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    Old movies (obviously lol), The Rat Pack, watching I Love Lucy, playing/cuddling with my dogs,etc..

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  1. Journey To The Center Of The Earth
  2. "THE LADDER! Great now how am i suppose to get down?!" Next:
  3. The I Love Lucy theme song both the insturmental and lyrics versions. Next: a song sang by a couple
  4. it should be on youtube if you look on there, i love this movie, its one of my favorites of Peter's
  5. Rogue's March (1953)- Peter Lawford's character reenlists into the military under a false name after having escaped from jail. (Peter as his character's alter ego Pvt. Harry Simms)
  6. Catch Me If You Can (2002)- based on a true story Frank Abagnale Jr. (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) forges checks and commits identity theft.
  7. "Damn Englishmen never want me...I'm going to get me an American man" meanwhile between Peter & Janet: "I love you" "no i love you" Next:
  8. "I'm going to the bar, do you need anything?" Next :
  9. 4 For Texas (1963)- Dean Martin's character turns a steamboat into a floating casino.
  10. Peter Lorre was in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea with James Mason
  11. you're so lucky you saw Sammy!! I was born 3 months before Dino died (95') so i never got a chance to see any of them. i also wish i could of gone to a rat pack peformance during the making of Ocean's 11. it would be nice to see all 5 of them live. for yours: I Love Lucy just because it just seems so much fun and i love that show (obviously lol) next: who would you rather meet Cary Grant or Clark Gable ?
  12. Francis Albert Sinatra ( this was hard once i read the Beatles as a choice too but i'm currently more into Frank than the Beatles so yeah) next: would you rather see the rat pack as a whole live or one of them indivdually (your choice of who)?
  13. "listen pal either i get what i want or he's a goner" next:
  14. The Man With The Golden Arm ( 1955, Frank's character wants to be a Jazz drummer) next: another taboo topic for the time period
  15. Dean Martin and his son Dean Paul were in a scene together in Rough Night In Jericho (1967). Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy were in Marriage On The Rocks (1965) James Mason and his son Morgan were in Hero's Island (1962) together (the boy who James is having a sword fight with is his son)
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