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  1. When I was young I was a big Red Ryder fan I still have a treasured photograph of me around age 5 sitting on the ground wearing my Red Ryder Hat and Red Ryder BB Gun. Gene was good and so was Roy.I liked The Long Ranger with Tonto and the Cisco Kid and Pancho but when I ran outside to play with my well used Red Ryder BB Gun I was playing as Red Ryder.
  2. Alright i'm getting a little tired of all this lovie dovie, pansie wansie programming you guys have been doing lately. I need some good westerns now!!! I could even watch an old Red Rider serial but please anything besides these Movies that say the 4 letter dirty word "veol" over and over. Come on, cut a guy some slack
  3. This movie shown last night is a gem. Costello at his best and a Gorgeous Melody Allen. I have seen this several times but I still watch it start to finish everytime I catch it on.
  4. Wow, Vallo your really good at this. Your right, its the 1955 version of The Day the World Ended by Corman. Took me seven days of searching before I finally stumbled on it.
  5. When I was younger I used to see this a lot on late nite tv and would really like to know what its name is. This a an old hardy ever seen anymore film of nuclear terrors before much was known about radiation I'm not sure how it starts but I remember the guy saying to the girl in the car I know a place in the mountains we can go that is a valley protected on all sides by mountains that will protect us. So 5 of them wind up in a cabin, them, another couple and a single guy. There is something about the rain being radiated and causing a monster that only shows up at the end of the film. Apparently if I remember right the monster is killed when the rain finally loses its radiation because apparently it fed off the radiation. I know its just camp and not up to todays standards but i'd like to see it again just for the memories
  6. TY Thats it. A different kind of Western but a great movie.
  7. I like all your picks and Mclintock and the Rounders are 2 great ones
  8. Limit your post to 2 please Ok my first will be "Support Your Local Sheriff" starring James Garner with a great supporting cast including Bruce Dern< an actor I still dislike for murdering John Wayne in The Cowboys. My next is a little known about comedy called "Dirty Dingus Mcgee" starring of all people Frank Sinatra with George Kennedy which is a hoot and a holler.
  9. This fella is lost in the desert and about to die of thirst and he drops to the ground and notices the ground is damp and starts digging a hole and gets water. Then he decides he is going to stay right there and make a living selling water so the first fella that comes along he charges 5cents per dipper full. Later in the movie it shows him still there with a small cabin and running a way station for the stageline.
  10. Thank you very much for the info. The date sure sounds right and that means I was 7 years old when I saw this. I lived in very small town in Ga. at the time and the local theatre charged a quarter to get in. We lived in town and I walked to the theatre and sat through two showings of this double feature. I'll never forget coming out of the theatre and being shocked and scared because it had become night time. I was sure my Mom would be very upset but she didn't seem mad at all when I got home. Guess she was glad to be rid of me for a while and back then people really didn't have to worry about their kids being hurt the way they do nowadays. This movie had quite an impact on me. Apparently it hasn't been released recently and the only copies available are from individuals.
  11. I'm a big John Wayne fan and love this flick. Watch closely in the sceen where the Indian is in the grave.Right as they show him he takes a breathe and you can see his chest expand. Hank Worden who played Mose Harper is a favorite character and appeared in several John Wayne movies including another favorite of mine Rio Grande.
  12. When I was young in the Late 50' early 60's I went to the local theatre and saw a double feature of war movies. One was an Audy Murphy film I have seen several times since but the other ended with a scene of Japanese jumping off cliffs to their death and I haven't seen it again yet. If you know what the name of this film is would you kindly leave the name of the movie. Thanks
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