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  1. What is it going to take to get Hulu linked as a provider to get the TCM app working? When I go to activate there are a ton of small cable companies but no option for Hulu. Now that Playstation Vue has shut down Hulu is the next best option for TCM.
  2. I received the same notice today. We happily had an app that worked on our streaming boxes (Fire), unless I can get the TCM app working again I suppose we will be SOL.
  3. Thanks, we've signed up. The app works great, the yearly price is decent. Now we are looking into dropping some other services. Wish we could go back to true a la carte services as we had in the days of the old satellite dishes (12').
  4. Filmstruck Questions We are considering moving to Filmstruck from TCM directly. The TCM streaming app is no longer working on FireTV, we're considering to lower our Playstation Vue tier and picking up Filmstruck (provided it works). Does Filmstruck use it's onwn app on FireTV or does it link to the TCM app? Any issues with the Filmstruck app? The TCM app is the only app we've had issues with and it's not our network (enterprise level network with both wired and wifi connections).
  5. We've been (once again) having problems with the TCM streaming app with FireTV and and Playstation Vue. Restarted the device, cleaned out both data and cache and still no joy. TCM really needs to consider the future, people are cutting the cord at a faster rate then anticipated, the future is on demand streaming. BTW the new app is a step back IMO. App is working again, I had to log out and log back in through my provider (Playstation Vue) to get it to work again.
  6. This worked for me. As no troubleshooting direction is being provided I opted to try a few things on my own. I cleared the settings for the TCM app on my FireTV. Did by going to FireTV home/Settings/Applications/Managed Installed Applications/TCM/ I cleared the data and cache here. When I launched TCM there was a message in regards to a single login for all apps (my guess is they created link from my Playstation Vue account tying things together and eliminating a second login). So far so good, started a few films, running White Heat as a test atm.
  7. Same issue here, FireTV failed yesterday, at first I had an endless login with screen after screen of picking out the roadsigns, this ended with a black screen. Now all we get is a black screen. No joy, first the monthly magazine died, now the endless app issues.
  8. Same issue here, initially had to log in again, now all we get is black screen. Wife and I are long time TCM viewers, part of us cutting the cord was finding a streaming service with TCM (Playstation Vue fit the bill). There seems to be an on going issues with the streaming app, previously it was constant login, now we can't login at all. Maybe it's time to just move on and find another option for classics.
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