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  1. I'm performing the poem Gunga Din (a choice inspired by the movie) for a debate tournament. My teacher suggested I find some clips previous performances online. I've been unsuccessful so far on that front. Does anyone know where on the internet I might find a track of it? Thanks. (Any suggestions on the performance in general would help too!)
  2. I'm strongly with you, ricksplace, on Mason, Harrison, and Guinness!
  3. Well, I ask that because of a post I saw on the thread I created about Claude's birthday. Hi Movie Crazy999, Yes i do agree that Claude Rains was a great actor. My favorite being The Invisable Man of course. I had heard a rumor that Mr Rains didn't like to many other actors/ actress's. That while making a film he would try to out stage them, or try and steal a sceen every chance he got? Even so he was a great actor, and to this day I still love his work. Always, Larry/Xxmass I have tried to send a private message to "xxmas." He didn't reply. I was wondering if you had heard anything
  4. Well, I guess you could say I'm an amateur playwright. Just watch the stage... you might see something of mine up there someday! Could I see any of your stuff?
  5. At first I really didn't see what the big deal was about Bogie. He sort of grew on me... strongly!
  6. Have you heard anything about Claude not liking his co-stars?
  7. Yes! Robinson! Or maybe Claude Rains or Bogart... hmmm... Message was edited by: movie_crazy999
  8. > Just about all of my film plays contain elements of > noir, but aren't defined by the visual look and > conventions of what we all know classic film noir to > be. You write, moviegeek?
  9. Hey! I like short guys too! In fact, almost all my heroes, friends, and... well... whatever category Claude falls into... have been short! Beethoven (my hero) was 5' 3- 3/4. Napoleon (my historical obsession) was 5' 6- 1/2. Claude (my whatever he is) was 5' 6- 1/2 too! Nelson (my historical interest) was 5' 5- 1/2. My Best Male Friend is 5' 5- 3/4 I have no idea why short is considered a downside! And my theory about my attraction to short people is backed up by the fact that Hitler wasn't really "short" at all. He was 5' 9 1/4! I prove my point. : )
  10. Thanks a ton, but I was actually the one who asked the question that you gave me the answer to from the other site. Nancy's Claude Rains' Movie Index, right? Isn't that so weird? Thanks, though. And I like your other comment. What's wrong with being short?!? : ) I have concluded that Claude was not Jewish.
  11. Wow! Those are REALLY awesome ideas, Sabrina! Thanks a ton! Of course, I'm open for more if any of you guys have suggestions! : ) I love the cigarette idea, and I was planning to shoot the thing in black and white. Could you see it otherwise? There's no way I EVER could!
  12. I know a lot about Claude Rains and am quite obsessed. One day I was making a wallpaper for my computer of Casablanca and admiring his very interesting nose. That, in turn, made me realize that I didn't know what religion he was. I have always thought that noses were one of the most distinctive features of the face. I have always like noses like those of Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Claude Rains, Ralph Fiennes, and other (usually larger and Jewish) noses. This has to be the oddest question EVER (especially coming from someone not even old enough to drive) but I just happen to be w
  13. Yes, I've never been a big Paul Henreid fan. Why would anyone choose him over Claude? Gosh!
  14. If I were to try making a noir movie today, what would be some stuff that I would HAVE to include? Any good scene ideas? Plots? Sets? Suspenseful moments? For instance, in Double Indemnity. Remember right before he got shot, Macmurray had that weird shadow cast over his body by the window shades that made it look like he was behind bars? What kind of things could I do to give a film my own little dark touches like this?
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