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  1. Werner Klemperer (he was in Season 2 Episode 12 as the suspect's father ) Next: Guest Starred on SVU
  2. Haven, C.K Dexter played by Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story
  3. Rough Night In Jericho Next: Peter Lawford
  4. Eee-O-Eleven- Sammy Davis Jr. (Ocean's 11) next: another Sammy Davis Jr. song
  5. Michael Nesmith and Davy Jones ( R.I.P to both of them now sadly)
  6. ah ok see I only know Otto Preminger as a director and I didn't think to go back to check the original post...if its not an ok answer then I exempt my respond and someone else can go next
  7. Frank Sinatra He was in The Pride and The Passion with Cary Directed by Preminger in The Man With The Golden Arm and Frank had guest starred on Jack Benny's show (and visa versa) Next: Fred Astaire, John Wayne and Sammy Davis Jr.
  8. The Bishop's Wife (but also It's A Wonderful Life) Next: Favorite Christmas song?
  9. Frank was in "Never So Few" with Peter Lawford
  10. its so hard to chose but I think my top choice is The Birth Of The Blues Next: your favorite role of Dino's
  11. James Mason in Julius Caesar, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Murder By Decree Next: Devlin John Robie Philip Adams
  12. Wings In The Dark (1935) Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
  13. That's correct @Princess of Tap ! Your turn
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