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  1. April 5 is the birthday of three icons of classic film: Bette Davis, Spencer Tracy and Gregory Peck. Most years TCM runs Davis films on that day while slighting Tracy and Peck. This year they are ignoring all three. Good job TCM.
  2. Does anyone have any idea why TCM routinely ignores Spencer Tracy's birthday which is on April 5th while always celebrating Bette Davis' birthday which happens to be on the same day. Certainly Tracy was every bit as much of a great star as Davis. I find it annoying and just dumb.
  3. A better questions is why was it shown on TCM at all?
  4. Yes, John Tracy worked for Disney for awhile. Joe Tracy is his son. > Wasn't John Tracy a Disney animator (or an animator > for some other studio) at some point? Is the > grandson the son of John?
  5. Right. The box set being released next week has nothing to do with the Fox films being shown in New York. Hopefully now Fox will issue a box set of the films being shown at Film Forum.
  6. I read in the NY Post this morning that Fox Films is releasing on Tuesday a new box set of it early 1930s films. I've looked on Amazon and found nothing about it. Does anyone know what the name of the box set is and what's in it? Thanks.
  7. Spencer and Louise Tracy have one grandchild, Joseph Spencer Tracy, who is an artist. Joe Tracy has three children.
  8. > As far as her exit, I thought she was just being > funny. She even laughed on her way out. I think she > was playing on her nervousness which she mentioned > several times. > > It's being repeated at 4:15 today. The exit was a bit that Hepburn and Cavett worked out between them. It was a joke. She wasn't being rude at all.
  9. Who are you? An employee of the film company? So far, it has a zero rating at Rotten Tomatoes. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/all_the_kings_men/
  10. OK. What wag at TCM came up with this scheduling? A joke is a joke, fellas, but you go too far.
  11. > Allow me to be incredibly naive for a minute. > > In movies in the thirties or forties, if a woman says > a man was her "lover" does that mean what it would > mean today? I mean does it mean that they have had > sex? The same with saying "we had a love affair," > does that mean "affair" like we mean it? > > Is it possible that "lover" could simply mean a > boyfriend or girlfriend in old movie lingo? Does > "affair" simply mean they spent a lot of puritanical > time together? > > I only ask because I want to know how literal > ever
  12. > Love affair or NOT-there ARE thirty years of "love > letters" from Ford to Hepburn.She always denied it(an > affair) saying that he (Ford)" would invite me out to > his boat and watch me swim".For Ford's sexuality see > Maureen O' Hara's bio,and "In Search of John > Ford",by Joseph McBride.I didn't say that in the > Cavett interview she had an affair with Ford.All I > said was her first remarks were about Ford having > died that day. There were no 30 years of letters of any kind and certainly not love letters. You've been reading Barbara Leaming's b
  13. Hepburn and Ford did not have a 30 year love affair and she only mention Ford in passing somewhere in the middle of the interview.
  14. The candidates in 2004 were: All Fall Down (1962) Bathing Beauty (1944) Captains of the Clouds (1942) Dive Bomber (1941) Edge of the City (1957) Greed (1924) I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) Ice Station Zebra (1968) International Velvet (1978) Ivanhoe (1952) Kansas City Bomber (1972) King Solomon's Mines (1950) The Letter (1940) Lust for Life (1956) Operation Crossbow (1965) Party Girl (1958) Random Harvest (1942) The Search (1948) The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968) Test Pilot (1938) The winners were The Letter, King Solomon's Mines, Ice Sta
  15. DVD Decision 2006 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/165670011/002-1573630-1348822 Warner video STILL hasn't released all the films on DVD from the prior years DVD Decisions. Why don't they do that first because announcing this? And where is the Spencer Tracy box set?
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