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  1. Well, I have seen no complaints that the memorial is run too often:)
  2. More Googling has caused me to conclude that the hymn is "Jerusalem the Golden".
  3. I watched the 1936 film version of Three Godfathers earlier. Toward the end of the movie when Chester Morris is entering the town with the baby, a hymn is being sung in the church. Does anyone know the name of that hymn? My Google skills, such as they are, have failed me on this one.
  4. I agree about Jesus of Nazareth. I think it is by far the best of the productions about the life of Jesus. I still wonder how Robert Powell kept from blinking.
  5. I found it nearly unwatchable. But I could not sit through more than 10 minutes or so of Hot Spell, so it is probably just me.
  6. I would add The Mission to Morricone's great soundtracks.
  7. I really enjoyed this movie except for the endless credits roll at the end. Not sure when that tradition began but I really find it annoying. And you pretty much have to watch a lot of it to see what actor played what role.
  8. I normally enjoy Van Heflin's performances, but I found off-putting the drunken blubbering and pretentious dialogue in this film. Doubtless a minority view.
  9. I am sure "Guest walker, ken" will be gratified for the response to his 17 year old post.
  10. This is one of those files I never get tired of seeing.
  11. We had a player piano in my house for awhile when I was a kid. We even had a roll of Rhapsody in Blue. That was one huge roll!
  12. That is simply not true. He predicted a Trump win.https://michaelmoore.com/trumpwillwin/ Note that this was a statement by Spence, not Gershwin fan.
  13. I would not expect her to consider her TCM experience comparable to her Netflix Series even if she considers the TCM job a "big thing".
  14. No valid opinion regarding "best", but personal favorite is John Huston.
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