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  1. If ordinality is acceptable, we also have First Spaceship on Venus.
  2. I'm more of a Sabre kinda guy, preferably a mark 5 or 6 Canadair.
  3. I stayed up for it, and was pleased by the assortment of '50s aircraft. null
  4. Not quite as good as You Were Never Lovelier, but not bad at all.
  5. I don't recall having ever heard of this horse prior to this.
  6. Which classic actress would you like to bring home to meet your parents? Any one of several would do. Which classic actress would you like to dance with? I'm not much of a dancer. Which classic actress would you like to see as a Playboy centerfold? I'm not a consumer of that publication. Which classic actress would you like to wake up in bed with? Hedy Lamarr Which classic actress would you like to yell and scream at on a bad day? I don't have bad days. Which classic actress would you tell your innermost thoughts to? It's not like I'd have anything to say.
  7. This topic should've died long ago. I'm almost afraid to look and see the comments I made.
  8. The destruction of TCM? It's still healthy! I've recently come back to both this board as well as watching TCM after taking a long break. When I was lookin' over the schedule I thought to myself "Great! Still the ol' TCM!" I was surprised at what little change there'd been. Also unchanged is the presence of these sorts of topics. The predictable escalation around the time "31 Days of Oscar" comes around and everything. Year after year. It'd seem TCM has been "done for" for quite some time now.
  9. >Considering who made the movie, when it was > made, and > the reason for making it, I wasted only 20 minutes on > it while I waited > for something else to come on. It was who made the movie, when it was made and the reason for making it that made it all the more interesting, in my view. It pretty much made it worth watching, even though I certainly prefer the other versions. Message was edited by: LeopoldPlumtree
  10. >They were multiplying 3000 by something or > something like that. Then Whoever got it got a kiss > by this chick.. then they both got kisses. The kiss was supposed to go the first of them that converted 26.5 knots to mph first. The first one said 31 mph and got the kiss, but the second corrected him, sayin' it was closer to 30 mph so he got the kiss. In the movie, they reckoned 6076 feet per nautical mile (which is close to the modern definition of 1852 m), so in using that, 30 mph would be closer by a little (30.495 mph). But, I think the Brits used 6080 feet to a nautic
  11. > Do you know if there was a blue diamond aboard the > Titanic? The one in the movie was fictional, and I don't have much info on the effects the passengers brought along. It's not impossible, but I really don't know one way or another.
  12. > > I loved all the scheming goin' on right from the > > get-go. It's certainly not the only > Titanic > > movie to take a few liberties in the screenplay, > > I wonder why the real ship went so fast, at night, > when they knew there was ice in the area? Just to make good time, I guess, and possibly to outdo Olympic's first transatlantic run. Message was edited by: LeopoldPlumtree
  13. > Do you know anything about the SOS rockets? I think > one film used white rockets, the most recent film > used red. The German film says they used white > because they didn't have a supply of red. Though the (possibly) eight rockets Titanic fired were white, the color didn't matter. They were "general use" rockets, not necessarily "distress rockets," which the rules at the time said could be of any color, but had to be fired in one minute intervals, which was not done on Titanic. Those (possibly, but we don't know for sure) eight rockets were spread out over more than an
  14. > I've been searching a list of rare books about the > Titanic. Apparently the company owner, Bruce Ismay, > was on board the ship and he did escape in a > lifeboat. See this link... Transcripts of his testimony at both the British and American Titanic inquiries can be found here... http://www.titanicinquiry.org/ Message was edited by: LeopoldPlumtree
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