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  1. I will take the original Princess list along with the above additions (although I am not familiar with a couple of them) and would add Robert Hardy, Daniel Day-Lewis and, as long as the cast of Endeavor is so well represented, I would add James Bradshaw who played that wonderful medical examiner.
  2. I have been compared in appearance (but not in wealth) to Dick Cheney. I have even played him in a couple of bar show productions. In voice, I have been compared to Billy Bob Thornton.
  3. This. I do not think I have ever known a woman who liked The Three Stooges.
  4. I have seen all of them, except Hot Spell. I started watching that and could not take more than about 10 minutes.
  5. And he never posts any comments beyond the original troll-post. I suppose they serve some useful purpose. This one gave me an excuse to complain about 31 days of Oscar, Backlot promos, and Wine promos without starting my own whiny thread. And, of course, Dargo gets another thread in which to walk his wits😄
  6. I also remember him as "Yokel" in The Ransom of Red Chief portion of O Henry's Full House. "What do you want the land fer?"
  7. Or maybe it is a reference to this years "31 days of Oscars" that seems even more painful than prior years. It seems like it has been going on for longer than 31 days already. Or maybe a reference to the endless Backlot and Wine Club promos.
  8. As the thread rolls on the new "beefcake" entries seem to be getting less "beefcakey". David McCallum??? Next I suppose someone (maybe PrincessofTap) will post a picture of Leslie Howard:)
  9. I have also been told that the pad of fat underneath the female kneecap begins to sag at about age 30. I "learned" this many years ago from a good female friend who had stayed in excellent physical condition when she intoned "I could do without these saggy knees". I began my experimental studies of this hypothesis shortly thereafter by gazing at female kneecaps and trying to discern whether the object of my observation was over or under 30. I could find no scholarly journal in which to publish my findings.
  10. Not true. See https://oneroomwithaview.com/2014/03/19/the-sad-story-of-the-silent-star-bela-lugosi/ (last paragraph).
  11. Doubtful. He would have available the affirmative defense of "Defense of Others". See eg https://lawshelf.com/coursewarecontentview/defense-of-others
  12. 673. looks like The Magnificent Ambersons, not Pride and Prejudice 674. Looks like Life with Father, not Cheaper by the Dozen. I have seen most of them. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge is my favorite of the bunch. I am an Evan Connell fan anyway. Play Misty for Me is also excellent. Much better, in my view, than similarly themed Fatal Attraction.
  13. Speaking of that song and old AM radio stations, the summer the movie came out I was working in a pea cannery in eastern Oregon (Athena I think). About the only radio station accessible was one of those old AM stations that recycled about 9 songs between commercials. This was one of those songs. I heard it enough to last a lifetime. As tiresome as the song became, it was nothing compared to "Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad" (actual title forgotten). It had an interlude that sounded like someone blowing on a comb covered with tissue paper. One of the worst songs ever.
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