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  1. //Be carefull what you wish for!// And also be careful to avoid becoming a harbinger of doom. But I can commiserate with you on one level, for change of the familiar (and, in the case of TCM's wonderful art direction, the artistically comforting familiar) is potentially unnerving. But once I relax into the newer things that TCM offers around its marvelous programming, I find my self growing comfortable once again (e.g. the 'Star Stories' intro - yes, I miss the old newsstand one but I've come to appreciate the new one too. Hell, I've got the old one captured in a plethora of instan
  2. //TCM should have a "Vic Morrow Day"...what an amazing actor.// I wholeheartedly concur. Did you know that Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry is available now on dvd? It's a pity his candle was snuffed (rather literally) when it was. More's the pity (since he unintentionally sacrificed himself for the role) that the direction of the plot of the segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie, in which he starred was altered due to the tragedy of his demise - it was to be a tale of redemption for Morrow's character, but, instead, was rewritten into one of retribution for the bigot Morrow played. B
  3. //...only natural that he marry such an exceptional actress and lady// It was a treat to see them in a scene together in Garp.
  4. Haven't caught that one yet, CT. Shall look for it. Thanks.
  5. Dear TCM, I am contradicting Buff. TCM's style, and art direction has ever been and continues to be unique, appropriate and classy. Always a brilliant compliment to the fine programming. Keep up the good work! Disregard the nay-sayers (but then that's done anyway [thank heavens] - just thought I'd offer up support and encouragement for the sensibility evidenced).
  6. //Your same baloney being posted over and over again is beginning to amount to Spam.// That's rich coming from you. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Whenever an intelligent discussion comes up about this matter, amongst posters who wish the discuss and reflect on this aspect of film history as mature adults, all you ever do, in your insecurity, is pipe-in (wrapping yourself up in the American flag and claiming it as your own personal property) with name-calling and red-baiting in a patent attempt to discredit the other poster rather than peaceably express any actual ideas
  7. //Hopefully TCM will show all of the Whistler films at some point.// Hopefully, indeed! How I dearly hope they do. I so enjoy the radio programme, and the films are supposed to be first-rate B-flicks, all of which save one feature Mr. Dix. But in the meantime, I'm so grateful to TCM Programmer for scheduling this Dix Day in response to my and subsequent others' request for Dix as a StarOfTheMonth.
  8. Do a board search, for somewhere hereabouts there is a post which provides a link to the website of the genius artist who has created so many of the promo films for TCM, and at her/his website (name has something to do with a robot if memory serves) are a great number of his TCM films archived there. Hopefully, s/he did that one so it would be there. If you're really hot for it, I have it in my dvd library and could dub it onto VHS for you. ~peace~
  9. Thanks for airing this, TCM. Thanks for the flashback! Hadn't seen it since the early seventies, and I'd forgotten that it is a nice bit of black comedy fun. The sort that I'd taken for granted at that time. Rock, Angie, Telly and Roddenberry! And thanks for, as usual, the airing of it unedited. Rock and roll - how nice! ;-) How I did miss the free-spirited sexuality in the films of that era before the HayesCode-esque (yet again) regression to sexually-repressed and puritanical self-censorship returned in the late eighties and the nineties; that period favouring blowed-up
  10. Excellent film. Extremely intelligent script. Some nice symbolism in places. Some of the dogfight sequences are a bit spotty, yet some very nice miniatures sequences. Highly recommended; check it out on Dick Dix Day. Richard Dix seems to have been in several films that were refreshingly progressive-minded, and laced with sophisticated and thought-provoking sequences in which the examination of mores is involved.
  11. In my estimation, that Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Steve McQueen have never received oscars is right and proper, for while all have/had a capable degree of competency in acting (more-or-less, depending on which one), they are nevertheless highly overrated, and as actors (Redford's a very accomplished director) really only rate something like a very-good-character-actor rating. Now then, being a 'very good character actor' is no small virtue, by any means, but it is not the same company held by the others listed in your post, Ayres. That any of these four were cast to
  12. Love her. An excellent actor. Though, in my estimation, not phenomenal as she is given credit for being (though I never saw her on the stage), but neverthless always a favourite of ours. Really enjoyed Cate Blanchett's impersonation of her in The Aviator.
  13. Heard about that documentary from a friend a while back, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder, lz. A great O'Neill play. Would like to see it on stage sometime.
  14. There's a great dance sequence in one of the Thin Man movies in which a totally unrelated-to-the-plot dance sequence of two people occurs at a club in which Nick & Nora are at, which is positively brilliant, wherein the male partner is a pivot whilst the female partner does her thing in orbit round him, rotating him while he makes minimalist adjustments to his stature in a delightfully fluid composure. A fantastic sequence. And don't lets forget Bobby Van's 'Peter Cottontail' routine!
  15. When I heard last night that The Godfather II won the BestPicture Oscar over The Conversation . . . What a joke, in my estimation. While The Godfather II is a good film, I think it is simultaneously, highly-overrated. While The Conversation is, in my estimation, Coppola's chef-d'oeuvre with Apocalypse Now a close second. I think Allen's, Brando's and Scott's past contempt for the oscars is valid and honourable. It's all about fiscal success not artistic accomplishment (though, granted, the latter can and does occur despite the former), and all within a shameless, self-aggra
  16. //. . . with the belief and assumption that TCM would not have commercials and it will continue that way into the forseeable future.// TCM Programmr -- You and everyone involved at TCM have my loyal gratitude for everything all of you do there at TCM. You consistently provide excellent and eclectic programming, and the art direction of TCM's original productions and promotionals is wonderfully varied and highly aesthetic. You and your peers have never mis-stepped in TCM's commitment to its artistic endeavour to promote quality cinema in a non-proprietary manner to humankind. Your e
  17. Didn't mean to freak you out, f-lover.
  18. //Isn't Summer Under the Stars great?// You said it all, lover. B-)
  19. Am so glad for the schedule change (and that is unusual for me for I typically despise surreptitious schedule changing), for am so looking forward to acquiring THX1138; the chase scene filmed in the Caldecott Tunnel of my old stomping grounds in The Bay Area. B-) And, Tomorrow, Tender Mercies, Countdown and Lawman will all be new to me as well. A Day day would have just amounted to (for me) excessive repeat programming, so the change is definitely appreciated by me and m'Lady. :-) Read someone somewhere hereabouts comment that Secondhand Lions was to be included. Pity that didn't p
  20. Best be careful of government moles, Gerber. Mind your step.
  21. //The correct one is Robert Duvall. The "daily" schedule is always the most accurate and reliable.// Not much of an incentive to be a subscriber to Now Playing. :-( I've been a subscriber for five years, but I hope something like this cited entire-day- snafu in August isn't some precedent; otherwise, I will obviously discontinue subscribing. The 'In Remembrance' preemption are bad enough.
  22. If one does a search for 'Othello' in your database, Welles' 1952 production is not apparently in your database. No listing comes up, either, if one does a search for 'Tragedy of Othello'.
  23. LOVE the new 'odd couple' bit on Mr. O & Mr. M. Hilariously done. Brilliant filler bit, as usual, TCM. ~Thanks~
  24. My argument against the so-called natural evolution of the matter is that it is not evolutionary, that it is not natural but, is, rather, unnatural, that it is is exploitation not evolution. It is a prime example of the fallacy of unbridled and capitalistic exploitation (i,e. just because an agency can profit by exploiting the impressionable does not mean that it should do so). We the people put up no fuss outside of masturbatory message-board postings, so . . . why should the Powers-That-Be feel responsible? But such a concept of moral societal-regulation (in lieu of moral self-
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