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  1. @Gershwin fan: Not quite. I can't remember all too well, but I want to say that the film was made between the 1930s and 1960s (The Tree of Wooden Clogs was made in the late '70s). If it helps, I think I remember a nun being present during the film, probably near the childbirth. Though, my mind is foggy on the details.
  2. I watched a part of this foreign film on the TV last year. I can't recall what the name is, and I've been trying to figure out what it was for a few days now to no avail. The language was either French or Italian (my memory isn't the best). I want to lean more towards French as I think I remember seeing the name Pierre (either an actor or character) attached to the information of the film that I saw on the guide. All I can really remember about the movie is that this man was in this apartment/hotel at some point and a priest (I think) was talking to him. The man had a best friend who was an al
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