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  1. Who said the quote “You do that little thing” and in what movie? I’m thinking Irene Dunne or Bette Davis but not sure.... Thanks so much!
  2. Hello all - I posted this nearly 2 yrs ago, but thought I'd try again... Looking for the name of a movie where a wheelchair bound woman was killed by being pushed down an elevator shaft. I saw it in the 60's, and it was probably a 30's - 50's movie. Thanks!
  3. Did you ever get an answer to this question? Sounds like a movie I'd love to see. I took a quick look at both movies mentioned above - but they don't seem to match. I also did a little research but couldn't come up with anything.
  4. I read a couple synopses and may look at part of it. But in my movie, she was definitely thrown onto the top of an elevator, down the shaft. I can picture it so clearly.... but it’s been 50 yrs...
  5. No. It was definitely an elevator. Kiss of Death looks like “stairs”. Thx....
  6. Hello - I’m looking for the name of a black and white movie I saw in the 60’s (it was probably a 40’s -50’s movie). I saw it when I was about 5 yrs old (or so). It had a scene where a woman in a wheelchair was pushed into an elevator shaft landing on the roof of the elevator, which is at the 1st floor. I remember nothing else about the movie - but picture that scene like it was yesterday. (My alterior motive is to place blame on the assumed cause for my life-long excruciating fear of elevators.) Thanks so much!
  7. I seem to remember that scene (or maybe similar). But I picture Katharine Hepburn?
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