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  1. Some years ago, The Academy of Motion Pictures in Beverly Hills ran a series "It's Great To Be Nominated" showing films that were nominated, but did not win the Best Picture Oscar. Their screening of "Sunset Boulevard" included the original opening scene that took place in the LA City Morgue, not shown since 1950, as well as a different take on the New Year's Eve party scene, featuring a song entitled "The Paramount Don't Want Me Blues". The song "Buttons and Bows" was substituted in the final cut of the film. Nancy Olsen, was present, accompanied by her husband, Alan Livingston,
  2. Sorry, what are the "Odd Cuts" to the film?
  3. Some years ago, I attended a screening of "Marty", one of my favorite films, at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California. The director of "Marty", Delbert Mann, talked about the film and answered questions from the audience. There was a scene after Marty takes Clara home, where she sits in her parents' bedroom and talks about her date with Marty and makes the decision to take the job in the private school. I stood up and asked the audience if anyone was familiar with that scene. Delbert Mann said that the scene had been cut out for broadcast TV. TCM shows "Marty" with the scen
  4. Love "The Trap". . I have a poor quality DVD recording of it made from a VHS tape. Saw it on TV many years ago but don't remember TCM ever showing it . When was it on previously?
  5. He was our Honorary Mayor here in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, for five years. Used to see him in our 4th of July parades.
  6. My Dad owned The Gourmet and Gift Center at 153 W57th Street, right across the street from the Russian Tea Room. We sold imported fancy foods such as caviar, pate', truffles, coffees , teas, chocolates, etc. Many celebrities were regular customers including Gig Young, Harry Belafonte (whose office was next door) Igor Stravinsky, Bobby Short, Tony Randall, Barbara Walters, Al Pacino, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Louis Armstrong ( to whom we would deliver as his modest house was just a few blocks from our home in Queens), and many of the Broadway, Metropolitan Opera and the Ed Sullivan Show cro
  7. My Aunt (now deceased) was an attorney who defended Lewis Milestone's will contest. She called on Robert Blake and Norman Lloyd (both still alive) as witnesses.
  8. Can you tell us the name of the documentary on the 1964-1965 NYC Worlds Fair?
  9. TV shows and movies usually require multiple takes. This causes several problems when the scene involves food. If the person actually eats, there are continuity issues with the size and shape of the food on the plate. Also, under the hot lights, cold food melts, that's why actors substitute mashed potatoes for ice cream. The other problem, obviously, is eating real food again and again on each one of the takes. Thats why actors feign eating, just fiddling with the food and pretending to chew. This is not a problem for stage actors as they can actually eat as a play is in real ti
  10. "Fat Leslie" West used to live in the Saxon Hall apartments with his parents just down the street from my house in Rego Park Queens during late 1960s and early 1970s. The building had open walkways to the apartments and Leslie would set up there with his guitar and amplifier and give impromptu concerts! Everyone in the nabe knew him!
  11. I second "The Luck Of Ginger Coffey" but why don't you enjoy "Lies My Father Told Me"?
  12. Along those lines, how about "Lies My Father Told Me" for best Canadian film?
  13. Cagney last appearance was a TV movie from 1984; "Terrible Joe Moran" with Art Carney where he played a retired boxer.
  14. I saw Sinatra at ringside in Las Vegas over 40 times from 1988 to his last Vegas shows at the MGM in May 1993. I had been to many concerts before seeing Frank, but every one I have attended since then has only disappointed me. Once you've seen the best, every one else is just kid stuff.
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