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  1. They announced a three-tier service. 1: Basic movie package 2: Premium content 3: Classic So you will have to buy Warner's all-inclusive streaming service at full price, and then pay additional for access to their vault.
  2. Mr. Thank You (Hiroshi Shimizu, 1936) Starring: Ken Uehara, Michiko Kuwano If you like Ozu, check out Hiroshi Shimizu's beautiful road flick Mr. Thank You (1936). The entire story is about a rickety bus trip through rural, seaside and mountainous Japan; the veritable kindness of the bus driver, so-named because of the many "arigato!" exclamations he shouts at pedestrians who make way for his bus on the narrow roads, and the brief interactions and encounters of his various passengers. There is a 17 year old girl whose mother accompanies her to be sold into prostitution in Tokyo,
  3. The danger is that Warner's new streaming service will have a classics section that consists of stuff like the 1989 Batman and Lord of the Rings, with the occasional Bogart title thrown in. Even when there are classics on most streaming services, such as Netflix, they are not located in the classics section and are hard to find. I think it's very unlikely that 90%+ of the non-Criterion films on Filmstruck will ever be streamed again. Of course, many of those are the same ones that are not available on physical media either. Extras like commentary or interviews will be gone as well.
  4. I'm sorry, but EricJ you sound like you are suffering from old man screaming on facebook syndrome. Many (I repeat, many) of the films and extras that can be found on Filmstruck are NOT available anywhere else. Period. When the service goes offline in a few weeks, you may wait a long time to ever have the chance to see any of them again, if at all.
  5. Sorry, but I will be stopping this thread and boycotting Turner and Time Warner AT&T in the future, as they have announced they will discontinue Filmstruck on November 29.
  6. Very disappointed by this decision. As a subscriber, I will be boycotting Turner and Time Warner AT&T in the future. Sorry it has to be this way.
  7. A Mother Should Be Loved (Ozu, 1934) -- partially lost film Starring: Den Obinata, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Kôji Mitsui Written by: Kôgo Noda and Tadao Ikeda Cinematography by: Isamu Aoki Silent, Black and White, 1 hour 14 minutes. Drama Review: The first and last reels of A Mother Should Be Loved have been lost. It's speculated that because the film operated at a loss, it would have been common practice at the time for distributors to omit these sections in prints, which mostly contained the credits. Probably a benshi just narrated the beginning and ending to the audien
  8. Speaking of A Story of Floating Weeds, it will be airing on TCM this Sunday night. So will the remake. Be sure to watch!
  9. They were used a lot in the Star Wars movies. It's acceptable in fantasy films with their soft lenses, but breaking the fourth wall felt badly out of place in neorealism. In every other respect, however, Bicycle Thieves was a very fine film.
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule for Week #8: Movie of the Week: A Story of Floating Weeds (Ozu, 1934) Also: A Mother Should Be Loved (Ozu, 1934) -- partially lost film -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've seen Ozu's classic 1959 color remake, then A Story of Floating Weeds is the original upon which it was based. Some people prefer this film. It won best picture in Japan in 1934. Several scholars also cite this as the first 'masterwork' of Ozu's career, and it's appropriately t
  11. Bicycle Thieves (De Sica, 1948) The huge number of wipe transitions annoyed the heck out of me, but otherwise a really good film. Totally unexpected but authentic ending. The bike plot stopped there, but makes you wonder about the untold psychological aspects of the rest of the story. Watched it on Filmstruck.
  12. Movie of the Week #7: Passing Fancy (Ozu, 1933) *** WINNER KINEMA JUNPO AWARD BEST FILM 1933 *** Starring: Takeshi Sakamoto, Nobuko Fushimi, Den Obinata, and Tokkankozô Written by: Tadao Ikeda Cinematography by: Shôjirô Sugimoto Silent, Black and White, 1 hour 40 minutes. Comedy, Drama Review: The first of many Ozu films starring Takeshi Sakamoto as the endearingly affable but comically stupid Kihachi. Passing Fancy is actually two movies. In the first half, Kihachi-- a 35 year-old single father working what must be a minimum wage job in some Toky
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