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  1. What resonated with me was that the trailer’s narrator defined “our generation,” presuming that would be its audience, as being one both “repelled and attracted by violence.” So bluntly stating that we the public have such duality of tastes was something I found quite remarkable.
  2. That's a very interesting connection you made regarding HAL. I'll keep that in mind should I see the entire film again.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. They were well appreciated. I’m not sure the movie elucidated some of those details that you spoke of, but I haven’t seen it in its entirety for quite some time. Perhaps the book is something I’ll look into in the future. Anyway, I thought about Dave’s interactions with the increasingly unstable Hal in light of all the current research going on with artificial intelligence. We’ve got to be careful! And that baby at the end. I bet Kubrick had picked up a copy of the 1965 Life Magazine pictorial story on life before birth for inspiration when creating that image.
  4. It was on last night, a movie that I’ve seen before more than once. I came in towards the end and waited for the commentary, but was disappointed because they didn’t cover the film’s specifics, speaking more about Kubrick himself. Did they choose 2001 to be part of the Essentials series because of only its special effects? There are several qualities open for discussion. I started watching when Dave is passing through brightly rendered “dimensions,” if you will, seemingly borne right out of the psychedelic ‘60s and perhaps best enjoyed if you were a little high yourself. When he sits in h
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