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  1. [nobr]Yeah, I was surprised too, Christine.[/nobr] I hear tell it's a pretty good, well-paced flick. A N D Yet another potential treat in October . . . G R E Y G A R D E N S Was unfamiliar with it which it why I glossed over it initially. However, coincidentally, MorningEdition on NPR featured an article about this apparent classic documentary. And now I'm stoked to check it out; it sounds intriguing, similar to the starkness found in Crumb. Here's a link to the item from this morning: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6059938 As m'Lady is a Protec
  2. Think you might really dig DuttonVocalion's BritishDanceBands stuff too.
  3. [nobr]On the rare instance that I listen to a radio broadcast, I listen to classical, jazz or news from the local National Public Radio station.[/nobr] From my music library . . . Typically, I listen to either a cd from this incomparable series: [nobr][/nobr] Here's one of its most recent releases: http://www.sanctuaryclassics.com/product_details.php?productId=6459 The description of this label reads as follows: Living Era is Britain?s premier nostalgia label, offering original recordings of all the great stars of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The catalogue (currently) holds some 486 C
  4. In the waterway, wasn't there also (or isn't there still?) a statue construction of the WWI Flying Ace on his Sopwith Camel doghouse cruising just above the water's surface? Pity there wasn't a shot of H&M on Twin Peaks in SF, too, with MissionBlue butterflies flittering about them. Would've liked to have seen the 1971 cityscape from that view. What little one can make-out as H&M look across the bay from Emeryville, the city looks amazingly undeveloped at that time. But at least it still would have had, then, the Folgers roasting plant scenting the air as one came in off of th
  5. Just watched it. If you get a chance, and like a nice innocuous, clever comedy, check out this film when next it airs. Alice Brady is so much fun. Kenny Baker's singing is velvety and pleasing to the ear. Gertrude Michael and Frank McHugh give fine supporting roles. And Jane Wyman is a real honey is this one, even more so than usual.
  6. Haven't looked into one of these one-film forums, yet. Forgot they even were. Here's my chance to start. Thanks for the tip, Jack. S A M
  7. feaito: Muni is so good. Have you also seen Angel On My Shoulder?
  8. That sure is a good film with an excellent cast. What a great prison-flick day it's been!
  9. [nobr]Just got my Vampira Now Playing![/nobr] [nobr]V E R Y ~ N I C E ![/nobr] Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) The Devil With Hitler returneth . . . with That Natzy Nuisance! Love Affair (1939) & Show Boat (1936) - Dunne got me there, sho nuff! The Towering Inferno more Cavett's!!! THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL Leaves From Satan's Book Kay Francis' b-day!!!!! - great uncommon picks! The Women / The Yearling / The Crazies - oh my! Skyscraper Souls and Beauty & The Boss - where 'W' actually means something Oil For The Lamps Of China [nobr]Edward D. Wood [/nobr]
  10. Also, Tony Curtis seems a bit of the square peg in Ancient Rome in Spartacus.
  11. As with TC (I concur), also find DiC stands out like a sore thumb. I think he's competent (far more than TC), but not nearly as big a thang as he's hyped to be. In my estimation, DiC didn't seem like a 'man-of-the-age' of the periods depicted, at all, in Gangs of NY, Titanic, IronMask or Aviator. Can't understand why he keeps getting cast in period pieces, consequently. Don't know why Scorsese seems to hold him in such high esteem. And now Scorsese's cast him yet again!!!!???!!!! Must be partly . . . for a little bit of this: $$$
  12. [nobr]Thank you, TCM!!!![/nobr] First time I ever saw the film. So beautiful. So bittersweet. So hilarious. [nobr][/nobr] That's what this country needs--more Nathan Hales. [nobr][/nobr] Am so enamoured with Ruth Gordon's manner; I can easily see falling in love with her. [nobr][/nobr] Wish she had done more in front of the camera in her career. Also, this was the first time I had a chance to really delve into a Bud Cort performance, and I really really really liked his Harold Chasen, very understated yet very emotive. [nobr][/nobr] Ashby's direction and Alonzo's
  13. [nobr]Regarding rap music . . .[/nobr] Indeed, there is some exceptional music which utilises rapping effectively and very melodiously (e.g. The Doo-Bop Song by Miles Davis & Easy Mo Bee; Fame '90 by David Bowie & Queen Latifah; Rapture by Blondie; The Story of OVO by Peter Gabriel). Finding rap music disagreeable (i.e. not to one's taste) is one thing, but dismissing it as something 'sub-musical' is ethnocentric. Roger Ebert made an excellent observation concerning rap music: "Rap has a bad reputation in white circles, where many people believe it consists of obscene and
  14. [nobr]Okay, here goes . . .[/nobr] For me: T H E N Really Dislike Lupe Velez, Red Buttons, Willie Best, Nelson Eddy, Esther Williams, Steve McQueen, Desi Arnaz, George Burns, Claudia Cardinale, Dolores Del Rio, Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, Chester Morris, Gene Tierney, Robert Blake, Laurence Harvey, Sal Mineo, George Peppard, Danny Thomas, Charles Sale Overrated / Over-Used Robert Ryan, Grace Kelly, Joseph Cotton, Shirley MacLaine, Elvis Presley, Pete Smith (for voiceovers), Robert Montgomery, Lucille Ball, George Arliss, James Garner, Doris Day, Pat O'Brien, Nils Asther, Willia
  15. [nobr]Poignant and masterfully combined as ever.[/nobr] Thanks TCM for the 'Remembers.' Though I don't care for the reason behind why a TCM Remembers surfaces, I always look forward to them when I know one is due up. And that brilliantly chosen final scene of the departed making some sort of expressive farewell gesture (e.g. a wave goodbye or a turning or walking away) . . . [nobr][/nobr] Such a beautiful and respectful way to fondly give remembrance. I wonder if those who are shuffling off this mortal coil have a passing thought about what their TCM Remembers will be like.
