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  1. Stars like Marlon Brando, Judy Garland and Elizabeth Taylor are always played on Tcm, they shouldnt ever be Stars of the Month. That special title should go to the stars who will be introduced to people for the first time. For example: Marie Dressler was a good choice, shes not as popular as someone like Marilyn Monroe, but she’s just as good! I hope to see William Haines, Lillian Gish, John Gilbert and Lon Chaney as stars of the month OR CLARLES KING! From The Broadway Melody and Chasing Rainbows. There are countless stars that havent been recognized so dont pick
  2. It makes me upset that they release Academy Award nominated films at the very end of the year and all at once. Then they choose films for political reasons and not because of the work of the people who shined. 1950 is a perfect example of this. All About Eve and Sunset Boulevard were clearly the best films that year but awful films like Born Yesterday and Harvey won. Last year the film Lion made a huge impact on me but the Academy awarded a black film made predominately by black people not because it was the best but because they wanted to make a statement ab
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