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  1. Frank Sinatra was in The Pride and The Passion with Cary Grant
  2. I'm gonna be bias and say Lake Erie because that's the lake i live near lol Next: favorite kind of sub sandwich
  3. The Man With The Golden Arm (I gave it good thought and i was like yeah it's definitely underrated, its such a good movie though and Frank's amazing in it) Next: overrated
  4. Forever Darling (1956)
  5. It Happened In Brooklyn (1947)
  6. after the lecture we the audience soon find out that the man is the doctor in the story as he meets up with the sister in law afterwards. he drives them to his deceased lover's old home where she had died. he plans to kill the sister in law in the same way his lover died (falling out of the second story window). he tells the sister in law that he's considering buying the house and wants to take a look at it in order to get rid of any suspicion she might have. Once at the house and entered he insists on going upstairs which they do so. They enter the deceased's lover's former bedroom and the doctor then reveals to the sister in law what his real intentions are. (I suck at describing things and i hope i'm doing this right)
  7. thanks..meant to check to see if you responded sooner oops. ok here's mine A man is giving a lecture on criminology and he gives an example story about a doctor who operates on a girl and falls in love with her mother. when his lover dies unexpectingly he blames his deceased lover's sister in law for her death and kills the sister in law in revenge.
  8. Notorious next: your favorite Cary Grant movie?
  9. None But The Brave directed by Frank Sinatra next: a movie produced by an actor
  10. The Devil at 4 o'Clock
  11. Lucille Ball had her children Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr. on her show Here's Lucy
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