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  1. The great Geraldine Page in "The Pope Of Greenwich Village " confronting two detectives who want to search her deceased policeman's son's ( Bunky) room for incriminating (for them) tapes.
  2. I remember Lou Costello using the expression "Odds Bodkins" in "The Time Of Their Lives".
  3. If you like Don Murray, please watch "The Bachelor Party" Monday at 3:15 PST. I regard this movie as a complement to "Marty". Paddy Chayefsky wrote and Delbert Mann directed both films. Realistic and moving account about life, guys and marriage with Murray, Jack Warden, E.G. marshall, Larry Blyden and with Carolyn Jones as a Greenwich Village "beatnik" gal. Last year I went to a screening at UCLA Film Center of "The Bachelor Party" with Don Murray in attendance. Still sharp and youthful at 90 years of age! He told the audience that after "Bus Stop" he was offered several roles in Westerns. Being a native NYer, he wanted to do something different and took the role in "The Bachelor Party" for less money instead. Not to be confused with the 1984 Tom Hanks ribald comedy "Bachelor Party"!
  4. Growing up in NYC in the 1960s, WOR Channel 9 had a program called "Million Dollar Movie" that would show the same film every night, changing, I believe on Thursdays. They seemed to show "King Kong" "Son Of Kong" and "Mighty Joe Young" over and over. Watched those three films many times as a kid. Some years later, my Mom took me to a revival showing of "Gone With The Wind", when the theme music began, I yelled "Million Dollar Movie" as they used the theme from "GWTW" as their opening over nighttime shots of NYC!
  5. Danny Peary also says that Andy Griffith should have won the Best Actor Oscar for "A Face In The Crowd", I agree!
  6. "Nothing But A Man" one of my favorite films, was shown at UCLA Film School on Saturday, along with "The Cool World".
  7. "Point Blank" Lee Marvin's Nightclub Fight
  8. "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" "Of Mice And Men"
  9. I believe that the two best movies of all time are bookends: "Gone With The Wind' and "The Best Years Of Our Lives" While very different, both GWTW and TBYOOL represent how war changes everything, our lives, our values and society in general.
  10. Best Endings: "I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang"
  11. Do you mean Bruce? I just like his early songs including the original acoustic version of "Thunder Road". Its' poetry.
  12. Bruce Springsteen's breakout song "Thunder Road" took it's title from a movie poster. The beginning of the song opens with the line "Screen door slams, Mary's dress waves" which is taken from the opening scene of Springsteen;'s favorite movie; "The Searchers".
  13. Nat King Cole's phrasing is impeccable, however, I can't listen to him for too long due to the idiosyncratic nature of his voice. Tony Bennet believes that vocal phrasing just means singing very slow. Judy Garland could really act out a song, however, she tends to slur her words, especially the last syllables. No one, now or ever, holds a candle to Frank.
  14. Great topic and one I sometimes wrestle with. I indoctrinated my daughter with classic film but my grandchildren are another matter entirely. I stay away from musicals or comedies as they are considered corny by millennials, I concentrate on relatable themes or movies with children of a similar age in them. "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" , "The Miracle Worker" "The Window" "To Kill A Mockingbird' and "Bright Road" are good examples, later "Blackboard Jungle" and "To Sir With Love". My go-to intro to classic film for those a little older is "A Place In The Sun". I call this a woman's picture from a man's point of view.
  15. "I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang" Great movie, great title.
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