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  1. Yeah it's not found on Apple Music where I listen to all my music mostly...



    found this on TCM's  FB page....


    "The group is Quarterhead, and the song is called "Black and White"...it's off of an album they made called LION..."



  2. After all these years of watching Swing Time on TCM I'm wondering if there is a better quality version out there? I wonder if this one needs to be restored. You can def tell when watching in HD or UHD that it's a poor copy. It's sad because this was one of their best. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks

  3. Thanks @TCM for showing Claudette Colbert films for the #SUTS. Did anyone see Remember The Day with Claudette Colbert tonight on TCM?

    This is a worth seeing Claudette Colbert movie in her greatest performance ever. What a great story as well as a tear jerker. Finally made it's premiere on TCM. #SUTS #ColbertTCM

  4. COLD SASSY TREE is a made-for-cable film that never had a theatrical release in the U.S. Actually, I am surprised TCM is airing it-- but I think it was originally made for TNT, and these two stations are both owned by TBS.


    I don't really consider this a classic film, though others might. And I am sure that if Richard Widmark gets a day next year, it will be repeated.

    Didn't really care much for Faye Dunaway films. Although, I did like getting to know the John Hodiak films. Thanks TCM


    I've heard about Film Noir for at least 9 years now. Haven't really gotten into it as much at the beginning but now I really want to start watching more of these films. Can anyone tell me if TCM has a theme day or period where they show these films? And is there any recommendations you can give me on which films of this genre are best?

    What about Private Eye Jazz or Film Noir Jazz?



  6. I just heard the news of actress Patricia Neal's passing.

    I liked her in Hud & The Day The Earth Stood Still. I would like to see those two movies again real soon. I still think that the older version of The Day The Earth Stood Still was better than the new one released Dec 12, 2008.

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