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  1. I keep seeing Track of the Cat on Criterion. Gonna screen it.
  2. No Sudden Move (2021) This is a modern Film Noir gem. The director, Steven Soderbergh, put together with his writer Ed Solomon, what I consider is gonna become a modern day Noir Classic. The film features every classic noir element. Based in 1950's Detroit, you have the cars, gangsters, a MacGuffin, SUPERB layered plot, female fatale, on location filming, I mean everything. This is NOT a Neo Noir. The FANTASTIC casting includes Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro as the two main protaganists, but thats just for starters. The cinematography, sets, and musical scoring are ve
  3. I was waiting for the guy who was playing with his toy boat to become a part of the main plot, lol. As far as Lorre goes, his character became soo unhinged when he was explaining his part of the mystery that I couldn't make out totally what he was saying. It didn't detract from the ending. His behavior just made it hard to keep up with his dialogue which was probably intended by either Lorre or the director.
  4. I finally got around to screening this. It was slow and then picked up the pace toward the end. The ending was convoluted and surprising. The highlights for me were the on location filming, Peter Lorre, and the guy who played his boss. Its a fine film and worth a watch. I read on wiki that the film was missing and THAT BFI was seeking a copy of the original print. A 35mm print was restored and a later DVD was done but is now out of print.
  5. This was good. Very good I didn't expect much and was pleasantly surprised. The only weakness was the gullibility of Anthony Perkins character as the interim town sheriff. Fonda was very good here. Kip, a youngster in the film who is happy to find a daddy figure in Fonda's character, is very good. Lee Van Cleef plays a baddie in this one. He is not the main baddie though. The film was predictable but was done very well. Anthony Mann did a fantastic job with this one. I rank this 8 out of 10.
  6. A better plot would have been to make it more of a British "Riffifi". I would have focused on the whole crew and built the plot out from there. Mason's plight would have been a part of the whole, instead of being THE whole.
  7. I didn't like Odd Man Out. It started very good and then transformed into a completely different movie. It became about those long, drawn out scenes with Mason. The initial heist premise is where the plot should have stayed.
  8. I love BOTH versions. Its rare that I like a remake, but in this case it was well done. Lorre is one of my favorite actors.
  9. Finally got around to watching this. FABULOUS! For some reason I knew this was gonna be good and it didn't let me down. First off, the cast was fantastic. It starts with my favorite French Actress ( who is gorgeous) Simone Signoret. Jean Louis Trintignant and Yves Montand headline a fabulous cast. Next, the crazy good plot was made even better by fantastic cinematography and musical scoring. Everything was very good here. The fast paced and VERY nuanced plot was the obvious centerpiece. It was VERY well done and directed. It lost me in a LOT of places, but you were still able to f
  10. Gave this a watch. Milan was good as usual. The comedy was good. When Corbucci is good, he is fantastic. This was just average as a whole. It has its moments.
  11. Gonna look at this. Thanx...
  12. That was a thorough review Cigarjoe. I need to get back over to this board more. Good write up on my favorite Western.
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