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  1. Don't ya just love 'um ? I wonder how many movies Walter has been in. Do ya have a favortie movie of his ? or Gary Cooper.
  2. Margaret O"brian outstanding, acting came naturally for her and Shirley T. Robert Blake was another fairly good child actor and was so cute in the Little Rascles. It sure isin"t Brooke Sheilds!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry Mongo I do not get to check in as often as I would like to. I guess I should have looked before I leaped huh ? I work in surgery and I am on call alot so I sorta feel left out sometimes. My bad! I do love it when I can get on with all you guys though. I guess it's because I'm blonde.
  4. The first movie I remember seeing, was the musical " Peter Pan " with Mary Martin. I guess that's because it had such an impact on me. It was more like a play than a movie but I love it so much. I have the video and I still watch it sometimes.
  5. I am anxious to find out what everybody thought of this very ingenious guy.Did anyone enjoy his cartoons as much as I did ? I hope they do him again in the near future.
  6. My husband and I are both big fans of the (4) Three Stooges. We can hardly wait to see them again. In the one where they were Doctors, they used their real last names and I thought that was great ! Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr Howard!!
  7. I do not remember how long it took, because it's been a long time. But I have an autographed picture of Dan Blocker and John Gavin. It will probably take about 6 weeks like everything else. But it is well worth the wait. Good luck !!
  8. I don't know how old any of you guys are,but does anyone remember the tv series of Shena Queen of the Jungle, with Bob and chimp? Does anyone know what happened to those films,were the destroyed or something? Also a show with and actor that was a little boy named Shajid Kahn (sp??) what ever happened to him, and what was the name of the show. I know I'm telling my age but as a kid I sure loved those shows. Thanks for any info.
  9. I would like to suggest the version of IMMITATION OF LIFE with Lana Turner,Sandra Dee and that good looking John Gavin!! This movie breaks my heart every time I see it.
  10. I hope there are some Vincent Price fans out there. I saw a movie of his and only remember one scene. A woman looking through binoculars and nails injecting into her eyes. I was only seven or eight years old and now I am 55 so it's been awhile huh? I thought the title was Horrors of the Black Museum. Not sure,but they have not shown this movie in years,at least I have not seen it, does anyone know why? Or do I have the wrong title or just what? Help please. Thanks, bettyboop
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