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  1. [nobr]//I pray I have you in my corner if I ever find myself in engaged in some written fisticuffs around here. I will try to return the favor, if needed...but you seem to be doing just fine in here without my help.//[/nobr] Well, Kyle, I appreciate, sincerely, your encouragement, but I must confess I am utterly at a loss on the degree of vitriol devoted to this topic, and devoted to this recently-surfaced, apparent agenda to invalidate me as some sort of monster. And these two defiling posts all because I made responsive commentaries which I deliberately composed to be devoid of casti
  2. [nobr]anonymous124 . . .[/nobr] Couldn't agree with you more! Have you caught my 'lil tribute? Check it out, please. ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  3. [nobr]movieman--[/nobr] //TCM is it// Keep the faith, Baby. Good on ya! I just don't understand such motivation which compells one to disdain something professed to be highly regarded. Smacks, actually, of posting from a mole. When I say 'a mole,' I mean: some corporate crony sent to infiltrate a website with naysaying, with the intent of inciting discontent: promoting panic and despair, which has a snowball effect of negative feedback, which the Powers-That-Be (the ones who sent the mole) then, later, say, "see: even the fans don't appreciate anymore - let's commercialise."
  4. [nobr]*whew*[/nobr] Thanks for the save, Jon. Sometimes, it's a bit nerve-wracking being on the stack of kindling until the citizen who comes forth and says "HOLD!" does so. cognitive dissonance, eh? You aren't perhaps a member of the League Of Gentlemen are you? Again, my thanks for your validation. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  5. [nobr]Am presuming you are suggesting that your list evidences changes beyond mere art direction of the broadcasting (sorry, but you're right: I didn't read the earlier post you reference which I presume would have shed light on this for me). Anyway, I'm understanding that what you list suggests changes you regard as subtle yet significant redirects which will result in total upheaval eventually. Yes?[/nobr] Your logic has not swayed me, but I'm intrigued by what you cite, so I am going to respond to each item of your list to specify why I see the situation differently. //Dick Cavett//
  6. //Fred started this thread// Hey! That rhymes!!
  7. A hale fellow well met thou art. A hearty welkommen, araner1973 from SamTherapy.
  8. [nobr]//Many others feel the same way I do.//[/nobr] Some others feeling the same way you do does not constitute many others. Don't lets exaggerate. //TCM is the channel we turn to for the old classics, that is what the C stands for.// Actually, the 'C' in TCM stands for neither "old classics" nor, for that matter, "classics." What it stands for is 'classic,' an adjective not a noun. The primary definition of the adjective classic is: 1. top quality: generally considered to be of the highest quality or lasting value, especially in the arts. The primary definition of the noun cl
  9. [nobr]//The Robert Osborne drinking game//[/nobr] LOL I like it. TCM should box it and market it like Scene It. Alternative cues from Mr. O might include when he: *lightly grabs at his pinky *says "commercial success" *says "when watching this film" *says "TCM website" *is holding the TCM mug S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  10. So you took advantage of the Circle Line? Excellent. B-) A CityLights one would be lovely, I can imagine. We shall have to try that one, next time. Glad your trip was so delightful. S A M
  11. A great short. Edward Arnold as The Fiend, costumed Dracula-like. Postively brilliant message, too, particularly in that it is still applicable (far more so by my estimation) to modern-day America's state of denial concerning its propensity for greed, paranoia, materialism and mass-consumption. Was probably written by a chap later red-baited. Check it out when next on - a must-see. Wouldn't surprise me if it were scheduled to compliment The Devil With Hitler.