  16. I like your idea for a promo, too. As vallo suggested: get smething down on paper on paper and submit it. I, too, think you've got a chance (i.e. "you're hired"). I too would welcome other genres of music for a soundtrack for the promo's, from time to time (e.g. Ray Noble/ Al Bowlly tunes). But I do not want to (and the is the crux of my contradiction to the negative criticism of this recent promo) want to discourage artists who are willing to create and are capable of creating these montages; I do not want to discourage them with excessive unwarranted &/or puritanical invaildat
  17. [nobr]You're still posting with the return address of a glass house.[/nobr] You're trying to sound noble while at-the-same-time lacing your attempts at nobility with the very things you accuse and condemn me for doing - therefore you are not noble but hypocritical, truth be told. You say that if you disagree, you do so and you say why. So do I; you just don't like it when, in doing so, I contest your sensibilities. You say you agree with the concept of tolerance (i.e. "to each his own"), but then accuse me of effrontery after prefacing your entire post with an appreciation for an
  18. WOW This ScreenOnTheGreen sounds wild, path. Never hoid of it! Can only imagine what a a cool gig it must be.
  19. //I think we should feel sorry for the young woman with the telescope. Obviously, she doesn't get TCM and has to use the telescope to look in homes that do have it.// OH! I like that slant!!! I was trying to figure out the whole spyglass bit. Indeed indeed! You've sparked my imagination filmlover!!!! I can see that which you cite - what with how she is preoccupied from everything in her real life (e.g. cooking, sex) with that which she is spying in the reel life! And then she finally goes through her metamorphosis? Moulting off her clothes? Out on to the high balcony whe
  20. [nobr]When, do you ask?[/nobr] April 14, 1994 ;-) Here's an interesting 'lil bit-o-facto on this fantastic refuge (TCM that is): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_Classic_Movies ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  21. [nobr]Gal,[/nobr] I'm so glad to hear you're back on the sunny side of life (you'll catch the significance of that reference once you start receiving your signal from where happy little bluebirds fly and where troubles melt like lemondrops). B-) So when does the countdown end? Have you said and I missed it? //See ya at the movies!// Popcorn's on me! [nobr][/nobr] ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  22. You've definitely got something there, vallo.
  23. [nobr]I completely concur with all the points of your review of the promo, sugarpuss.[/nobr] Not one of my favourites but nevertheless a quality go at it. My main negative criticism about it is that the filler between the clips is featured too prominently which detracts from the aesthetic effect of the all around montage. Still, again, a wonderful thing that TCM fashions these delightful bonus bits of entertainment. I'll get back to ya on the pm frequency, soon, by the by. :-) Peace on ya! S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  24. //But when I challenge them, that shouldn't be dismissed as a personal attack.// Saliently eloquent as ever, Bb. I myself never denigrate any individual nor make personal attacks. I do, on the other hand, never hesitate to discount ideas and attitudes which I find incorrect and potentially harmful, such as defaming TCM. If such expos?s offend those who are evidencing such ideas or attitudes - oh well, them's the breaks. Maybe they should take a moment and reflect on the contradiction of their argument. Indeed, I do not even know exactly who the naysayers were whose posts were ca
  25. [nobr]Actually, there is much western music I dearly enjoy listening too, but none of it is modern country (now modern bluegrass on the other hand...). [/nobr] Like most modern music, that in the country category is a pale comparison to preceeding candidates, in my estimation. Some of the Western music performers that I feature are: The Sons Of The Pioneers, Hank Williams (though - and here's a good example of the contrast I speak of - Williams Jr. is lousy in my estimation), Buck Owens, Tex Ritter, all Western Swing, Gene Autry, John Denver, Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash et
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