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  1. SueSueApplegate, Thank you for making me feel welcome.
  2. MovieFanLaura, Thanks to you and everyone else for the detailed information. I think as the time gets closer people will definitely be looking for less pricey accomodations. You all give a good idea of what first timers can expect not just as far as accomodations, but also once at the festival in terms of movie wait times, availabilities and how to spend the day. We're in VA, but hope to make it to a festival one year. Thanks again!
  3. SueSueApplegate, You make valid points about the precious memories of the film festival. And it's wonderful you have made friends and are a festival veteran. Great picture with Ben, btw. But the main purpose of this thread was asking for info, not to complain. To point out how few posts members have seems a bit short sided. Speaking personally, I have watched TCM since it came on air, but don't participate in threads often because I don't have an electronic device that makes it easy. But I'm interested and read the boards a lot. So I try to keep current with TCM events. Have a great time
  4. That's just wrong to slam Bode. Maybe people coudn't tell the difference between him and Dan Hicks. NBC has had Lewis and Porino doing alpine skiing for years with so much jargon and dating news you couldn't figure out who had even won a race. Then they finally get Bode who tries to explain what to expect based on past history, injuries and snow conditions in detail to a wide audience and people complain. There were so many delays and then they had to pack nearly eveything into this week, it was difficult for everyone. Yes, ABC was much better coverage. And Women's Hockey was great! I thi
  5. Agreed. After it looked like Lindsey Vonn would get the Bronze in the women's downhill, they didn't even show the skiiers. They showed Lindsey, her sister, and Sophia Goggia, Gold Medalist, socializing while others were still skiing. As you say, dismissive and rude. But Leigh Diffey commenting on the "luge world going wild" and other choice, heartfelt comments for luge and bobsledding and Steve Schlanger and the other gentleman screaming themselves silly when the US cross country team, Diggins and the rest won helped to make up for it.
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