mine are in perfectly good working order. Still, if these issues are known to TCM (???), why not state either a. We’re working to fix the problems, etc., or b. We have no intention of dealing with the problems, better luck next time. But the silence and lack of communication from TCM is beyond insulting and arrogant. * I’m about to take the drastic, last ditch step of printing & mailing with a stamp, a written plea to: Ms. Jennifer Dorian, General Manager Turner Classic Movies 1050 Techwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318 * I’m also going to tweet my complaints and questions to @TCM and any other corporate officers or on-air personalities I can find. * Final, self-indulgent comment: with American “culture” in a state of ever coarsening decline, I suppose the refuge of TCM is too good and too small a niche to last. “We need more mindless porn, more sports and more obnoxious leaders & cable TV hosts,” cried the vast majority of citizens, “yeah!!!” I so dearly want to be proven wrong, but I’m not exactly optimistic as anyone reading this may have detected. Still, I’m not quite ready to give up my TCM!
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