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  1. [nobr]Couldn't say - don't know much about racing personalities.[/nobr] [nobr][/nobr]
  2. [nobr]These are all quality films to a greater or lesser degree, and are overdue for being shown on TCM, either again or as a TCM premiere.[/nobr] [nobr]None of them come up as being currently scheduled.[/nobr] [nobr]The majority of these films have not been shown on TCM for some time now, but were shown at one time, previously. So could they be again, please?[/nobr] THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (1934) THE CROSS OF LORRAINE HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON GOLD RUSH MAISIE (got me hooked on the Maisie's now) THE GRASS IS GREENER GREEN DOLPHIN STREET (missed this one in August, yet agai
  3. tcmprorammr - Does that mean, then, that when censoring is denoted that it is censoring done to the print at the source prior to TCM acquiring the toon? I ask because one of the proto-ElmerFudd toons played on one of the CartoonAlley's featuring Fudd's earliest incarnations was clearly edited in that sequences which originally had racist, blackface caricatures were censored by having the frames zoomed-in upon thereby cropping-out the racistly-depicted, negro characters. Just curious to confirm. (As an aside) as an amateur historian and archivist, I regard censorship as the ulti
  4. [nobr]//Next year sounds better than never!//[/nobr] [nobr]We all did it!! Woo-hoo!!!! Huzzah!!!![/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] [nobr] *C H E E R S !* [/nobr] [nobr][/nobr]
  5. //but I think there's a good chance we can do it then.// There's no doubt about it - you are just too too cool! B-) T H A N K S And thanks to all fellow petitioners.
  6. Hey-Ya, Sugarpus - - Yeah, it seems that if one requests at the right place, at the right moment, in the right manner, that TCM-P comes through in colours! B-) //I have a whole stack of blank dvd's ready for Carole Lombard day tomorrow.// That's how I was on Dix Day, but was forced to be over-the-hills-and-far-away on Lombard Day, dammit. How did you do? Get 'em all? Interested in a trade ??? ;-) PM me if so. ~Peace~
  7. Pity that, you hard workin' debbil! ;-) If you're interested, I could do some disc-to-tape action for ya? pm me if yer interested (that goes for all TCM'ers incidentally). ~Peace~
  8. //I plan on signing on to the other thread as well!// Hey Yance! This pettion of yours is coming along swimmingly. :-) Just so's ya know, I wasn't trying to hijack yer idea, your petition is brilliant. Just didn't want you to think that. Just thought I'd draw further attention to your petition (I reference it in my post), and thought, as you say, that as it is a direct appeal to TCMProgrmr that it might grab (his?) (her?) attention further. Indeed, the Dix Day, as I've mentioned elsewhere, was a response to a similar "whoa yeah waitaminnit Mr. Programmer" post a while back when
  9. [nobr]An excellent character actor.[/nobr] I loved him as the very unfunny radio personality in Good Morning Vietnam. [nobr] Rest In Peace, Mr. Kirby.[/nobr]
  10. Once again thank you so much for Dix Day, and particularly for showing The Whistler. Finally I got to see it and it was every bit as good as I hoped, and a credit to the fine radio programme. In Mr. Osborne's introduction, he indicated it was an example of "just how good a 'B-film' could be." And he indicated that the others in the series were very entertaining too. Well, you whetted our appetite (please see the 'Whistler Petition' thread). Could you please schedule the rest sometime soon? Thanks & Peace. ~Sam~
  11. Excellent notion, Yance. SamTherapy is signing on!
  12. Ah! I forgot , in my post, to reference the 'TCM Imports' and 'OneReelWonders' intro's; those are quite perfect also, I concur. One improvement I might cite though is the TCM-property leader ... I much prefer the mellow, layering-of-NYC one over the bombastic !TURNER! one that used to preceed films.
