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  1. I have my dvd-r all set to record them. Can't wait to get home tonight fix a bowl of popcorn and settle down to a silent movie marathong
  2. I whole heartedly agree. None But The Lonely Heart is a classic gem.
  3. Here goes in order of questions asked: Joel McCrea Robert Montgomery Gary Cooper William Holden George Brent Warren William John Barrymore Sr. Joel McCrea William Powell Ricardo Cortez Slim Pickens Joel McCrea
  4. I heard that Alfred Hitchcock wanted Gary Cooper for Foreign Correspondent, but Gary wasn't interested so he went with Joel McCrea. I have seen this film several times, and I just can't imagine Gary cooper in that role. It was, in my opinion, tailor made for Joel.
  5. There were alot of great on screen couples back in the day, but I have to say I'm hard pressed to find a better pair than Robert Montgomery and Norma Shearer.
  6. WOW! What a difference the original version was from the remake w/Vivan Leigh and Robert Taylor. I like the remake and before last night I thought it was a wonderful movie (still do) but I much prefer the original.
  7. I'll have to check my recording of Baby Face from last night. I'm praying that I didn't have any recording issues. But with my cable company you never know! Of all nights to have issues it would have to be last night!!!!!
  8. There is a website called videorarities.com that has this movies for sale. I've ordered from them before and have been quite happy w/the service and quality of their products. You might give them a shot.
  9. I will have both my DVR and VCR ready to go. I don't want to miss any of tonight's line-up.
  10. Thanks bobhopefan for the direction. Some days I really need it! LOL. I'm always happy to chat w/fans of classic movies and stars. RM is one of my favorites along w/Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea and a few others. I wish they would replay some of RM's early movies. I missed a few of the ones they showed back in January and hope that maybe when his b-day rolls around they will honor him like they do for so many stars.
  11. Yes I have seen it, and am fortunate enough to have recorded it during his stint as SOTM back in January. And you are so right, his is Sexy in that. If I were forced to pick a favorite, that one would definitely be in the top 5
  12. I am so looking forward to seeing Under Eighteen tonight/tomorrow. I'll be sure to record also since it doesn't seem to be shown that often.
  13. I'm a HUGE Robert Montgomery fan and its hard for me to pick a favorite movie so I won't try. This past January when Robert was the star-of-the-month was so wonderful. I can only hope that TCM airs those movies, or at least some of them again soon.
  14. Good morning all. I saw the thread and just couldn't pass up a chance to chat w/some Robert Montgomery fans. I absolutely adore Hide Out. I am a big fan of Robert's but I am especially fond of this movie. I agree that he is indeed a good whistler!
  15. Is it because of the Oscars that TCM is not having Silent Sunday Nights during February, or are they phasing them out completely?
  16. Joel McCrea and Frances Dee (on and off screen)
  17. I can hardly wait for the uncut version of Babyface to come out!
  18. Frances Dee, Barbara Stanwyck and Bette Davis
  19. Boy this is a tough one! Favorite comedy, Footsteps In the Dark. Favorite swashbuckler, Captain Blood, Favorite Western (if it can be called that) Virginia City, Favorite tug-at-your-heart-strings Gentleman Jim
  20. I second the motion for a biography on Robert Montgomery!
  21. My personal favorites are: Joel McCrea Gary Cooper Randolph Scott (noticing a cowboy theme here?) John Barrymore William Holden Robert Taylor George Raft Warren William
  22. My personal favorites are: They Were Expendable The Sands of Iwo Jima (spelling?) Sgt York The Bridge Over River Kwai (again, spelling?)
  23. I haven't seen that many silent films (something that I'm working on correcting!) but of the ones I've seen so far, I have to say my favorite is the Beloved Rouge w/John Barrymore.
  24. Lady of The Night is showing Sunday September 24. I personally can't wait as this will be the first silent film of Norma's I've seen.
  25. A couple of my favorite pre-code actresses are Dorothy Mackaill and Irene Purcell. They are pretty much forgotten now.
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