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  1. //You don't like him. Others do. Smug? Smarmy? Moral high ground? Come on!// Excellent point, Iscovescu. When reading the comments regarding smugness et cetera, I was reminded of the adage about the black pot and the kettle. This ill-conceived notion of Mr. Mankiewicz' making derogatory comments is absurd and a case of some folks just being far too literal and weirdly defensive, and subsequently having nuance escape them. For example: someone referenced Mankiewicz using the phrase 'chickflick,' and whomever it was continued to suggest that M's use of the term was intended to inv
  2. Know you were just kidding round, letting off steam. Catharsis is good for the soul. ;-) I enjoy June Allyson, but can only take her in doses. Just saw The Girl in White today for the first time, which is quite a good film, but more for its tale, production and Arthur Kennedy than for Allyson, though she was well cast for the part. Can't help thinking of Fractured FairyTales from Rocky&Bullwinkle whenever I hear her wee rasp because that is what I grew up associating her voice with. Same with Edward Everett Horton.
  3. Crispy - Am not trying to contradict you as much as encourage you to see the "plethora of musicals" (to quote my self) that TCM provides . . . In this month, which does not have a musicals-oriented STOM, I count 41 'musicals' being run (out of the fourteen genres recognised by TCM in the NowPlaying guide). Today, in fact, featured a musical. Plus, with classic film, you often can't flick a butt without it landing on the stage of a musical number in a film which isn't considered in the 'Musical' catagory (e.g. in Saratoga [which is running ma?ana in the wee hours of the morning,
  4. As he is star of the month, thought I'd see what folks think of him. Do you like him? Don't like him? Indifferent to him? Prefer his glib, devil-may-care personas, or his stony-faced minimalist deliveries? My self, I can take him or leave him; for me he doesn't add to nor detract from a good film. Many of his films I like considerably, but usually due to either the co-star(s) or the film itself. much prefer his behind-the-camera skill over his in-front-of. And I have to try to anthropologically/historically explain and dismiss to my self (i.e. he just didn't know any better) his c
  5. Seems like Mankiewicz has been negatively appraised hereabouts from time to time. Have read a majority of the comments, and it seems to me that they are coming from folks who are watching someone else than whom I am seeing. Any time I have seen Mankiewicz' intro's or outro's he has been professional and informative. His style of seemingly impulsive notions are tongue-in-cheek but never cynical. In fact, I like the way he even pokes fun at him self sometimes to dimish just how seriously he should be taken. Indeed, his delivery is that of a first-rate spokesman. I think, sometimes, peop
  6. //I was surprised that we were playing a pan & scan version. We are trying to figure out what happened// As was I. Am glad that you folks are 'on it,' and we're responsive to the previously posted concerns. But even when you do ever resort to showing a pan&scan version of a film, at least do not indicate in NowPlaying that it will be presented in widescreen format, as was the case of Wings of Desire. ~Thanks~
  7. //I didn't know the guide showed what shorts were on, too.// How I wish it did! The guide only lists when a FestivalOfShorts entry is run, and what it contains; it still does not list all shorts run inbetween features. FYI: this month, the FOS entry is the first CrimeDoesNotPay (with Robert Taylor) and pre-star James Stewart in Important News. It's on next on 9 January at 0530et/0230pt //the cable service I had stopped carrying TCM// That is depressing; I am ever fearful of such a circumstance occurring. TCM (and occasionally IFC and Sundance) is all I ever tune in for.
  8. TCM Web - Another piece of input for ya . . . A Site search on the new database for The Great Ziegfeld indicates that it is also running on 26 January at 1000hrs; however, the online schedule and NowPlaying guide does not support this. For the most part, like the new look very much. Good work and thanks.
  9. Crispy - Forgive me, but I think you read far too much into Osborne's or Mankiewicz' comments vis-?-vis how much personal investment they are putting into the intro's/outro's. While I don't LOVE Osborne nor Mankiewicz (for I don't put that much vested interest into their personas), I do regard the former as personable, professional, never 'snobbish,' and often informative about behind-the-scenes aspects of the presented film. And I regard the latter as a nice addition to TCM, being playful yet also professional and informative. I also like how Mankiewicz can be self-mocking from time to t
  10. Campfire - I don't hear him being snobbish at all. He was just posing the question. However, I think your assessment on which came first -the fame or The Blob- is probably accurate.
  11. Also emailed TCM about this. At Suggest-A-Movie, after I submit my requested title, with all fields completed, the window shifts to the Suggest-A-Movie bulletin board, as usual, but my suggestion is not posted. Only others' suggestions are shown. Previously, what would occur is that it would go to the S-A-M bulletin board after a pause, following the clicking of 'submit,' and the top requested-movie would be the one I just submitted, followed by previous requests by others. But now, again, the list of others' requests appear but not mine. Please attend to this. Thanks.
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