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  1. Cagney last appearance was a TV movie from 1984; "Terrible Joe Moran" with Art Carney where he played a retired boxer.
  2. I saw Sinatra at ringside in Las Vegas over 40 times from 1988 to his last Vegas shows at the MGM in May 1993. I had been to many concerts before seeing Frank, but every one I have attended since then has only disappointed me. Once you've seen the best, every one else is just kid stuff.
  3. Kris Kristoffersen sings "Help Me Make It Through The Night" over the opening scene. The other great song in this movie is "The Look Of Love" sung by Dusty Springfield.
  4. I especially love the last scene with Keach and Jeff Bridges.
  5. I don't remember his comments on Susan Tyrell, but he did say that when the boxer Sixto Rodriguez playing Lucero in "Fat City" knocks him down in the fight, it was real!
  6. Saw "Fat City" a few years ago at UCLA Film with Stacey Keach as guest. Susan Tyrell is terrific in this film Her portrayal of an alcoholic and neurotic woman was definitely Oscar-worthy. Keach's has-been boxer reminds me of his role in "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter".
  7. Great topic! For all you Sinatra fans out there, I believe that the hysterical reaction to young Frank's performances at NYC's Paramount Theater in 1942 was a harbinger of the teenage rebellion that was to come. Although there were other singing idols of that era; Rudy Vallee, Russ Columbo, and Bing Crosby had never elicited the display of pent-up emotion directed at Sinatra. What societal change had allowed these young people the freedom to express themselves so openly? During World War Two, with many of their fathers in service or involved in war production, often joined in the wo
  8. Some years ago. The Motion Picture Academy hosted a weekly program entitled "It's Great To Be Nominated" showing classic films that were nominated by the Academy for Best Picture but did not win. Nancy Olson along with her husband Alan Livingston and her brother-in-law Jay Livingstone were invited guests for 1950's "Sunset Boulevard". The original opening scene, in the Los Angeles County Morgue was shown, as well as an alternate take of the New Years' Eve party scene featuring Jay Livingstone and Ray Evans' original song "The Paramount Don't Want Me Blues", that was replaced by "
  9. Yes, it was expensive! We followed Frank in Las Vegas from Bally's to The Desert Inn to the Riviera to the MGM, from 1988 to his last Las Vegas performances in May 1994. I must have put these MaitreD's kids through college with bribes but it was worth it. We always had reservations at ringside. Knowing that time was growing short, we would see him two or three nights in a row! We were also at the Shrine Auditorium for his 80th Birthday which was taped for TV. The best book on Frank is "Sinatra, The Song Is You" by Will Freidwald. My Mom was a professional singer and musicia
  10. HUGE Sinatra fan here! From 1988 to 1994 we saw him over 40 times in Las Vegas from ringside!
  11. "The Bachelor Party" 1957 And "Bachelor Party" 1984
  12. "Don't Worry We'll Think Of A Title". "The Spy Who Dumped Me" Jack Benny wondered how the Hollywood censors missed the title "The Tender Trap".
  13. No, there is too much evidence that Buddy Holly's band was the impetus for Lennon and McCarthy naming their band "The Beatles". McCartney instituted a "Buddy Holly Week' music festival in England beginning in 1976. First of all, Buddy Holly's band, the Crickets, inspired the Beatles own insectoid name.Quoting Paul McCartney: "I remember talking to John about this. 'Cricket. What a fantastic idea, it's a little grasshopper, and it's a game.' Well, they came over, they had no **** idea cricket was a game, to them it was just a little chirping grasshopper from Texas, so it was actual
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