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  1. [nobr]Yes, T&T are really interesting performers.[/nobr] S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  2. [nobr]Well, kiss my asp![/nobr] Thanks for the heads-up, Sage. I typically just go by the NowPlaying guide, and would not have realised the pre-empt until after having worn on my machine an unnecessary 130mins. Pity. Was looking forward to the flick what with Rains, Leigh and Granger in it together; seemed promising on that basis alone. Well at least the Dix flick is still a go. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  3. [nobr]Those all sound do-able, kyle, ben, sandy & caps.[/nobr] Thanks for the tip on the Nilsson, kyle: I'll look into it. Sandy - yes I know that tune and I agree: it is a good song. It can be had, along with other fine tunes, on this cd: http://www.amazon.com/Hits-51-Various-Artists/dp/samples/B00005UWTQ/ref=dp_tracks_all_1/102-5751052-1048107#disc_1 Folks can get a listen of the tune there, too (track 24) All the "Hits Of" discs are great; I've got 'em all - highly recommended. ASV has done all the years of the thirties and all of the forties, and is working on the tw
  4. [nobr]Just recalled . . .[/nobr] Also seen which are good: Night At The Museum The Devil Wears Prada Casino Royale (in fact, can't get enough of this first-rate film; have seen it in the cinema seven times!) We are seeing Dreamgirls, Arthur And The Invisibles and Shut Up And Sing, this weekend. Have heard that Happily N'Ever After and Eragon are disappointing. ??? S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  5. [nobr]Indeed, tex, it is a fine film.[/nobr] I am a fan of Woody Allen's films, so it wasn't a stretch for me, but I can appreciate if some do not feature him or his style, yet I think those folks would, such as you did, find Matchpoint worthwhile. I wish he would do more non-comedic films. If you haven't already seen them, you might also fancy two other films of his: ~Another Woman (a superb drama starring Gena Rowlands which he is also not cast in); ~Radio Days (a great period comedy in which he is not cast, but which does have him narrating at points). Am curious: have you see
  6. [nobr][/nobr] It's neat that TCM commisioned these wee toons. They're fun, and cleverly done. Look forward to catching them all. Here's a blurb on them: http://www.animationmagazine.net/article.php?article_id=6085 S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  7. [nobr]Some good ones seen recently:[/nobr] Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room Grizzly Man My Best Fiend Match Point Detective Fiction S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  8. [nobr]//The DVD is widescreen so which makes a lack of availability a bit hard to swallow.//[/nobr] Rubbish. What FOX makes available for a $20 purchase bears nothing upon what is distributed to commercial presenters (save that FOX is , perchance, trying to influence purchase of its dvd, or subscribing to its cable channel. Consider further, that our predilection for widescreen formats is directly attributable to TCM's catering to our aesthetic need, to which we've grown accustomed and have grown (understandably) demanding of, subsequently thanks to TCM's honouring of proper presentati
  9. [nobr]After today . . .[/nobr] Have decided that the Iggy Pop tune Lust For Life would not work. Instead, The Passenger (from the same album) would be far better suited, both musically and lyrically. And since it is seems en vogue, here's the lyrics: I am the passenger and I ride and I ride I ride through the city's backsides I see the stars come out of the sky Yeah, the bright and hollow sky You know it looks so good tonight I am the passenger I stay under glass I look through my window so bright I see the stars come out tonight I see the bright and hollow sky Over t
  10. [nobr]//Ahh! A Little Touch Of Schmillson In The Night. What a great album.//[/nobr] Don't know that one, Kyle (et Moira): shall have to research it, for as you associate it with the 'Manhattan' soundtrack (which I too have a high regard for), it must be good. Speaking of "Making Whoopee," how do you regard The Fabulous Baker Boys, Kyle? //...each of the Ella "songbook" albums. (And I have them all.)// Alright then . . . it's compare-libraries time and see what we can burn for one another then. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  11. [nobr]Respect allows tolerance.[/nobr] It happens once out of every say 100-200 films: the only copy available for TCM to acquire (purchase or lease) is a fullscreen version. TCM's not directly to blame; had a widescreen version been available, they would have opted for that one. In agreement, though, I am in that, in my estimation, on those rare instances, TCM ought not even to bother, for who'd want to watch a butchered film anyway? Yet, as per the 'Now Playing' guide, one was forewarned: there is no letterbox symbol attributed to the airing. Regardless though, do conside
  12. [nobr][/nobr] [nobr]It's tough trying to recall them. [/nobr] With certainty though, the two that I distinctly remember not only jerked tears out of me, but also (and here's the acid test) gave me that sunken chest feeling were: Artificial Intelligence & The Bridges Of Madison County Others include: Love Affair (1939) Dumbo The Mission The English Patient Captains Courageous Bambi Frosty The Snowman The Elephant Man Brief Encounter On Her Majesty's Secret Service Man On Fire The Best Years Of Our Lives Bright Victory The Dark Angel (1935) Harold And Maude The Hour
