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  1. My dear, either you were born on a extremely rustic community, where good manners are unknown, or you suffer from a common feminine delusion that the mere fact of being a woman exempts you from the rules of civilized conduct.
  2. While I respect your rebuttal, GM, I nevertheless regard the gist of it as something akin to ageist prejudice. //To me, and to many others (after HUNDREDS of posts of discussions in COUNTLESS threads), that does not, with GREAT exception, go past the 70's.// Such a statement causes me to pause and regard the wisdom of Mill concerning "the tyranny of the majority." If you wish to contraindicate someone, do so. Attempting to garner vaildation from some perceived majority is irrelevant and, subsequently, unnecessary - if you feel as you do then more power to you. It isn't nec
  3. Hey Snarf . . . In your research, bear in mind that (imho) oftentimes a beauty's beauty is diminished in a stillshot than what is conveyed in her screenpresence (e.g. Audrey Hepburn or Scarlett Johanssen - to cross the time-range). A good example of this from my list is Patricia Dane - do try and evaluate her from her screenpresence than from some photo, for her manner is all (which, I realise digressess but then nearly all of evrybody's threads on this post does, for the poster wanted only Americana prettiness considered, I believe). Though it might be hard to come across her, fo
  4. Just goes to show ya - - - In the remotest of locales (in America, that is), in our flat in Kaunakakai on the remotest-of-the-Hawaiian-Islands Moloka'i - - we did have TCM afforded us! Civilisation is relative. B-)
  5. //Another qualm: No mention of early independent pioneer Kenneth Anger ("Scorpio Rising") or anything really about gay independent cinema. TCM is many glorious things and the best vintage film channel ever created but it seems to be very reluctant to directly address anything involving queer cinema. Anyone agree?// I can't agree first-hand, but will take your word for it, on account, for I am not as well-versed in the history of 'Gay Cinema' as I should like to be. Therefore if it was lacking, then it was indeed lacking. I relish all cinema, with no pre-conceived notions or prejudices,
  6. Who are you, cee, to say what should and what should not belong? Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but when your opinion proclaims what should be, then, in my estimation, you are out of line, and self-invalidating. Sorry. Obviously, you've not acknowledged what TCM's own Mr. Salesman has to convey on what is a 'classic.'
  7. While I cherish the 'TCM Remembers' remembrances, I've always been a nay-sayer about the 'pre-empting of our regularly scheduled programming' bit. But, you're right in that TCM does seem to honour our potential expectations of films being aired by providing delayed gratification via rescheduling. Annie Hall, The Mortal Storm, Granny Get Your Gun and Strange Cargo I was particularly looking forward to. Oh well, patience is a virtue, as the saying goes.
  8. What a dull movie; a real snoozer of bad acting and faux style, in my estimation. I realise it is dated and that must be considered: the context of the time in which it was released. I'll grant it that. Nevertheless, after that allowance, the cinematic style that it failed at was fully realised by Kubrick's earlier Killer's Kiss and Scorsese's later Who's That Knocking At My Door. Both Kubrick and Scorsese did a better job of advantageously manipulating the limitations of their budgets than Fuller did - editing and acting in their films were raw (for them) but were so to a non-clum
  9. This was the first time I was disappointed with a TCM documentary. It was all reference of topic yet no substantive examination; there was nothing new here about the filmmakers, for me at any rate. And the production was far too IFC-like, and therefore beneath TCM standards, in my opinion. A miss, unfortunately.
  10. The films are derived from the sleuth fiction of Stuart Palmer, of which there are several titles.
  11. //Would Lamaar have had the chops to hold her own in STREETCAR?// Who can say, eh? Don't mistake potential for casting. I did not say Leigh could not act (far from it); I was maintaining that Lamarr could also.
  12. Oh, do screen it when next opportunity to do so presents it's self. Definitely worthwhile. Suggest it!
  13. //Hedy Lamaar is beautiful but Vivien can act// V. Leigh is a better actor than Lamarr? - please. Would, at the very least, say they are comparable in their screen-presence capacities, for, of course, they were both often relegated due to their beauty. If pressed though, would maintain that, in fact, Lamarr was the superior actor, for I rarely recall observing Leigh clearly and perceptibly 'thinking in character,' whilst I recall Lamarr doing so in every role. Clearly, at any any rate, Lamarr was less flakey.
  14. //I may be grouping beautiful and pretty together here.// Me, also. //Reese Witherspoon & Madeline Kahn & Lindsay Lohan// Thought we were limited to 'older cinema' beauties; otherwise, I would have certainly included Ms Witherspoon, Ms Kahn & Ms Lohan, also. //Julie Newmar & Virginia Mayo// Yes indeed . . . I left them off, didn't I? Also, lest we forget: ~Arlene Dahl (ooh la la) ~Margaret Lindsay (very) ~Janet Leigh (pretty as a youth; cosmic when older) ~Mae Clark ~Evalyn Knapp ~Marian Nixon ~Gloria Stuart ~June Allyson ~Margaret Lindsay (very) ~Patr
  15. While some are definitely sans any genuine talent (e.g. Tom Cruise, who can read lines satisfactorily enough but is in no sense a great acting talent), I think one can also blame other factors such as the demand of the audience. My own personal opinion is that there has been a progressively deliberate lowering of the standard (i.e. 'dumbing-down') of the masses, and, subsequently, a self-perpetuating campaign catering to what I regard as 'Low-attention-span Cinema,' which has relegated distinct talent (e.g. Johnny Depp & Jude Law) to roles in which they excel but fail to fully realise
  16. //They could show the old Batman, Kirk Alyn Superman, and Batman & Robin Columbia serials from the 40's . . .// That would be smashing! (pun intended) ;-) Or, they could run them like they do MGM Parade/Festival of Shorts/Cartoon Alley presentations. And, they could include the Fleischer Superman toons!
  17. Thanks for the post, mongo. She had such a unique quality about her, a very pretty lady and very entertaining actor. I always thought she was one of the voice talentss on the Rocky&Bullwinkle show, but someone here once apprised me that that was actually someone else who just sounded a lot like Ms Allyson. Would've like to have seen more films with her and hubby Powell. Guess we'll be seeing a TCM Remembers, soon. Those are such poignant yet poetic ways for us to recall to our minds these friends-in-film, and hold them in fond remembrance. Rest in Peace, Ms Allyson. xx
  18. If memory serves, I think you can request a title at Netflix.
  19. deleted ~ weird, duplicate posting of previous post Message was edited by: SamTherapy
  20. On Braniac and Bizarro et all . . . I hope there's some more just so they will start utilising some other villians besides always Luthor, for he's not really very exciting - just some bald-headed megalomaniac, super-genius. No super-powers per se. I'd loved to see B & B, or Mxyzptlk (natch), Parasite or Metallo. Or even Toyman and The Prankster (always kinda liked those two). That's what I liked about Superman 2 - that they had some 'other villians' on board. The thing I hate having to put up with in these new super-hero movies is the time-consuming origin bi
  21. M'Lady and I both, also, enjoyed March of the Penguins. A similiar, excellent film is Winged Migration, and it's a bit more dynamic, too.
  22. I really like her. Was glad to see her in a meatier role, more exercising her acting ability in The Wedding Night, which is another excellent Samuel Goldwyn flick, incidentally - highly intelligent script I thought. Ralph Bellamy was doing a good job as a kind of dope in the provinical and patriarchal Polish community portrayed, yet he looked rather hip and cool in his groom's costume and wavy do - sort of like the pirate duds of Ziggy Stardust!
  23. The Royal Tenenbaums is, indeed, positively brilliant and original.
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