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  1. Finally got around to watching this. FABULOUS! For some reason I knew this was gonna be good and it didn't let me down. First off, the cast was fantastic. It starts with my favorite French Actress ( who is gorgeous) Simone Signoret. Jean Louis Trintignant and Yves Montand headline a fabulous cast. Next, the crazy good plot was made even better by fantastic cinematography and musical scoring. Everything was very good here. The fast paced and VERY nuanced plot was the obvious centerpiece. It was VERY well done and directed. It lost me in a LOT of places, but you were still able to f
  2. Gave this a watch. Milan was good as usual. The comedy was good. When Corbucci is good, he is fantastic. This was just average as a whole. It has its moments.
  3. Gonna look at this. Thanx...
  4. That was a thorough review Cigarjoe. I need to get back over to this board more. Good write up on my favorite Western.
  5. Wayne gave his audience what they wanted? YOU said this. Not me... https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-the-searchers-1956 A cover story inNew Yorkmagazine called it the most influential movie in American history. And yet at its center is a difficult question, because the Wayne character is racist without apology--and so, in a less outspoken way, are the other white characters. Is the film intended to endorse their attitudes, or to dramatize and regret them? Today we see it through enlightened eyes, but in 1956 many audiences accepted its harsh view of Indians.
  6. So it appears that Wayne had VARIOUS character flaws. Hypocrisy being one of them.
  7. Thanks. Thats the movie he made with Poitier.
  8. John Wayne for instance, made movies that paralled what his character REALLY is. Widmark is a example of a man who made a POINT to seperate art from life because he didn't want it misconstrued that the art was who he really is. John Wayne NEVER did that...
  9. I disagree. Richard Widmark made a film with Sidney Poitier in which Widmark played a racist. It bothered him so badly that he literally apologized to Poitier and they became best friends in real life. You can try and separate art, but you can't separate who you are.
  10. Basil Dearden is one of my favorite directors. He takes on subject matter that most directors wouldn't touch AND makes great films while he is doing it. I reviewed this film somewhere, either here or over at Sergio Leone Board. Its a great entry in his catalog. Very good post...
  11. I will revist this. A rushed list... 1. Night of the Hunter. ( Hard to classify this one but it has noir elements) 2. Scarlet Street 3. Woman in the Window 4. Double Indemnity 5. Strangers on a Train 6. Too Late for Tears 7. Sunset Boulevard 8. Tension
  12. Fantastic noir. I would have rated it a masterpiece if the ending didn't happen the way it did. I'm also not a fan of a director having key parts of a plot happen off screen...
  13. I've seen Villa Rides ( Yul Brenner). Thats pretty good. Red Sun and Pancho Villa look interesting. WHAT is Alain Delon doing in Red Sun? lol
  14. I've seen A Bullet for the General, Face to Face, and Barquero. I liked Face to Face and Barquero. I will look into the others. Barquero was actually pretty good and I feel its underrated. Its a American western though from what I remember about it...
  15. Like I said in my post, I feel its the greatest western ever made. Before I saw it I felt the best was Once Upon A Time in the West, Leone's final western masterpiece. After I saw The Great Silence, I changed my mind and gave it the edge. Sergio Corbucci created a masterpiece here thats unrivaled in its gritty rawness. Film Movement has a excellent restoration of the film that can be purchased either from their website or other online retailers including Amazon. As far as other sphagetti westerns go, Django by Sergio Corbucci is pretty good. The other sphagetti westerns I like are a
  16. Where do I begin? For years I looked upon Sergio Leone and his westerns as the top of not only the sphagetti western genre but the western genre as a whole. Over at the Sergio Leone Forum and the Sphagetti Western Database I kept seeing mention of a film called " Il Grande Silencio ", " The Great Silence". I knew I had to see this film but it was out of print, at least in the U.S. There were some International versions floating around but at the time I wasn't into subtitles. I finally found a rough copy on Youtube and gave it a watch and then finally watched a proper restoration from Fil
  17. Thats a GOOD error...😄 I've got to research this. In the research I did for Blast of Silence, EVERY article I found said that it was his only feature film. Thank for posting... Late Edit: Looks like a good movie. I can't find a copy of it...
  18. I made a error in my post. I should have said that Baron never got a chance to direct again. I said the name of his character " Bono " never got a chance to direct again. Its a shame because this is a HIGHLY underrated and under radar film...
  19. A masterpiece by F.W. Murnau. The film stars Emil Jannings as a unnamed hotel doorman at the luxurious Atlantic Hotel in Germany. Maly Delschaft plays his unnamed niece. Max Hiller played her unnamed Bridesgroom. The doorman takes great pride in his job. One day he is demoted by his manager (who thinks he is getting too old to represent the hotel ) to wash room attendant. Its a very simple but powerful plot that I will leave right there. I saw a rough copy on Youtube. Kino Lorber has a restored version. The camerawork and lighting is just fantastic even in this rough copy. Karl Freu
  20. Moorman

    Yellow Sky

    The Gunfighter and The Oxbow Incident used the same set for the city. I first noticed it when watching The Oxbow Incident. Yellow Sky's opening set looks very similar. I'm not sure if its the same set or not. What I DO know is the opening sequence to Yellow Sky is almost identical to the opening of The Oxbow Incident.
  21. I hate to point out the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, but WHERE is YOUR Top 20 Westerns list? 😃
  22. I know this is foreign language but I like putting the gangster films into this category. This is my FIRST Japanese film and my first Yakuza film. I had a feeling this was gonna be gritty and it didn't disappoint in that area. My experience with the French gangster/noir films lead me to believe the Yakuza films would be gritter than the American films also. Branded to Kill is a hitman film directed by Seijun Suzuki ( more on him later) with Joe Shishido starring as the hitman Goro Hanada. The hitmen in Japan have a ranking system. Hanado is ranked 4. Isao Tamagawa plays Michihiko Yabura
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