  13. GarboManiac- I agree with you. Written On The Wind, in my estimation, is a brilliant film. Very surreal in its production, yet, paradoxically, very realistic in its subject matter. Exquisite symbolism resounds through the film, starting with the syrupy song during the opening credits which deliberately presents the perceived-realism theme aurally as the obvious realism-that-is-being-denied is presented visually, a denied reality that is about to come crashing home to the principals' consciousness in the "golden years" of Autumn represented by the wind which blows the dead leave
  14. //I caught a piece of one once. Who knows? May have been this one.// red- Did you catch any, today? What did you think if you did? Hope you liked what you saw. :-) ~S~
  15. //Over sensitive perhaps . . ..// But that's the rub,no? Whether 'over thinking' or 'over sensitive,' either way it is is still, by definition (and by your own admission on the latter), in excess of what is necessary. Mind you, I do not mean to invalidate your sensibility on the matter. However, from your cue, I thought I'd just pipe in that this is sort of a non-issue, no? M is here for the duration, so why resist? Why not sample objectively? If for no other reason than to keep yourself from interfering with your own joy of appreciating TCM. I'm just as partial and
  16. Absotively, posilutely! ;-) You hit the nail on the head, cB&W. :-) TCM is definitely to be applauded. She takes care of us who care for Her. Case-in-point: that which is airing as I type: The Whistler. Not to mention this entire Dix Day! ~TCM FOR EVER~
  17. [nobr]Just got the September 'Now Playing' guide . . .[/nobr] MY GOD . . . IT'S FULL OF STARS!!! I can't believe my eyes! To finally be able to see the early short films of Siegel, Lynch, Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Campion, Truffaut and Polanski and Kubrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I'm about to have a cardiac arrest. NO! I musn't, for I MUST see these true from-the-vault gems. AND: if that weren't enough - a Janus Fest!!!! *pausing to catch my breath* AND: if that weren't enough - all these rare interviews from the Cavett show. I've so been wanting to
  18. [nobr]As JackBurley indicates, Mr. M interjects a little good-natured sarcasm now and then, and I've noted Bob O report something negatively critical here and there, when applicable.[/nobr] Indeed, for the Essential intro of Written On The Wind, Bob O fairly hammered the flick, dismissing it as kitschy which Mollypop took exception to, and I rather liked that it wasn't the usual listening-in on the minutes of a mutual appreciation club, for a change. But they kept the wee debate mature and level-headed. Perhaps it was intended as a primer for some of 'discussions' hereabouts? Which
  19. [nobr]Tr?s EuroCool![/nobr] [nobr][/nobr] [nobr]Merci![/nobr]
  20. Incidentally, Seven Keys To Baldpate (another Dix Flix) is also showing in late-September.
  21. [nobr]THAT'S IT![/nobr] [nobr]Thanks, Mr. Coffee![/nobr] [nobr][/nobr]
  22. [nobr]//his leonine head, earnest line readings and deep baritone, and "hale fellow, well met" demeanor//[/nobr] What a great description! B-) That is so him. Looks like you know the score. ;-) //why did I have to be born to be a wage slave?// I know what you mean. I'm fortunate though to be able to work a job which permits me to work a 4/10 shift, so this week I switched my day off from Moonday to Tyr's Day so to get every single Dix Flix. No doubt you'll be reading this after your day, so I hope it went well for ya, and - hey . . . There's more Richard Dix viewing just waiti
  23. [nobr]I like the way TCM phrases it in the Dix profile on the website today: easy-going masculinity.[/nobr] That's it! Definitely. A man who is manly yet gentle, a true gentleman. William is also another under-remembered actor who I love watching, too. Though both completely different, I like them equally. Curious that William and Dix were both Minnesotans. I had asked to have Dix as a Star Of The Month (still would like that, for there are more movies to be screened - 100+ after all), and TCM Programmer came back saying that the SOTM's were booked up for a way's but that he
  24. [nobr]//To everyone on the boards: I was wondering with so many people worrying about TCM going the way of AMC and all that negativity, how much do you actually support TCM? I know there are a lot of people who say that they record lots of things off TCM (me included), but probably won't shell out the $12 for a yearly Now Playing subscription or buy anything from the TCM store.//[/nobr] Outstanding points, fl. My subscription began in April 2000 (the month and year in which I finally had TCM available to me), and I have every issue since, still. I also used to have the 'Perk Up Wit
  25. //you wouldn't happen to know what the background song was called// No, sorry. If memory serves, it wasn't a song per se that month but a kyoto-laced musical piece which I figured as being an original composition of someone in the TCM ranks.
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