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  1. 9. Speaking of Everybody Loves Somebody, Dino knocked The Beatles off the Billboard number 1 spot with that song in 64'.
  2. 4. having dropped out of high school his sophomore year (10th grade), Dino had gotten odd end jobs from typical jobs like milkman, gas station attendant etc.. to some illegal jobs like delivering bootleg alcohol, dealing cards, etc.
  3. 2. Despite being born and raised in Ohio , Dino's first language was Italian having not starting to learn English until the age of 5 when he started school.
  4. 10. Cary became an avivd baseball fan after trying to play it for the first time when he first came to the U.S in the early 20s. (he thought it was like cricket bless him). Next: Dean Martin
  5. 5. When Cary (who was at the time going by his real name Archie) was 14 he forged his dad's signature on a letter about himself to a leader/owner of a comedy troupe that young Archie desperately wanted to join.
  6. James Mason (too many times if you ask me) Next: an actor/actress who is multitalented
  7. obviously Both would be the best answer but if i had to chose I'd chose Desi. Next: Vivian Vance or William Frawley? (because why not? lol)
  8. Paul ❤️ Next: Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?
  9. Ocean's 11 (1960) ( tried watching the remake once..i lasted only a second nothing beats the original)
  10. the second photo is Cary Grant, born Archibald Leach the fifth photo is Frank Sinatra........ I'm not sure on the others though
  11. The Bishop's Wife Airport (1970)
  12. Rio Bravo (1959) Only Angels Have Wings (1939) its probably just me but i think both of these movies were done beautifully.
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