  12. [nobr]Anything but . . . not Mr. T. [/nobr] I never saw your comments towards Dobbs, nor any of his past the intial post, nor much of the majority of the posts beyond the current and next past page of the thread. No time to indulge to overexposing myself to naysaying. //Your libido is obviously much healthier than mine, SamT., and that of course is entirely your problem.// LOL The definitional pornography I referred to in Ekstasy is the brief nudity and also the close-up expressions of Lamarr in the throes of ****. In Red-Headed Woman, there is a little-known moment when, but fo
  13. [nobr]//So it's not that the music doesn't please anyone, but maybe that we're cowed into silence. There, I feel better. You all know my dark secret. I love this song. Thank you TCM!//[/nobr] Thank you, Jack, for breaking your silence. :-) As I confessed just previously to Qwill: I've developed an appreciation for the tune, now. Though I never had a vitriolic (or other such absurd) reaction to it in the first place anyway. Now I'm finding it catchy, and am enjoying observing how the lyrics correlate to the footage and filler. Though I haven't been inspired to pursue music from this
  14. [nobr]Good memo, Quiller. A keen observation that.[/nobr] Actually, this promo has grown on me. As I have happened upon it again on several occasions in between film-viewings. I've really started to warm to the tune and the film as a whole. Intelligence allows for change. This is not the first instance I've come round to an artwork. And it likely won't be the last, thank goodness. "I don't want knowledge; I want certainty." That's just not for me. Again . . . thank goodness for such luck. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  15. [nobr]Robert[/nobr] Well I checked in with my mascot about his canine sensibilities surrounding pornography - asked how he found sex and he replied . . . "Ruff!" >>ouch<< But seriously . . . As the primary definition of pornography evidences it as healthy and innocuous to someone free of priggery: (Encarta) sexually explicit material: films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal. http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/pornography.html or (Webster/Merriam) the depiction of erotic behavior (a
  16. [nobr]The thoughts you indicated that flashed in your mind whilst enjoying TheShortsCircuit, crossed my mind too, Robert. But fortunately, only fleetingly, for I attribute very little credence to naysayers.[/nobr] Keep in mind one pertinent fact - they are but a vocal minority. Don't permit the vocality of the minority opinion to succeed in giving you the illusion that such negativity is the sentiment of the majority. It is not. And TCM is quite aware of this hence its consistent, brilliant programming. So when you 'hear' petulant voices whine out: I hated ShortsCircuit I hate in
  17. [nobr]Am truly and greatly appreciative to ya, for the event.[/nobr] It was marvelous. M'Lady and I really enjoyed the selections. I've posted a more detailed appreciation over in 'GeneralDiscussions' if you're interested. http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=87721&tstart=0 Anyway . . . thanks so very much, and for all the shorts you schedule. S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  18. Back at ya, mongo, for your salient comments and positive perspective on the matter, previously.
  19. [nobr]The Shorts Circuit was a real treat.[/nobr] A nicely compiled chronological presentation of a partial history of short films from the silent era to the modern day. Amazing what you managed to squeeze into 24hours!!!! Particularly, what a marvelous opportunity for me to finally see the early shorts of great directors! Unfortunately, I missed the Negulesco, Tourneur, Zinneman and Siegel shorts, and La Jet?e, but have see them all before and look forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon in upcoming schedules? I am especially grateful to tcmprogrammr and mgmwbrko, and TCM
  20. [nobr]Well the 's' would be silent unless followed by a word which begins with a vowel sound, so perhaps the next word does and the transition between the two words sound 'th'-ey? [/nobr] Or does she say "Herm?s shorts," and the transition into the 'sh' sound sounds 'th'-ey. I'll check it out next time I see it. It is a great promo though isn't it? With all the contrived controversy concerning (how's that for consonance!) the September ThisMonth promo, I've not seen anyone acknowledge the bonus montage we were afford in the promo you've cited. Good on ya, and thanks! ;-)
  21. Hiya Kyle. //left with such a contented feeling from a film experience// That is indeed precisely how I felt. I found the film so encouraging, enlightening and inspiring. When M&H tell each other of their liking for one another, and then later confide their mutual love for each other - the captured talents of Ms Gordon and Mr. Cort conveying that sincerity, vulnerability and sensitivity was so utterly moving to me, even now in recollection. Wasn't mad at nor sad for Maude deciding to euthanise her self, but felt like it was perhaps premature since she had apparently found
  22. //hope this post doesn't get buried today// Yeah, what's up with that? Awful lotta activity to-day, apparently, and a couple of tries getting in yesterday stalled and were unsuccesful. Anyway, I realised that I may have to rent a dvd of the doc, for I'll probably abroad when it airs, darn it all. Good to know that one exists. Thanks! S A M
  23. [nobr]Clearly, nothing has changed (so the harbingers of doom be damned):[/nobr] All the same, recycled, wonderful, classical classics Plus: other post-classical classics just like now (e.g. Milagro Beanfield War, MIdnight Cowboy, et cetera et cetera et cetera.) S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  24. [nobr]Don't think I have a favourite one per se, for if any film has Eddie in it then I typically enjoy it immensely. I can't get enough of that fine actor's incredible talent and delivery. One of the best.[/nobr] A couple, though, what come to mind, of the G-ster are him as: Rico Bandello, Nick "The Barber" Venizelos, Joseph Randall, Doctor Clitterhouse, Mike Mascarenhas, J. Chalmers "Pressure" Maxwell, Johnny Rocco, Lancey Howard and Sol Roth. Can anyone name the films in which these characters are portrayed? No cheating, now. Here's an interesting bit 'o bio on our man Rob
  25. //Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower// Now that it is in paperback, I've that en route to me from Amazon as I type. Looking forward to see how it concludes and what Flagg gets up to. Books on tape are a great way to enjoy a commute, aren't they. I'm a bit of a purist and must have unabridged, my self. I love Guidall's readings of the Cat Who series, but I just couldn't groove to him relating the journey of Roland and his ka-tet. It is so terrible for us all what happened to the divine-voiced Muller. Muller was matched only by Tim Curry for reading skill; the latter lends an unbe
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