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  1. slaytonf Yes..Correct..Between Two Worlds (1944) was a remake of Outward Bound (1930)!! Thanks!!
  2. MovieCollector OH Thanks..Even though it isn't the movie we are looking for..it does sound VERY interesting..and I hope to check it out. Even in the synopsis they do mention the words "sole survivor"..LOL. Maybe it could lead to that which we ARE looking for. Thank you! These are my favorite kind of movies!! Also..I just remembered a couple of other creepy movies that are a bit along these lines. I think slayton referred to the first one in one of his earlier posts. That movie is Between Two Worlds (1944) which mostly takes place aboard a cruise ship during WWII. And, the other begins on a pl
  3. Marysara1 Thank you for your quick response. And yes, we have eliminated a couple of more films now. Thank you for letting me know that Rendezvous has an actress in it, because as we know..the film we are seeking has an all male cast. And..I just now found the episode of Rendezvous on Youtube, and there is definitely an actress in the episode. And, you are also right about the actors in the film we seek. I cannot remember any of them..so they couldn't have become too famous. And, Sole Survivor does have some famous actors in it, that were not in the elusive film we are seeking. Of late, I've
  4. Marysara1 Are you possibly referring to a Westinghouse production called "The Strike" by Rod Serling?? You can look it up under Rod Serling-Studio One Drama-The Strike. In the film The Strike you will hear the lines "Come in Razor Red". You can also find a synopsis on this site. The Strike is a military-airplane drama as well..but not the one we are looking for. I have gone through as many old films and TV shows as I can..looking for the ghost/plane film we all remember..and I can now recall most of them. Look up The Strike and see if that is the "Come in Razor Red" that you are looking for
  5. slaytonf The reason why I kept mentioning that it is said that Joseph Heller coined the phrase "Catch 22"....is that perhaps he didn't..and people only thought he had because the phrase became so huge after the novel and the 1970 movie by the same name. Perhaps the phrase "Catch 22" had been around before Joseph Heller supposedly coined it. And besides..there are lots of movies that have the same name with no copyright infringement suits. For example Independence Day (1983), Independence Day (1996), Independence Day:Resurgence (2016), etc. And..I only meant that a British made for TV movie mi
  6. slaytonf Hmm..Nope..LOL..Not Sole Survivor (1970). Had much more of a 50s-esque feel to it, even though I watched it in the 60s. I would love to get my hands on the old Lights Out episode called Rendezvous..even if just to rule it out as a possibility. And, I also keep thinking about another site where a woman claimed that the name of the movie we are looking for is Catch 22, which was a phrase supposedly coined by Joseph Heller for his 1961 novel by the same name. Now..if it is true that the phrase "Catch 22" was coined in 1961..that would mean that this black & white Catch 22 movie or
  7. darkblue, I understand that much of what you are saying can be true, because it has happened to me..where a movie turns out to be different than I remember it. However, I have been searching for this movie since I was a child and first saw it in the 60s. This movie had such a profound effect on me that I searched the old TV Guides for it week after week, since I was a kid..hoping it would play again. We only got 3 TV channels back then..so the search itself was quite simple. But, the movie never aired on TV again..at least I could not find it in the listings. When video stores first opened
  8. Perhaps another person in the Twilight Zone, with the rest of us. At least if Rod shows up..we'll know to stop looking for an answer. But..No Rod..and the search goes on and on..........and on..........
  9. slaytonf Go watch the "Berenstain Bears" & eat some "Froot Loops"....You'll feel better!! I always felt better when I watched the Berenstein Bears and ate Fruit Loops!
  10. Thenryb A couple of people have suggested that the name of this older black & white movie (that no one can locate), is called Catch 22. However, if this is the case..then our missing movie has been swallowed up by the 1970 movie of the same name..Catch 22. Just like the plot of this older black & white movie has been overshadowed by another 1970 movie called Sole Survivor. So, with a name like Catch 22, that most people recognize as the well known 1970 Catch 22....and a plot like the fairly well known 1970 Sole Survivor..how are we ever going to find it? Also, the plane is named th
  11. waynejkC Thank you for elaborating with even more details about the movie that so many of us remember & are looking for. And, you are quite right..it is extremely frustrating to hear people insist that it's Sole Survivor..when we know absolutely that it is not. And for me, I never even saw Sole Survivor until fairly recently, and my first thought was "Wow..this movie has a similar plot to a black & white movie that I saw back in the 60s..but the black & white movie was creepier, and, by far..much more unsettling". And..the plot difference in Sole Survivor about the crew member wh
  12. I recently spent the entire night watching Sole Survivor (the 1970 movie with William Shatner), Twilight Zone: King Nine Will Not Return, Ghost Bomber: The Lady Be Good, and even The Flight of the Phoenix. The Black & White movie (or show), that I watched back in the 60s was none of the aforementioned. It was similar to Sole Survivor; both had a crew from an airplane crashed in the desert. But, there was one huge and startling difference. The men in the black & white movie did not know that they were dead and neither did we, until the creepy, unsettling end of the film. And, the crash
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