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  1. I would be happy to see us go THAT far to the left (whatever that means).
  2. Oh, probably. However, she did play Mary Thompson Fisher, a Chickasaw (one of the 5 civilized tribes along with the Cherokee) in a terrific movie called Te Ata made in 2016 on location, using mostly indigenous performers and on a very modest budget. If there have been complaints about her being cast in that movie, I have not heard them.
  3. I thought I had one to suggest, but it turns out she is German-American; (maybe the "American" is indigenous)
  4. Sorry, no pictures, but: Kevin Costner: pretentious Anthony Quinn: ham Robert DeNiro: himself
  5. Kevin Costner. I suspect he has already been mentioned but I do not feel like reading 13 pages, I like some of the movies he made when he was younger, such as No Way Out, but thought he was annoying in Silverado.
  6. I have watched all of Season 1 and really liked it. It has an excellent cast including the great Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, and John Lithgow . If you watched the TV Series, it may help to forget you ever saw it or pretend that the protagonist here is not named Perry Mason. I have never read any of the Gardner novels, but I am sure he never conceived of Paul Drake as black or Della Street as a lesbian. It is set in 1932. Mason starts out as a PI who suffers from "shell shock" with Lithgow as his lawyer employer and mentor. Other characters include Sister Alice (think Aimee Semple McPherson) a
  7. James Dean-I cringe whenever TCM runs the promo with him screaming "You're tearing me apart!"
  8. I will take the original Princess list along with the above additions (although I am not familiar with a couple of them) and would add Robert Hardy, Daniel Day-Lewis and, as long as the cast of Endeavor is so well represented, I would add James Bradshaw who played that wonderful medical examiner.
  9. I have been compared in appearance (but not in wealth) to Dick Cheney. I have even played him in a couple of bar show productions. In voice, I have been compared to Billy Bob Thornton.
  10. This. I do not think I have ever known a woman who liked The Three Stooges.
  11. I have seen all of them, except Hot Spell. I started watching that and could not take more than about 10 minutes.
  12. And he never posts any comments beyond the original troll-post. I suppose they serve some useful purpose. This one gave me an excuse to complain about 31 days of Oscar, Backlot promos, and Wine promos without starting my own whiny thread. And, of course, Dargo gets another thread in which to walk his wits😄
  13. I also remember him as "Yokel" in The Ransom of Red Chief portion of O Henry's Full House. "What do you want the land fer?"
  14. Or maybe it is a reference to this years "31 days of Oscars" that seems even more painful than prior years. It seems like it has been going on for longer than 31 days already. Or maybe a reference to the endless Backlot and Wine Club promos.
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