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  1. Now we're getting obscure. I nominate 1936's Trouble For Two with Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell. A superb historical comedy based on Robert Louis Stevenson's The Suicide Club.
  2. Am I alone for my love of this movie? Only recently released on the Warner Archive Collection. My own review:
  3. No mention of All Through The Night (1941), an hilarious, Hitchcockian send up to the Third Reich and one of my favourite Humphrey Bogart films.
  4. When I first watched The Petrified Forest I was at an unsure time in my life, fearful of the future and with my own sense of individualism and artistic ambitions. Watching Leslie Howard as Alan Squier as failed artist who eventually takes his own life so a young girl could be the artist he never was, made me fearful and depressed of what my own future held in store for me. I felt for this character to the point that it hurt because I was worried that someday I could become that character, perhaps not to that extreme but destined to a similar fate. Bette Davis' Gabrielle is stuck in
  5. You realise the UK TCM just shows a handful of westerns on repeat and reruns of Gunsmoke. I look at the seclude of the US TCM and I am enraged with jealously. Be grateful for what you have!
  6. New Morals For Old (1932) Watched for my beloved Mynra Loy who sadly only appears in the film briefly. Despite a good opening the story of generational strife doesn't go anywhere and the film ends up feeling pointless. The Boston Strangler (1968) Rewatch. In my ongoing attempt to review as many Henry Fonda films as possible I revisited this slow but engaging police procedural film. This film's extensive use of split screen while feeling like a tacky film student project at times does work very effectively creating suspense and offering a voyeuristic insight.
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