  13. [nobr]//Any Mel Gibson film. As soon as his name appears in the credits I start to cry.//[/nobr] LOL S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  14. [nobr]All these suggested songs sound (no pun intended) like they would indeed be quite apropos vis-?-vis the lyric contents.[/nobr] Some of the ones I listed are instrumental tunes which I thought had the right sort of ambient quality to lay out a pace or mood for a montage. Had forgotten about Satellite Of Love, ben, that would be a good one, too, for quick changes of footage, and what with the applicability of the lyric's surface content. Realising that there would be the annoying licensing wrangling for some of the songs which have been cited, it still would be neato-keeno if s
  15. [nobr]It's too huge (and I don't mean the man-mountain) to post so here's a link to it:[/nobr] http://www.carnera.org/images/primo6.jpg And a similar one but with Myrna: http://www.carnera.org/images/primo7.jpg S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  16. [nobr]And another one occured to me:[/nobr] Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue ?yster Cult. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  17. [nobr]A good film indeed. Somewhat Capra-esque in its delivery.[/nobr] Loved seeing the labourers muscle the profiteers (for a change - "only in the movies") during the auction sequence. An intelligent interpretation of an ideal. Thanks for the tip, mongo. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  18. [nobr]Have imagined the possibilities with these various musics in times past.[/nobr] A wish list of sorts. Deep Purple - Glenn Miller or similar instrumental version Sombre Reptiles - Brian Eno On Some Faraway Beach - Brian Eno V2 Schneider - David Bowie Crystal Japan - David Bowie I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship - David Bowie Underwater Love - Smoke City Masquerade - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra version Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush West Of Hollywood - Steely Dan Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar Available Space - Ry Cooder Monte Adentro - Cooder & Galb?n version Rid
  19. [nobr]//do you mean Illeana Douglas, Melvyn and Helen Gahagan Douglas' granddaughter//[/nobr] Yes, that's the one. It's interesting to note similarities of looks between some modern-day actors and those bygone ones. We (m'Lady and I) have noticed many who have either very similar features, or very similar mannerisms in acting style, or a combination. Can't recall which presently. Perhaps (after I recall the ones) a post devoted to the matter could be in order. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  20. [nobr]Nice regular post I see now that you've been doing, mongo.[/nobr] Neat idea. Always liked Ms Windsor. Have often thought that Melvyn Douglas' daughter resembles her. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  21. [nobr]A heads up for those interested: come April it will finally be available.[/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] As for the unreleased pilot, one can always rent a copy from one's neighbourhood video store and transfer it onto to dvd, one's self. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  22. [nobr]This film has indeed been shown on TCM but not for well over a year, now.[/nobr] AMC, wayback when it was worth a damn, used to air it too. Have copies of it from both sources. An alternative available to you is to rent a decent vhs copy from a video store and transfer it to dvd. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  23. [nobr]Can't say I'm disappointed with Cheese Zombie's departure.[/nobr] Quite appreciate the addition of TCM Underground to TCM's scheduling (despite that several of the films turn out to be washouts albeit curious ones, but then many films shown on TCM in general are mediocre anyway yet still interesting to watch on a historical basis); nevertheless, found Mr. Zombie a complete snore: the guy had all the presence of a clipped toe nail, and he seemed (as a movie host) as genuine as Enfamil. His absence only makes TCM Underground more in keeping with other focus segments such as Syncopa
  24. [nobr][/nobr] oh by gosh by golly A million thanks for the friendliness, Jon, Kyle, lz & Christine. So great does your welcoming feel. Hope all's been well with you folks. Catch ya later! ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  25. [nobr]Happy New Year, MGMWBRKO!!!! Hope you and yours had happy holidays.[/nobr] Thanks for these continued posts and for your great programming of the shorts. Could I request several to be aired? If so, could you please air Inflation again? Missed it in October; was away. Also could you please air: Theater Of Life: Going To Blazes. And finally, could you please air, also, the following episodes of the Crime Does Not Pay series: #1. Buyer Beware #2. They're Always Caught #3. Hit-and-Run Driver #4. A Gun in His Hand #6. Miracle Money #7. It May Happen to Yo
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