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  1. [nobr]Fear not and keep the faith and all will be well, MovieGal.[/nobr] [nobr]And most of all: ignore the neurotic postings of the ChickenLittle Brigade [/nobr] [nobr]Do not enable them by giving any attention nor lending any credence to their 'The End Is Near' signboards. Ignore them as one does such loons on the street.[/nobr] All they care to post is nay-saying, fear-mongering pseudo-concerns which are utterly counterproductive to commending and expressing their supposed valuing of TCM Doom&gloom'ers are dime-a-dozen wannabe's just dying to say "I told you so" even at t
  2. [nobr]Thanks again for these schedule posts, MGMWBRKO. [/nobr] [nobr]Could some more CrimeDoesNotPay's be shown more through upcoming schedulings?[/nobr] [nobr]. . . please oh please? [/nobr] [nobr]Either way - thanks so much for your efforts and these posts!!!! You RULE. [/nobr] ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  3. Fans of Garth Brooks who complain about others' musical taste are folks living in glass houses. Though I concur that the lack of consideration evidenced in people who blare music from their cars is a sorry state of affairs in America (e.g. when some country boy hereabouts pulls up with whining tinny c&w 'music' blaring out of his diesel-spewing pickup). But then when so many arrogantly proclaim freedom as their own personal right, what can one expect? Have never once experienced such noise pollution from an individual's car in my travels to Canada or abroad, so go figure. The out
  4. [nobr]Incidentally folks, concerning this topic, don't forget to check out Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask this month![/nobr] [nobr][/nobr]
  5. //Just lively debate!// Bb - incidentally, just have to thank you, for the points you've argued in your posts in this thread are postively brilliant. Spot on and eloquent. I still haven't seen the promo in its entireity, dammit. Have seen the ShortsCircuit promo which was, as usual, very excellently done. I can't wait to see the September2006 ThisMonth promo in its entireity, so I can study it and diciphre what's afoot with the spyglass symbolism and the 'storyline' of the filler between the clips. I did find however (in my limited initial glimpsing of it), that there's t
  6. //I am curious. How many tattooed ladies do you guys see in the cities where you live?// Tatoos abound amongst the populace of the area in which I reside - the Pacific Northwest, and a county that was once rural but has become urban and is increasingly becoming more so. Mostly, what I see of them are young adults sporting them: gals with them on an ankle or a shoulder, and younger blokes with them on arms. For me (due to the sensibilities I was imprinted with), my first reaction is that tatooing is sort of filthy and low (as Professor Higgins might say though not 'deliciously' so) and utt
  7. //Well, you tried to bring some Silent Majority logic . . .// Rubbish. Try vocal minority instead.
  8. [nobr]First Mr. Ford and Mr. Irwin makes two.[/nobr] Who will be #3? Mid-40's he was. But what an exciting, live-each-moment-to-its-fullest life he had - like a century's worth of living crammed into 4+ decades. What a loss for humanity though and for ecological studies and preservation. Hope his wife is managing and coping ok. [nobr][/nobr] Rest In Peace, Mr. Irwin. [nobr][/nobr]
  9. [nobr]//I think it will make a pretty interesting addition to TCM, and we will get a chance to see some films that may not have been shown. I am looking forward to it, TCM!//[/nobr] Your positive attitude is welcome, Zombie6422. The whiners, complainers and ChickenLittle[nobr][/nobr] vocal-minority members get real old real fast with their blathering posts, I must say. It's astonishing how much energy some folks will waste towards ****&moaning and vomiting on each other about nothing-really-at-all. [nobr][/nobr] I concur with you - it will likely be an interesting new sub
  10. [nobr]I'll bet the promo is fantastic as usual![/nobr] Can't wait to see it!!!! B-) //The contrast and irony was not lost on us// Us? [nobr][/nobr]
  11. [nobr]Ok folks . . . now please don't assail me with death threats.[/nobr] [nobr]But I've here, in this envelope, a list of films which I regard as suitable for presentation on this upcoming TCM Underground gig[/nobr] [nobr]I suggest them as they are either cultish (and I have seen them and wish to again, or wish to see them for the first [and possibly last] time) or are suitably "underground-ish" (i.e. not altogether mainstream for whatever reason)[/nobr] [nobr]So, TCM Programmer &/or Rob CheeseZombie, here goes . . .[/nobr] Aces High Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Amaz
  12. //I've not seen the films to be included in the tribute.// You're in luck then, girl! :-) Enjoy
  13. //but I kind of wish you had left the last one off, I prefer to remember Glenn as his younger self// I guess I just felt that that image shows how rather elegant and centred he was even in his golden hours. Hope I look as composed come whatever age that might have been.
  14. //This is just to say Thank you TCM for a thoroughly enjoyable 'Summer Under the Stars'. You have shown some terrific previously unseen films, as well as some favorite old standards. Altho some fan have complained. . . "You can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time". Again, thank you.// Brilliantly stated and expressed, mrsl! I'm a-gonna hitch-hike on to your thanks and say "Second That!!!" & a hearty "Here Here!!!" :-)
  15. [nobr]. . .on the inevitable Glenn Ford tribute schedule.[/nobr] Oh well . . . Rest in Peace, Mr. Ford. Always liked your calm cool way. [nobr][/nobr][nobr][/nobr][nobr][/nobr]
  16. [nobr]//this proves that we shouldn't be too cowed by the opinions of any critic//[/nobr] A salient point that. //I really think that Robert Osborne was spot on about Written on the Wind being too baroque, even though I realize that others love its campy dramatics. I think that Douglas Sirk's other, quieter, more understated films such as Tarnished Angels// I disagree, for I regard Sirk's talent as being best when conveyed extremely. //Does anyone else like the tag team approach to hosting// I do. But not as an aspect of TheEssentials, for I have understood that title term as perta
  17. [nobr]thanks for your two bits, mr. helpful. [/nobr] ~Peace~ S A M [nobr][/nobr]
  18. What was I thinking . . . I left out the quintessential candidates . . . John Cameron Mitchell & Miriam Shor
  19. //What movie was Gene Hackman in drag?// The Birdcage
  20. //why is necessary to say who is gay! The question was what actor or actress played a person in drag? i do not care who is gay!// I guess I don't necessarily differentiate or care. That is: if the bloke or broad in question is in drag due to sexual proclivity or not - I don't care. If it's done right (either within a film or in 'real life') then more's the fun! Some what come to my mind are: Julie Andrews Robert Preston Gene Hackman Terry Jones Graham Chapman Dan Ackroyd & Eric Idle (ever see the Drag Racing skit on SNL? ) Jeff Bridges David Bowie Geena Davis Jane Leeve
  21. Didn't much go for Bugs in drag. But Elmer! H U B B A H U B B A
  22. I'm betting that The Rock tended toward pitching rather than catching, and knowing Yogi and his malapropisms, I'm sure he thought pitchers who walked batters had a lot of balls themselves. "You can observe a lot just by watching." ~ Yogi Berra
  23. They do look to be in a state of titillation, don't they.
  24. [nobr]//like "Animal House in India" with all the childish, bad boy behavior//[/nobr] I liked that comment. I found it very perceptive. That is how the lads behave (more power to them!) What struck me was that she indicated she had never seen it before, and that this follows Osborne not caring for Written On The Wind. So I'm wondering . . . what the hell do these films have to do with being scheduled as Essentials if, on one hand, one host doesn't like the flick, and, on the other hand, the other host hasn't even seen it before???? [nobr][/nobr]
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