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  1. [nobr]~H A P P Y* N E W * Y E A R~[/nobr] [nobr]Have been abroad in Italia since September, and got back just in time to catch the 2006 end-of-year TCM Remembers montage which was as brilliant and as beautifully done as usual; indeed, particularly poetic and poignant it was. Always an artful way to close out the year.[/nobr] [nobr]So nice to come home to TCM. :-) [/nobr] [nobr]Thanks for another great year of programming in 2006.[/nobr] [nobr]2007 is looking great already.[/nobr] [nobr]Hope those Whistler films will be coming up soon???[/nobr] [nobr]Also, would like to s
  2. Apparently, one can viddy The Big Shave at this YouTube site, though it is down for additions as I post this: For ownership, you could get it here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6302969719/imdb-button/ As for Din Of Celestial Birds, one can viddy it here: http://www.hermes.com/behindthescenes/index_camera_video_3.html Not sure that it's available for ownership as of yet. S A M
  3. [nobr]Hiya TCMP. Great scheduling this month, as usual. Thanks.[/nobr] However, tonight I was a little disappointed about something, and want to give you a little feedback about the matter. In the October 'Now Playing,' Towering Inferno and Strangers When We Meet are cited as not being presented in letterbox format. However, the online schedule cites that they were in fact both to be presented in letterbox format. But in the end, Towering Inferno was shown in letterbox format, but Strangers When We Meet (as I type this) is being presented in fullscreen format, which, incidental
  4. [nobr]//What films of hers would be of interest to the TCM viewship?//[/nobr] Any and all. :-) S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  5. [nobr]She was such a cutey![/nobr] And - NO - I'm not coming from a Republican Mark Foley standpoint! S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  6. [nobr]//What a simplistic and negative approach. Your concept of TCM isn't anything like what TCM has ever been in reality//[/nobr] In reference to all that you stated . . Nicely done. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  7. A brilliant film, indeed. Perfectly done, indeed. Thanks be to TCM for presenting us with the European cut. S A M
  8. I dig Chase, but am nevertheless conscious of his possible shortcomings (i.e. his possible bigotry), and it gives me pause . . . There is a scene in one of his films in which, at one point, he is regarding another character as trying to bilk him, and Chase's character does this subtle bit whereby he delibrately evidences to the audience that he is is suddenly cognisant of the haggler's intent and notes the antagonist's profile (i.e. the fact that he has a large a nose and is, presumeably, therefore, Jewish) to the audience, and makes a concluding expression of something-along-the-lines-of:
  9. [nobr]That movie was a lotta fun! B-) [/nobr] We really enjoyed it, m'Lady and I. I'm not usually much of a fan of Ball (m'Lady is though). I couldn't stand I Love Lucy. Yet for some reason, in this film, I was really appreciating her more than I ever had before. Maybe because although her character was a tad flawed, she wasn't a total dope and toady like Lucy. And although the older McHugh didn't have his usual zip, he was still great just sort of standing there with taking-pause looks on his mug. Holden was good in his role, as usual. Loved the final scene with Miss Grant sl
  10. joe //My only request is that they don't change the morning "Look for the Silver Lining" intro with the animated Hopper paintings. That one is so unique and well done . . .// HERE HERE!! Seconded. It is an exquisite work. yancey //And what about the noisy TCM underground promo?// You know what, yance? I've seen aired, now and again, that exact same promo (same montage) but with a different track. The alternate version plays a creepy, Hallowe'eney, but quieter, instrumental piece, and it is far more effective and worthwhile in my estimation. Look for it! PS: Can't wa
  11. Know what you mean about the TCM tunes getting old on one's ear, at times. For awhile, I was very tired of the 'Roll Film' tune, but have now begun enjoying it again, in spite of my self. And, actually, I just noticed that there appears to be more than just the one postcard-carousel leader. The others are still of the same motif, but with variation, so that's rather nifty that they thought to do variations of the theme. S A M
  12. ~heidigunn~ Have only seen both but once. My recollection of Titanic is that I found it entertaining and heartbreaking, but that I was also wishing that a better actor had been cast in the lead male role. One scene that is imprinted on my mind is one of an elder couple spooning on a bed as the ice cold sea fills up just below them before it will claim them. That fleeting moment of two longtime companions surrendering not to panic but to the sad inevitable, embracing one another, pressing their love into the abyss was quite a brilliant image. My recollection of A Night To Re
  13. Rather nicely done; I like it Prefer the old one, though, but Change will out. Perhaps the new one will be alternated with the previous and the OneFromTheVaults one, much in the way it was done with just the two. Maybe there's a new OneFromTheVaults leader coming too?
  14. [nobr]I'm a big fan of Mr. Mitchum's work.[/nobr] All of it. Scrooged inclusive. I miss him. And . . . was attuned to his, albeit 'twas-a-work-in-progress, mindset. He was a good lad to imbibe with; really got on with. Some of this thread he would have been pleasingly amused by. The rest . . . disgusted. This thread was intiated (small wonder), and continued subsequently, lamely. As for folks deciding to leave or stay or whatever . . . . . . . Those who have their **** together: maintain comrades and weather. Those who do not: bye bye . . . and don't let th
  15. [nobr]Shaft of light projects[/nobr] Coherence of ideas, Realities, hope. Watching the movie. Mortals then, immortal now, Exist in grey shades. Black-and-white movie. Precision of grace and style. Transient emotion In the dark, transfixed. The flashing pinpricks of light Reflect off my eyes. Tailored suits and hats. Elegant gowns, silver flesh. Wisps of smoke drifting. Cocktails and dining. Talking to one another. A moment in Time. Peaceful family. Virtue and morality. Their Negro cook smiles. Man and woman dance, Sharing a conversation, Being togeth
  16. Yeah, she was wonderful. For all the lamentation about in-the-day cinema, there sure does seem to be a vacuum about this old-film-standard Gal. Loved her in Godfrey and Dodd. S A M
  17. That 'Drive Invasion 2006' looks like it might be a fun event to take in. And one of the films they are showing is The Car, a film which I included in my suggested-films-for-TCMunderground post a while back: http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7829236? The Car - I loved that stupid movie.
  18. [nobr]How I luv her acting.[/nobr] For a great high-res image of her, GoogleImage "Alice Brady" and click into the first entry. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  19. [nobr]Thanks, IV. You're well named :-) [/nobr] What I don't fathom is why whomever doesn't start a post of her/him-self rather than all this tangential posting within a post. Example given: I really like this month's programming, and the promo for this month, and the ShortsCircuit programme, so I posted my own positive appraisal posts of these I think, in part, those who disagree with those who are out to lunch shouldn't engage (and enable) them but should post free-standing affirmations. That should reclaim positivism from the NegativLand invaders. S A M [nobr][/n
  20. Just trying to keep the discussion civil. More fool me.
  21. So first you call me an @sshole (in another post) and now you call me a schnook. And you've called me a ... namecaller? She's going once . . . She's going twice . . . Train going round the bend. She's a train going round the bend. The Velvet Underground
  22. [nobr]The best 'recent' film I've seen is Harold and Maude via TCM [/nobr] Outside TCM, upon reviewing my Netflix rental history: V For Vendetta Matchpoint A History Of Violence Kiki's Delivery Service My Neighbour Totorro Howl's Moving Castle Castle In The Sky Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Spirited Away Princess Monoke Melinda And Melinda Dominion Madacascar Chicken Run Bob Le Flambeur S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  23. Raise your glass to the good and the evil. Let's drink to the salt of the earth.
  24. like your your subtle variations, pintorini
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