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  1. Sundown (1941) Good lord Tierney was beautiful in this film.
  2. Backlash (1956) I have to share this excellent publicity still as well.
  3. In that case I will finish off Myrna Loy with... ANTS (1977) -- The TV Movie originally released as It Happened at Lakewood Manor.
  4. L'introuvable (1934) -- The French title for The Thin Man, it translates to "Elusive".
  5. I'll probably move on to Richard Widmark next, but he only has 4 one-word title films (6 if you count TV Movies).
  6. Unfortunately this film is now considered lost. Evidence (1929)
  7. Mitchum would have been good in MacMurray's role in Double Indemnity.
  8. In that vein... Myrna Loy, Gene Tierney, and Linda Darnell.
  9. I have a few of them on my hard drive. I think I have pretty much every film of hers that has been shown and is possible to have.
  10. What are some collaborations that you wish would have happened, but never did? Some of mine: Richard Widmark and Myrna Loy. It would be cool to have my favorite actress and actor in the same film. Richard Widmark and Tony Curtis. I can picture them in a western with no-nonsense Widmark forced to team up with conniving swindler Curtis to track down an outlaw. Something like that. Howard Hawks and Bette Davis. Hawks' comedy pacing with Bette Davis dialed up to 11 would be insane. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Sorry if this thread already exists, I didn't see one.
  11. Sure, I'll change the picture. I'll find something else that doesn't move. Thank you for the welcome as well.
  12. 7. She married her final husband, Gerry DeFord, while on her deathbed merely hours before she died.
  13. I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (1932) Fantastically dark and despairing film with a special performance by Paul Muni.
  14. lol, don't worry, I was just taking a breather. Thanks for the list, that's the same one I was using to jog my memory. Emma (1932)
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