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  1. OK then. Thanks, movieman. S A M ~p e a c e~
  2. I've really come to appreciate Mr. Tracy's style, over the years of viewing his films. My favourite casting of him is in Dinner At Eight. Also, quite enjoy him in The Best Man in which he completely outacts Fonda (albeit not all that difficult to do). And anyway, anyone who **** on a military parade is definitely aces in my book. Rest in peace, Mr. Tracy. I like your style. S A M ~p e a c e~
  3. Since Der Bingle was no stranger to reefer, thought the tag appropriate. Anyway, there is a fantastic collection of his recordings which is in fact ongoing and is up to Disc #51. A must for fans of Mr. Crosby's marvellous voice. Even includes some full-length narrations which were released on vinyl, the narration from Legend Of Sleepy Hollow inclusive. {...} And speaking of Bing Bang Bong . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJf9n6TX-ns&NR=1 S A M ~p e a c e~ Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin Advertising without consent
  4. //And hey, if you and Kyle end up at the Formosa for drinks, somebody better be sure and invite me!// You betcha. ;-) I'll be sure to check out your blog, soon; thanks. S A M ~p e a c e~
  5. HollywoodGolightly Fantastic! Thank you ever so much, HollywoodGolightly. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner to thank you. A very nice end-of-year tribute to a long list of folks who will be missed. I do miss the original, angel-in-the-heavens-with-the-tolling-bell openings, though. =========================================== lzcutter Aloha, lz! ;-) Thanks for the welcome back. Sorry to you, also, for not getting back on sooner to thank you for the welcome-back. Hope all is well with you and yours, too. Checked out your home page: www.classiclasvegas.com - a
  6. Indeed: rest in peace, Ms Arthur. //What a pity she never got a big fat role in a Woody Allen film// B-) Yes, she would have been a good addition in any of his films. She would have been good too, on a similar thought, as some character in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, someone vexing Larry. My favourite role of hers was her cameo in History Of The World, Part I as the Vnemployment clerk, when she paraphrases what Comicus does (being a "Stand-Up Philosopher") as being a bullshtt artist. And her closing line when she says she can no longer be of assistance because she is g
  7. Greetings any and every one. Haven't been by in a long long time. Nice to see the website look has remained as the Northern Star. Appy polly loggies if this matter has already been discussed, previously: Was there no TCM Remembers ~ 2008? Doesn't seem to be anything in the media area, so am wondering if the tradition ended in 2007 which would be a shame if the case. Milady and I no longer have cable, for two years now, so we cannot viddy the great TCM montages, any longer Nowadays, we just watch new dvd's and the 5000+ movies recorded from TCM, IFC, Sundance and AMC (fro
  8. [nobr]I don't know . . . with TCM doing the pusherman and giving out free tastes, I find my self waiting for the man to get well again when before I knew no such craving.[/nobr] S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  9. [nobr]It's just a dugout that my dad built[/nobr] In case the reds decide to push the button down We've got provisions and lots of beer The key word is survival on the new frontier http://www.atomicplatters.com S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  10. [nobr]Yeah . . . I know.[/nobr] Hence the post's title. ;-) S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  11. [nobr]Yeah but Nine Girls . . .[/nobr] Wha' hoppened there? S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  12. [nobr]This was the first time I had been given an opportunity to see some of the 'Lone Wolf' series of films, and, as I expected - they were a lot of fun. As the gal from the bronx said - very enjoyable.[/nobr] Such a treat for TCM to air the ones they did. But (not to look a gift horse in the mouth as the saying goes) if do-able, I can't understand why all the available films of an enjoyable series can't be shown either in a nice block of them, or periodically in groups but more regularly? Personally, am not much interested in any of the silent-era films featuring the 'Michael Lan
  13. [nobr]Thanks L & CS . . .[/nobr] Shall make-do (come next Yuletime) with what one must, eh? ~P E A C E~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  14. [nobr]Don't give a rat's about what 'coulda been' (for I am not all that impressed with Capra's earlier work for I feel it pales in comparison to his later work); what I want to know is if we are getting privvy to (finally?) It's A Wonderful Life come this (reported) tribute in May?[/nobr] S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  15. [nobr]Me too - after "This England," I canna wait for some new-to-me WW![/nobr] Don't know just why, but . . . Love that man! What we need now is the rest of 'em! S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  16. [nobr]Also a good link - very comprehensive:[/nobr] http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial_killers/notorious/zodiac/river_1.html And, an interesting review of the film, there at the CrimeLibrary: http://www.crimelibrary.com/news/original/0307/0502_zodiac_movie1.html The intriguing puzzle of The Zodiac is very much akin to that of The Ripper in that they are both unsolved, yet point to an apparent, potentially-likely though not-unequivocally-substantiated suspect. And don't let's forget the advanced connexion between The Zodiac and The Unabomber. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  17. [nobr]Yeah, see what you think. Hope you like it.[/nobr] Tried not to spoil anything, and only reference what one could expect from the film, anyway - no plot specifics spoilt. I hope. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  18. [nobr]Possible, but am not convinced because of the precedent: there was another film aired last month (again, cannot recall the title save that it was, if memory serves, a black&white Jennifer Jones flick) in which the exact same thing occurred but even worse - for whilst the sound effects track was abnormally distinct (like someone below mentioned - like it was a re-record, even), that was the only audible thing. The dialogue and incidental music track was completely muted.[/nobr] So it was an identical sort of incident, only more so. Was funky and sort of interesting, but comple
  19. [nobr][/nobr] Allow me to be Frank . . . *snaps glove* S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  20. [nobr]While I appreciated it's intent, I found SuperSize Me disappointing in that it wasn't a very effective expos? on its intended target. [/nobr] The only thing it seemed to expose is what will happen to someone if s/he gives in to the thought-control advertising ("I'm Lovin' It!" "Gotta Have It!") of the fast-food industry, and eat excessive amounts of semi-enriched garbage as one's only diet. This Fast Food Nation sounds more like what I was hoping for from SuperSize Me in that it sounds like it truly investigates the vile machination of the fast-food industry. I hope it is compreh
  21. [nobr]//I think it'a about time that we all let TCM know that we're enjoying the fact that all those wonderful movie series from Columbia...//[/nobr] Here here! And, as CS mentions, also thanks be to Magenta . . . I mean Columbia. ;-) AL-though: can't decide if I'm elated or distressed about the wonderful deluge of even more films I have to watch and collect! Here I thought I was getting caught up! S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  22. [nobr]Seeing The Missouri Breaks again reminded me about Kathleen Lloyd.[/nobr] Always liked her style and beauty. Too bad she got cast in a lot of forgettable films. Thinking about her reminds me of a seventies flick that she co-starred in that is another silly seventies Satan flick (silly but fun cause they're played so straight), that would be perfect for The Underground: The Car. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  23. [nobr]Fincher's directing is very nicely done, and the acting is good (particularly, Edwards, Cox, Lynch and Sevigney), but what really stood out for me and made the 158m run time too short for me was the production design of Burt and the cinematography of Savides, which really placed me comfortably back in the San Francisco of the late-60's/70's in which I spent much of my life then.[/nobr] They both deserve Oscar nominations, respectively. Amazing - the retro, 'film' look that Savides and Fincher were able to achieve with this Viper digital video system which I understand they used to fi
  24. [nobr]Yes, indeed, thanks tcmprogrammr.[/nobr] S A M [nobr][/nobr]
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