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  1. I'm a fan of MOVIES; being of a certain age the commercial interruptions do not strike me as strange. And I like the bare-bones programming style, though I think intro/outro commentary would help me appreciate several films I've watched there. But a nagging question to me is this: why do they keep scheduling DAISY KENYON (1947) in the Noir blocks? It's got Joan Crawford and Dana Andrews, and it's directed by Otto Preminger. But it's not noir.
  2. Sad... he was a good character actor, of which we have too few. I hope Cher will attend his funeral in a red dress.
  3. I could see both of these happening. Ann Blyth had a SUTS day a few years ago. Her career highlights (other than MILDRED PIERCE) put here somewhere close to Kathryn Grayson, who was a SOTM in 2019 - so that may delay her own SOTM appearance. Joan Bennett's SOTM seems inevitable, and I would not be surprised to see it happen soon. But a question I've been thinking about is this: Do the actors and actresses whose work is heavily concentrated in noir films get 'penalized' in SOTM consideration because TCM has made a commitment to noir programming on weekends? Why give more screen time to Joan Bennett or Kathryn Grayson when they are likely to get a good sowing and discussion by Eddie Muller on weekends? It does not affect the really big stars (Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck) but the next class of stars become more closely typed to certain film styles. For example, isn't obvious that Gloria Grahame should have had SOTM treatment by now? Is it because she gets so much exposure in the noir programming that she has not been accorded that attention? I don't know. But I'm starting to think, yes.
  4. He had a memorable "needy" quality in several episodes of prime-time TV dramas, 'Star Trek' as has been mentioned but also 'The Big Valley', 'Combat!', 'The Invaders', and 'The Time Tunnel'. For me, however, his role in THE WAR WAGON with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas was his most impressive performance. R.I.P.
  5. The 1951 version also has a remarkable original score by Richard Addinsell.
  6. Despite various flaws in the film overall, Andrews is good in TORN CURTAIN (1966), her other 'spy' film.
  7. A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME (1964) ... sorry. I missed the earlier post of this.
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