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  1. I don't remember watching it in it's earlier days. I remember watching it in the late 90's. Where i currently live, both Comcast & AT&T U-Verse charges extra for TCM! As before I moved it was part of the basic package. I hate Comcast & AT&T U-Verse TV. They both suck.
  2. What happened after 1986? Then was it ever on VHS?
  3. Does anyone remember this film? Since it's not available on DVD then how did we watch it when I was a kid? I remember seeing it some how. I watched movies in the 70's & 80's. Has this ever been on TCM in the last 15 years or so? I heard that it might be released on DVD last this year. Has anyone else heard this?
  4. Hi my fellow TCM friends. How was your Thanksgiving? Does anyone remember the movie Garbo Talks with Annie Bancroft? It was from 1984. I watched it in 1985.
  5. Garth


    haven't checked in with you guys in a long while.. so I wanted to drop in and say HI and I deeply miss posting in the TCM Forum.. Peace - God Bless!
  6. Does anyone know the answer to this or even going to try to help me out??
  7. **Sorry, this movie was not the "Girl with a Pearl Earring". This movie was from the early-to-mid 1990's. I am familiar with the movie with Scarlett Johansson.. Please help me find an answer to this. Thanks.. **
  8. *I'm looking to find the title of a movie that was made for T.V. and shown during the early to mid nineties. It was about a painting of a female sitting at a table and starring out of a window. This painting was passed down and/or sold. There are several stories that surround this painting. There are windmills at one time during the film. *
  9. Yea to Mr Holland's Opus! This was his best work in film.
  10. what movie was this song from? Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
  11. > Well, Gene Kelly month is just around the corner, and > I can't wait! When is Gene Kelly Month on TCM?
  12. Does anyone know why they were showing Robert Young movies this morning? I woke up to watch TCM to find back to back movies of him.
  13. Oklahoma! Several of the songs from the original soundtrack spin in my head from time-to-time. You gotta love the music! Garth Georgia, US.
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